This was for anyone who just wanted to see really what the Hatter would think -and Alice- in my AU of 'May I Have This Dance'.
Hope you enjoy this quick thing.

Disclaimer: I don't own Alice in Wonderland…Lewis Carroll does…

She could hear the snores before she could see the snorer(s).

How curious…

As she briskly hurried through and to, being led by the floating cat, the 'Hatter' and 'Hare,' whoever they were. The names, they did sound familiar to her, but she didn't know for sure.

Then finally, she arrived at her designation, which was a curious sight. She saw a large table, covered in tea sets and three 'people' around it.

One was a mouse, sleeping on a stool. Another was a rabbit with his head resting on his arms on the table. The last person seemed so…familiar to her. Like she had seen him before.

But where?

Then, the three began to wake up. They, meaning the two animals at the table, stirred first and then gasped and was shocked at the sight of her. Then the third form began to stir. When he woke up and soon met her stare, it was like a sense of déjà vu.

But the feeling was stronger than anything else she had felt.

"You're back," was the first thing he said, then getting up and walking across the table to her.

Instead of feeling aghast by the actions of the hated man, a flash of amusement played through.

It was…funny.

The man stopped at her, staring at her with bright eyes. They seemed familiar. Everything here did, though it could just be a dream.

Where do I know him… she continued to think as he stared at her. But the hat man thought differently, before beginning to speak.

She doesn't recognize me…oh well…she's back!


She haunted his dreams, nightmares, and waking. Going back had made him happy -and sane- but also so sad.

So very sad.

He had noticed that faint recognition in her face, but…it seemed it just wasn't enough, he noted.

She still had no clue.

It pained him when he was in Overland, but now…when he returned, he thought it was hilarious.

Ha ha, she forgot. Silly Alice forgot.

He couldn't understand the tears that fell because of that. Why did he cry over that silly fact of she not remembering. Was she coming back? It had been predicted. Why wasn't she here yet?

Then, he stirred from his sleep, feeling that pulling sensation. And when he did awake, he saw her.

She came back!

He got up and walked across the tea table to greet her. She looked a bit taken back, but he noticed the amusement. He then greeted her, of course.

She's back!

The last part was added at the last minute. I thought I needed it to help with Hatter's thought on the matter.
But…he does seem a bit…conflicted.
I also think that I am NOT doing any more in this AU…only because I can't really think of any more…I know there are more scenes…but I can't think of anything else for them…