_ _ _ _ chapter 2 _ _ _ _

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_ _ _ _ The Next Day: Tayuya's Apartment _ _ _ _

Tayuya was in her apartment laying on her bed, she didn't get much sleep last night because she still couldn't believe what her and Naruto had done the previous day. She still couldn't believe that Naruto had fucked her yesterday, she especially couldn't believe how much she loved how rough he was with her. With how how large his cock was she figured she would have wanted a little more of a gentle experience, but here she was, getting turned on by the mere thought of being ravished again.

'Man I cant believe I had sex. At least it was with Naruto, I mean it felt so weird and yet so right, could have been someone I barely know. God what is wrong with me! Why can't I calm down! He's coming over today. If he fucks me again I don't think i'll be able to go without it. Maybe if I try and make it seem like i'm busy?' Tayuya planned as she laid on her bed, staring up at her ceiling, wearing a white tank-top and back panties.

She heard someone knock on the door a few minutes into planning. Quickly getting out of bed and walking to her door she opened it a little. Only to see Naruto standing there looking at her. "Hello my dear Tayuya. How are you? Did you have a nice rest?" Naruto asked, a grin firmly etched onto his face.

"Actually, no, I didn't. After yesterday I couldn't even fall asleep, not what after you did. But look, I have things to do today, I have to report to the Hokage, I've got a mission. So come back next week." Tayuya said, trying to look anywhere but at him.

His grin widened, "Well that's another reason why I came over actually. I was just at the mission hall a few minutes ago and Baa-chan told me that the Kages' are having a get to together. They have a meeting every decade or so to decide various things. So there wont be any missions this week. Since I was coming here anyways I thought it'd be best to let you know."

"Okay thanks Naruto, but I still have some things to do. So bye." Tayuya said quickly as she glanced at him, a familiar burning sensation returning. But as she tried to shut the door, Naruto put his foot in the way.

"What's with the cold shoulder Tayuya? Cant we just sit down and talk about what happened yesterday? After that I'll leave." Naruto offered, looking far to innocent in her opinion.

"Grr, fine." Tayuya hastily added, "But only for a couple of minutes." She opened the door all the way and let him in.

Once inside Naruto looked around. She had a pretty good apartment, a big living room with a nice size TV, furniture in relatively perfect condition. The door that seemed to lead to her bedroom was wide open, showing him a bit of the room before he sat on the couch. "Okay, so what's making you so mad about yesterday." He asked as he gazed at her from across the room. "Wow Tayuya. You look really good in that. I think I like seeing you better like this." He said before Tayuya could reply to his last question.

She gritted her teeth, "You want to know why I've giving you the cold shoulder? It's because you... f-fucking raped me that's why. What we did yesterday wasn't part of the fucking bet. I never agreed to have sex with you, I never fucking said that I was gonna be your goddamn sex slave either! So that was a one time thing, you can't force me to suck your cock or to get on my hands and fucking knees anymore. If that's what you're here for get the hell out." Tayuya said, a small part of her brain praising her swearing, as it meant she broke one of the rules.

"Okay Tayuya, answer me this then, and if you answer me I'll leave and we can forget about this whole bet, who made the bet yesterday?" Naruto asked.

"Me." She replied.

"Who lost the bet." He asked again.

"Me." She growled.

"And who made the terms of the bet." He clarified.

"ME okay! I did, bu-" She was cut off.

"Then we have no problem here. It's like you said, you agreed to everything. Now, punishment time." His pearly white teeth were clearly visible he was grinning so hard.

"Punishment! Why? What did I do to get punished?" Tayuya yelled.

"Because you broke the rules, obviously. I told you yesterday to call me Master if we were alone and as you can see, there's only the two of us here. Secondly, I told you to stop with the swearing and the first thing you did was curse like you normally do. So now your gonna get punished. But you knew that didn't you? I heard you hesitate before you said fucking when you were ranting at me. You knew what was in store for you the second you started talking like that." Naruto chuckled as a brief look of panic spread across her face.

He got her attention as she was apparently debating with herself a second later, "Tayuya, I want you to come over here and get on your knees and unzip my pants, after that we're going to put that dirty mouth of yours to work." He ordered.

She bit her lower lip as she felt her pussy moisten due to his tone. "Y-You want me to suck your cock?" She tried to play dumb to buy herself some time to work up the energy to resist.

"You're not that innocent, stop trying to play dumb. Seeing you in those sexy clothing could make anyone horny, now hurry up. I was trying to start off light, but the standard punishment for swearing out of turn is bending you over and fucking your ass... or is that what your goal is?" He said mischievously. He set his hands on his thighs like he was going to get up. "No! No, I'll do it." She sprang up before he could stand up.

