A/N: Part 1 in the Little Acorns: A ficlet collection series. A self imposed challenge of 2500 words or less. Every series and genre under the sun. This one features the perverting of a children's fairytale. You've been warned.

It was strange to her how she had allowed herself to get into this predicament not once, but twice now. As cool metal scraped across paleflesh, Wendy's eyes fluttered shut at the sensation it provided. A dark chuckle came from above her.

"You are most surprising, my dear."

Wendy opened her eyes to stare at her lover, the one they called Hook. Reaching out, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him toward her.

"Why is that," she asked.

Stopping at a mere centimeter from her lips, Captain James Hook stared at the beauty that had fallen into his lap once again. He counted himself lucky. Obviously, someone up there favored him.

"I had not thought a companion of Pan would seek out the likes of me."

A smirk formed on Wendy's face that seemed out of place with the soft gaze she had directed at him.

"I'm not a companion of Pan," she boldly stated.

A hand reached up to caress her cheek and her eyes closed as she arched up into his touch.

"Then what are you," he purred questioningly.

She pulled him close and pressed her lips to his and they were lost to each other's passions until much later. They lay under the duvet, Wendy curled under his arm as they lay in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

"You never did answer my question, love. What are you to me," he questioned softly.

A soft hand raised to caress his face, a kiss pressed to his chest before she stretched upwards, her mouth right next to his ear.

"I'm a pirate."

The laughter of one James Hook rent through the cabin and out into the night sea air.