A/n: Part 2 in the Little Acorns: Ficlet collection series. Every genre under the sun. This one features Pre Sasunaru.

Sasuke was caught in a moment between times. Awake, yet asleep. Unable to control his surroundings, but listening just the same. Words began to form here and there, penetrating his dream state.

"Naruto, you'll drop him!"

"Tch. The teme's heavy."

These were familiar voices, voices he had left behind. Left behind because he was not strong enough. If he'd have been another, they would've been enough. But he was Sasuke Uchiha.

"Usuratonkachi," mumbled Sasuke.

Naruto froze, as his best friend stirred on his back. It had been a long time since he had heard that phrase from his lips.

"Maa Maa, if he wakes up we'll be hard pressed to keep him," teased Kakashi-sensei.

The two jounin bickering stuttered to a standstill.

"He's right Naruto," said Sakura quietly.

"I'd still get him home, dattebayo," said Naruto obstinately, albeit quieter.

Sakura's hard gazed softened at his statement, unnoticed by Naruto, but caught by Kakashi-sensei.

Sasuke grumbled quietly under his breath, still not quite conscious.

Then Sakura saw something, which made her catch her breath, Naruto's hand, reaching back to pet his quote "best friend's" hair, settling the Uchiha down. And that small gesture, made all sweat, blood, and pain worth it. Especially when Sasuke unknowingly burrowed closer into the warmth that was Naruto.

Naruto's blush was just a bonus.

One that she would tease him about for all eternity, naturally.