She quickly got between his legs and freed his cock using the slit in his boxers. Tayuya licked her lips subconsciously in surprise, she'd never seen it this close before. She gently grasped it loosely with both hands and started licking the head like a lollipop. Once she'd gotten a good taste she placed the head into her mouth, her tongue still working the head. She waited till a decent amount of saliva had built up within her mouth before leaning forward and curling her lips back. Spit cascaded freely down his lengths before she started spreading it around with her hands. Leaning back again she tried pushing another few inches into her mouth. Finding it easier than she thought it would be she kept sinking lower and lower.

She almost purred as his hand reached down and started massaging her scalp. This was crazy! She was almost creaming her panties from just doing as he ordered. His voice cut through her thoughts. "God you're good, you're doing such a great job. I didn't know that you were so skilled." He praised. He let out a surprised groan a second later as she started working even harder. He was going to force her head down just a second prior, but she did it herself it seemed. Scooting forward just a bit he sunk into the comfortable couch and put his hands behind his head. Content to let her deepthroat him herself.

"Almost there Tayuya. You're doing perfect, keep it up." He encouraged, grinning to himself as he heard her moan like she was the one being pleasured. It wasn't long before her skillful mouth brought about his release. "Don't spill a drop." He ordered.

Tayuya felt a huge wave of his hot cum pour down her throat. She made sure to keep eye contact with Naruto as she drank it all. Swallowing as fast as she could, her own orgasm took her completely by surprise and almost made her fail. Swallowing as fast as she could to catch up she unknowingly coaxed more cum from his balls with the added sensation.

Naruto was panting by the time his climax finally died down, "My God Tayuya, that felt amazing. How did you get so good at sucking cock?"

"That was my first time. I just... I just did my best to please you, Master." Tayuya's inner battle ended and she surrendered to her submissive desires. She continued licking him as she waited for her next order, enjoying the pleasure she seemed to get from pleasing him.

"I'm happy to hear that. Hmm... I think I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours." He decided. "Stand up, turn around, take off your panties, slowly, give me a show, and sit on my cock." He stated his instructions precisely for her.

Tayuya stood up, spinning around as she rose before grasping the waistband of her panties. She rolled her hips and slowly pulled them down her legs, letting them pool around her ankles. She felt Naruto grab onto her hips as she started lowering herself. She was so dependent on his hands balancing her that when he suddenly lets go she dropped onto his cock when he let go of her when his cock-head touched her back entrance. She let out a tiny squeak of both pain and pleasure as her cheeks lightly slapped against his thighs, most of her momentum spent as his cock drilled into her rectum in one shot.

Naruto groaned as she started moving. "Damn Tayuya. Your so fucking tight! That's it, keep going. Tell me how much you want it." He reached around her chest and slipped his hand inside her tank top, lazily playing with her breasts and she speared herself on him again and again.

"I want it Master, I need it! God, yes, ah. I couldn't stop thinking about you, no matter how hard I tried! I love how you fucked me yesterday, I wanted to more and more and more! Every fantasy I kept saying, please Master, cum inside me! My womb, my ass, my mouth, anything! But they always ended right before you did, it was torture! Please, please cum inside my ass Master! I'm so close!" Tayuya begged. She forced herself down as hard as she could, getting lost in the loud slapping of her ass impacting his thighs.

"Excellent my slave. You deserve a reward for telling me this. Turn around." He ordered, he was nowhere near cumming and he was nothing if not an accommodating master.

Although confused she swung her legs around, raising one over his head, before she was straddling his waist. His hands slipped under her thighs and gripped them, seemingly holding her up. She was still wondering what he was doing as he slid down the couch a little further. Without warning he was hammering into her so hard she felt his balls bounce off her cheeks just a second later, wiping all thought from her head. His thrusts were getting faster with every passing second, Tayuya's head fell forward onto his shoulder, her mouth wide open in a silent scream as she climaxed again and again, coating his lower stomach with plenty of her juices.

The insane pace set Naruto off in under three minutes. He yelled out loud as he came violently inside her abused anus. His seed filling her with warmth as it poured into her. He could feel a fraction of his load ooze out around his cock and drip onto the floor from his balls as his orgasm continued.

While both were recovering from the experience Tayuya rubbed her cheek into his shoulder. "Thank you Master, you came so much inside my poor broken ass." She whispered weakly, slowly recovering.

