Tayuya and Hinata's Enslavement

Summary- Tayuya makes a bet with Naruto and loses. And to make it interesting Hinata is added in the mix. See what's happens when Naruto claims his prize Naru/Tayu/Hina. It's Naruto/Tayuya for the first two or three chapters, then Naruto/Tayuya/Hinata.

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Chapter 1 – Losing a Bet

_ _ _ _ Training Field _ _ _ _

It was a hot, sunny day in the leaf village. A sixteen year old Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki was at one of the many training fields trying to improve his fighting skills. And as per usual, he had no one to train with. Since most of his friends were on missions or had other stuff to do. So he made it to the training grounds a little earlier then usual and started to train, after a few hours of fighting his own shadow clones non-stop Naruto decided to take a small break.

He laid underneath a tree, basking in the shade, and gazed up at the sky. All he could hear were the birds chirping and the wind blowing through the leaves.

The tranquility of the moment was broken when a loud voice startled him. "Oi, Blondie, what are you doing daydreaming?" A very familiar voice shouted.

Naruto leaned forward to see who had yelled at him, only to see his friend Tayuya walking towards him. Naruto still couldn't believe that she had joined the leaf village a year ago. When the search for Sasuke had failed, a few of the leaf ninja had went back to search for any survivors among the sound four, hoping for some intel from the weakened enemy nin. Luckily, they had found Tayuya underneath a few trees, barely alive. They had put her in the Hospital for a few days and interrogated once she was healthy enough for it. They were prepared to interrogate her for hours, even days, but she told them everything she knew about Orochimaru and his hideouts willingly, never like the man she held no loyalty for him. Once she told them everything they quickly sent ninja to check it out. Only to find that Orochimaru was one step ahead of them and was gone. So for her cooperation she allowed to defect and join the leaf, she accepted, and was put on probation for a period of three years. By this time Naruto had already left with Jiraiya.

Once Naruto had gotten back from his trip Tayuya had already become an official leaf ninja, her probation ending a few months early due to good behavior and a lenient Hokage, and had become friends with everyone. Okay... friends was a little to strong of a word. She knew every one of the Konoha twelve, and even tolerated most of them.

"Hey Tayuya, what are you doing here? I thought everyone was busy with missions." Naruto asked as he stood up.

"Hell no, I told that old bag that I wasn't taking any missions today and I didn't care what the fuck she said. So I stayed home, watched some TV. Got bored quickly, and decided to take a walk. What's your excuse?" Tayuya replied in her typical. She was wearing a light red shirt, brown pants, and a leaf head band on her forehead, just like Naruto's was.

"Well, I wanted to train with Sakura and the others, but they're either on missions or busy. So I came here. After that I got a bit tired and laid down. Now that you're here, how 'bout a spar?" He offered, sounding hopeful.

"Pff, Fuck that! Today's my damn day off, I don't want to spar with you. Besides, a pussy like you could never beat me." Tayuya huffed and crossed her arms.

"Aw, come on, let's fight! Besides, what do you have to lose. We're both bored and have nothing else to do." He pointed out.

Tayuya's eyebrow twitched as she realized the blond was right, loud and annoying as he was. She didn't have shit to do for the next few days. "Okay Naruto, I'll spar with you, but lets make a bet to make things interesting." Tayuya compromised.

"What's the bet?" He asked.

"How about this, instead of just a spar, how about a full-on match. If I win, you can't eat any ramen for a whole month... and you have to tell people how I beat your sorry ass whenever they ask why you're not eating any." She decided.

"But, but ramen!" He cried, imagining the horror a month of no noodley goodness would be like. "Wait, what do I get if I win?" He suddenly remembered.

"uh... If you win... I'll be your slave for a month or something." Tayuya said flippantly, using the first thing she could think of that would make him say yes. Knowing full well that she was going to win the match.

"Okay Tayuya, you've got a deal. Prepare to be my slave!" Naruto cheered before the two ninja shook hands. They took a few steps back until they were a decent distance from each other. "Ready Red?" He asked teasingly.

"I'm gonna kick your fucking ass!" She yelled back, getting into her fighting stance.

They both looked at each for a moment until Tayuya was suddenly in front of him. Naruto kept track of her body movements just in case she decided pull a feint as she threw a punch. He was fully ready for the quick jab she threw at his jaw and ducked, launching a punch of his own right into her stomach. Tayuya turned her fall into a spin kick, making him jump back to avoid. "Come on Tayuya, I thought you were gonna kick my ass? It look's like you were wrong and i'm gonna win easy!" Naruto laughed. Tayuya glared at him and got up.