"Well we're not done yet. Let's take this into your room." He said. Not even bothering to wait for her response he pulled out of her before turning her and carrying her bridal style into her bedroom. She seemed fully recovered by the time he set her down on the bed, once again staring up at him, waiting for him to tell her what to do.

"Get on all fours. I'll let you pick out which hole I fuck." he said. Tayuya complied without a word, turning her head to look at him once she was in position she answered, "Please fuck my ass more, as hard as you can, ruin my asshole! Cum in me as many times as you can. Make me walk with a limp for the rest of the week!" She said eagerly.

Naruto discarded his clothes as he climbed onto the bed. Trying something different he placed his feet in front of her knees and mounted her from above. Pushing her upper body down onto the bed he lined up with her already cum-filled ass. With one thrust he was back inside her. He greatly enjoyed how this new position allowed every centimeter of his cock to be inside her tight hole.

"YES! Fuck my ass Master! Faster, faster, that's it! I was bad, I need to be punished Master! Ah, ah, ah, God yes! I love your cock so much Master! Keep fucking my ass until I can't feel my legs anymore!" Not even the pillow her face was pushed into was enough to muffle her screams.

"Your ass is so tight, I could fuck it all day. I'm gonna fucking cum Tayuya, I'm gonna cum!" He yelled. Gripping her hips tighter he slowed down and started slamming down into her hard enough to shake the bed.


"Cumming." He grunted as he came inside her again. Her stomach started to bulge as the amount of cream within her tripled.

He pulled out of her and crawled back a few feet. Watching her fall down completely, his cum still pouring from her clenched cheeks. "Lay on your back Slave. I want to see that pretty face of yours while I fuck you." He ordered.

She flipped on her back and spread her legs. "Put it back in Master, please. It's so empty without you inside me." She pleaded.

Naruto grabbed the back of her knees pushing them back until they were on either side of her breasts before he slipped right into her sopping wet pussy. Her hymen was long since broken due to it being a requirement in Sound to have it broken by the time you graduate the academy, and she was too relieved at feeling the burning ache doused when he entered her to feel the sting of her pussy being stretched for the first time.

His hands slid up her legs, pushing her lower legs up until they were next to her ears. Naruto had never loved having a ninja for a lover then he did now as his cock penetrated her womb with every thrust. "You're such a slut, but you're my cum slave aren't you Tayuya?" He moaned loudly, he just couldn't get enough of her pussy, the way her body was bent was causing her insides have a subtle curve that was grinding her walls on the sensetive underside of his cock.

"Yes Master, I'm your cum-slave, I'm your bitch, I'm your cum dumpster! I wanted your cock from the second I saw you at my door! I wanted to grab you and throw you into my room and have my way with you! I needed to get fucked so badly, the urge was unbearable! Fuck me Master, fuck me until my pussy breaks!" Tayuya moved her arms so her legs were behind her, thanking whatever god that would listen she'd agreed to flexibility training from Anko-sensei as this freed up Naruto's hands to play with her breasts. Adding more pleasure to the knot already building in her pussy.

Naruto abandoned her breasts after a few minutes, leaning down he whispered huskily into her ear. "That's good my slave. You're body belongs to me now. My cock is the only one that belongs in your body. When i'm horny you bend your tight ass over and welcome me in. No matter where we are. You got that?"

"AAAHHH!" The massive orgasm slammed into her. Her eyes rolled back into her head as Naruto kept pounding her spasming pussy as she was all but swimming in pleasure.

_ _ _ _ Roughly An Hour Later_ _ _ _

Tayuya was flat on her stomach, while Naruto slowly but firmly hammered into her pussy from above. Cum was pouring out of her already filled and overworked hole, her womb to full to hold anymore. He grunted and sheathed himself as far as he could go within her before letting out another blast of his seed. "I'm surprised you lasted this long. Maybe I should get another girl to join us? I still have plenty of energy to go, and you're completely exhausted." He mused, almost lazily fucking her gushing hole.

Tayuya was barely hanging onto consciousness as it was, but whatever her Master had said seemed to please him so she moaned in agreement, which was about the only thing she could do at that point.

His slow cool-down fuck lasted almost ten minutes. He finished off by pulling out of her pussy and slipping between her butt-cheeks, rubbing himself between them for a few strokes before blowing his load on her back. Tayuya finally went completely limp as the last rope of jizz hit her back.

Seriously considering who his second slave would be Naruto flipped the redhead onto her side and covered her with a blanket. Kissing her forehead he gathered his clothes, dressed, and made his way back to his apartment, still in thought.

_ _ _ _ End Of chapter_ _ _ _

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