"Fuck you! I'm still in. Besides, we just started." She threw herself at him again, this time scoring a heavy blow to his right shoulder.

The training field was filled with the sounds of the two fighting for the next half hour. When it was over Tayuya was on one knee breathing heavily, covered in dozens of small wounds. Naruto had a few scratches and bruises, but was still relatively untouched "Ha, I told you Tayuya, I told you I was gonna win the bet. Now you're my slave." Naruto declared triumphantly. Tayuya's eyes widened as it set in. "I was just joking around! Y-you cant actually believe that I was serious about the whole thing?" Tayuya demanded desperately, hoping Naruto would let it drop.

"What, no! You can't just break your word like that! And I mean that literally, I've been reading the laws and that's one of them. 'A ninja who has made a promise with another ninja may not break said agreement, under threat of losing their headband.' Apparently, dating was a lot different when the village was founded..." Naruto explained as he looked at Tayuya in disbelief. The thought of someone breaking their word was sacrilegious to him.

As for Tayuya, she doubted Naruto was lying, he was getting serious about his dream recently. She had no choice but to accept. "Fine, I'll respect the bet. So now that I'm your temporary Slave, what do you want me to do first... Master" She all but growled the last word.

"Uh..." Naruto stopped, he didn't really know what to do with a Slave... he was pretty self sufficient already, so it's not like he needed a maid, when he had something besides ramen he found he had some natural skill at cooking, so personal chef was out. He looked at Tayuya, hoping for an idea when his eyes were suddenly glued to her chest. Her heaving, sweat covered, chest.

"...I like that." He admitted out loud, making her think he was referring to her calling him master. "Tayuya, I want you to continue calling me Master from now on, but only when we're alone. Secondly, I want you to stop swearing. Wouldn't want any impressionable little Genin to pick up your bad habits." He joked.

"What! I already accepted needing to call you Master. But making me stop cursing? Hell no! Fuck that with a goddamn flag pole you mother fucker! I'll cuss as much as I want to! Who are you to tell me that I can't cuss anymore! That's a load of shit. You think a stupid blonde like you has the balls to tell me what to do?" Tayuya proceeded to start a loud rant, eighty percent of which being various swear words. Most of which Naruto had never even heard before.

After a good few minutes he picked his jaw back up off the ground and nodded to himself. Didn't have the balls his ass! He'd show her. "You know what Tayuya? Just for that, I think I'll give you a punishment, follow me." Naruto ordered as he walked deeper into the forest. Tayuya obeyed, but kept ranting and raving as they walked.

After ten minutes of walking Tayuya finally stopped and looked around. Seeing nothing but trees, trees, and more trees. "Where the hell are we Naruto? I didn't follow your scrawny bitch ass all the way out here just to get lost. I swear Naruto, you better know where we are or I'll chop your fucking balls off." Tayuya growled.

"Tayuya, because of your dirty mouth I've got the perfect punishment for you. Get on your hands and knees for me." Naruto ordered as he stopped walking and turned around suddenly.

Shocked speechless at what Naruto just told her to do she blinked a few times before she regained her voice. "What! You made me follow you all the way out here just to do that? You sick fucker! You actually think I'm gonna do that?"

"If you don't I'll-" Naruto tried to say but was interrupted, "What, you'll spank me?" Tayuya said mockingly.

Naruto was getting a little pissed at the way Tayuya was talking to him. So with out any warning he grabbed her arm and turned her around before spanked her, hard, causing her to scream. Seemingly every bird in the forest shot into the air, they're surprised "Caw!"'s drowning out her scream, just barely.

"Ouch! That fucking hurt you son of a bitch! What the hell did you do that for?" Tayuya tried to yank her arm out of Naruto's grasp with little success.

"Because, you didn't listen. And because you didn't listen to me the first time, you're going to take off your clothes. Or I'll take your clothes and leave you here naked." Naruto threatened.

Tayuya actually felt a spike of fear, scared that Naruto might do it. Naruto let her arm go and stepped back. Watching as she started to undress. Tayuya took off her shirt first, cursing at herself for not wearing a bra today. Her C-cup breasts, clearly visible to his increasingly lust filled gaze. She then unbuttoned her pants and slowly took them off, showing him her dark red panties. "Stop. Turn around." He ordered suddenly.

Doing as she was told she turned around. Her panties framed her cheeks in such a way as to make them appear even more firm and rounded than they would normally be. "Perfect." He said, whether he meant her ass or her following his orders she wasn't sure. "Now, as I ordered earlier, hands and knees." He finished.

Without saying a word she lowered herself to the ground.

Walking over he rested his hand on her ass, rubbing it slowly. "Now my dear Tayuya, I'm actually going to give you a choice. You can either get spanked thirty times, or your can pick the other punishment." Naruto said, still enraptured by the globes of flesh he was caressing.

"What's the other punishment?" She asked, almost afraid to know what is was.

"Now now, it wouldn't be much of a mystery choice if you knew what it was." He teased, waggling his finger at her.

Not wanting to feel the pain of getting spanked again, she decided to go for the mystery punishment.

"Okay then." Naruto chirped as he dropped to his knees behind her, pulling her panties to her knees as he went. Tayuya could hear the sound of him unzipping his pants. She whipped her head around and stared wide eyed at him "W-what are you doing? This was never part of the bet!" Tayuya screamed, trying to crawl away, his firm grip on her cheeks kept her in place though. She started to panic even further as she saw how big he was.

"Why, this is your punishment, my Tayuya. Remember, when I fuck your ass you can cuss as much as you want. But once I'm done, you can't till we fuck again. If you ever break this rule and i'm going to bend you over and fuck your ass, no matter where we are. Now, you're going to say 'Thank you for fucking my ass, Master' when I stick it in. Or you're getting both punishments, at the same time." He said. He put the tip of his cock onto her pussy and slowly started rubbing the head against it.

Tayuya suddenly felt him push the tip of his cock into her ass. She gritted her teeth as the pain hit when she suddenly remembered his command, and the punishment if she didn't do it. "Thank you for fucking my ass, Master! Ahh!" She screamed as the second she completed her order Naruto slammed all the way into her, she could feel his large balls slap against her pussy lips.

Naruto grabbed her waist and began pounding slowly, but with enough strength to make her body lurch forward. Tayuya, to her eternal shame was, within a few minutes, moaning like a common street whore as she grabbed two handfuls of grass to keep herself in place.

"It's so good Master! Faster, fuck my ass faster! Oh God, don't stop, please don't stop Master." She moaned as Naruto slapped her ass.

"Damn Tayuya, your ass is so tight. I love how it feels around my dick. You're my bitch now, say it!" Naruto commanded as he gave up on prolonging the experience and started hammering into her.

"Ahhh! Yes Master, make me your bitch! God, so good. Ah, ah, more Master, fuck me more. I'm almost there, your big fat cock is gonna make me cum!" She tried unsuccessfully to match his pace, thrusting her hips backwards.

"Ah finally showing your true colors, aren't you Tayuya. You make people think your a big, bad, scary bitch, but your just a whore who wants a big dick inside her, aren't you?" Naruto taunted, helping her along by pulling her back into his thrusts.

"Yes! It's all true Master, oh God, I've needed to get fucked for so long.! I'm glad it's you, all I want is your giant cock from now on! Please don't stop Master! Your big fat cock is stretching my asshole so much! I love it! Please keep fucking me, that's all I want!" Tayuya felt herself drooling onto the grass below her but couldn't muster the effort to care.

After several minutes had passed both of them could both feel their releases.

"Master, I'm cumming!" She cried, throwing her head back and moaning loudly.

"Me too." He grunted as as they both finally came. Naruto's warm seed pouring inside her, as Tayuya's pussy squirted his thighs. Naruto pulled out after the aftershocks of pleasure had ended and could see a very large stream of his cum pouring down between her legs, hitting the ground. He looked down at his cum covered cock for several seconds, debating something, only to shake his head in the negative before he spoke "I think that's enough punishment for today. Hurry up and get dressed, I'll see you tomorrow. I'll meet you at your house, I'll see you tomorrow, my Tayuya." Naruto said as he zipped himself up and headed back to the village.

Tayuya was still in shock as it finally set in that Naruto actually made her his bitch. Even more surprising for her was that she liked it, a lot! She loved being ordered around, the thrill that came with obeying his commands. After getting dressed she headed the same way Naruto went.

After she made it out of the forest she headed home. Thoughts of what her Master would make her do the next day swimming through her head. She bit her lip as she already started to feel uncomfortably empty without him inside her.

'Today's going to be a long day...' She thought sadly, as the burning desire slowly grew stronger.

_ _ _ _End of chapter 1_ _ _ _

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