_ _ _ _ Chapter 3 _ _ _ _

It's Always the Quite Ones


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_ _ _ _ the Next Day Training Filed _ _ _ _

Since Naruto had to give Tayuya time to recuperate from yesterday's activities Naruto decided that it was time for him to train a little. So he gathered his things and headed to the training filed once again. Once there, he had noticed that his friend Hinata Hyuuga was there training, once Naruto had saw Hinata he couldn't help but now notice that she had a great figure, a nice firm ass, large breasts, and just the perfect amount of muscle. Since he traveled with Jiraiya he had learned that woman that wore long, baggy, or multiple layers of clothing, were either hiding their curvy figures from perverts, or that they had low self esteem. In this case, Hinata was probably dealing with both, so Naruto quietly headed towards the timid Hyuuga.

"Hey'a Hinata-chan. Good morning." Naruto greeted.

"Ah! O-oh, it's y-y-you N-naruto-kun, w-what are y-you Doing here?" Hinata as she saw the love of her life walking towards her, she felt so nervous that she wanted to faint.

"Just came to do a little training, I haven't seen you much lately, what'cha been up to lately?" He asked, hopping up and sitting on one of the training logs.

"N-nothing really, Since K-kurenai-sensei, told us that w-w-we weren't going t-to have any mission, for the w-whole week, I-I th-thought, that I should take this time to train" Hinata said, trying her hardest to cut down on the stuttering. She felt her confidence increase as her stutter slowly disappeared.

"Yeah, a lot of teams got some off time, if you want, we could train together. I haven't had anyone to train with for a long time, and I know you're strong enough to take me on. So what do you say?" He asked.

Hinata felt a swell of pride. "I-I Don't know N-naruto-kun. I don't think I would be very m-much of a ch-challenge."

"Now now, we'll have none of that. If you fought everyone of the Konoha Eleven we both know you would be one of the strongest, easily." He said. "We could even make it more interesting."

"H-how?" she replied.

"The winner gets to make the loser... I don't know, do whatever they want them to do for a month?" Naruto asked, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. Which was getting rather difficult, Kami she was adorable.

"I could make Naruto-kun wear a collar and follow me around. I could have s-sex with him whenever I wanted! Our first time would be right in front of that Skank Sakura!' Hinata started rubbing her thighs together. 'Or... or Naruto-kun could make me wear a collar. I... I've never thought of that before! He could lead me around the village with my collar and leash around the village. Showing everyone I was Naruto Uzumaki's personal slut! K-kami I think I just came...' Hinata had started having naughty dreams about Naruto back in the last year of the academy when they had to take sex-ed. She couldn't believe she had never fantasized about being his sex-slave before. Considering how wet she was getting she decided she was going to lose the spar. Whether she made it obvious or not didn't matter. She was losing her virginity today.

"Ok Naruto-kun I a-accept. Do you want to spar h-here or somewhere e-else?" asked Hinata as she looked at Naruto with a blush across her face, with dirty thought running threw her mind.

Naruto looked around "This place is a little big for a spar, I know a smaller area, it's only a few minutes walk, we could go there if you don't mind." Naruto offered.

"I don't mind at all, i'll f-follow you." She replied.

As the two ninja began to walk Naruto thought about how Hinata looked as a genin and compared it to now. Her growth was shocking. If not for her confidence problems she would easily be a high ranking jounin.

But for Hinata it was a little different, she couldn't get the thought of being Naruto's sex slave out of her head. Her days would be filled with Naruto and his clones pounding her every hole followed by a nice dinner, with a generous helping of Naruto's cum on her food, she would make sure of that, which would lead to a shower that would make her dirtier then when she went in before a few more rounds of sex before falling asleep, Naruto's large cock nestled inside her pussy. Only to wake him up with a blow-job and start the cycle over again. Her hand had long since slipped into her pants and she was furiously fingering herself but it wasn't helping.

With a near silent growl Hinata lunged forward and grabbed the back of his collar. Caught by surprise Naruto was easily thrown to the ground on his back.

"Hinata? What are you doing?" Naruto asked, really hoping he knew where this was going.

"I'm so sorry Naruto-kun, but I can't get the idea of being your sex slave out of my head. I've wanted you for years and i'm quickly becoming obsessed with the idea of being your personal toy. So please, take me, i'll be yours, not for a month, but forever!" Hinata said quickly. It was almost painful to stop fingering herself for even a few seconds but she took off her hoodie, her large breasts bouncing free despite the fishnet shirt, and almost ripped off her pants as she took them off as quickly as she could, leaving her in her sky-blue panties and a fishnet shirt.

Naruto looked at Hinata for a moment, he was ecstatic! He wouldn't even have to win their spar. The fact that he gained such a high quality slave for life instead of just a month (not that he had any plans to let his Tayuya-chan go once the month was up, oh no, she wouldn't be able to live without his cock

once he was done with her) was also a huge bonus. He tried to sit up, but Hinata pushed him back down.

"Naruto-kun please stay down, I've been dreaming of this moment for years. So just sit down and relax, let your new slave take care of all your pleasurable needs." Hinata said as she unzipped his pants and, with a little help from Naruto, lowered them down to his ankles before crawling back up his body, her face almost running into his erect cock, having slipped out of the flap in his boxers.

Hinata let out a small gasp at his size. She had spied on him almost constantly with her Byakugan (which was probably why she was so good at using it, the small part of her mind not consumed with naughty thoughts mused) but seeing him with both her natural eyes and seeing it erect at the same time was enough to completely drench her panties. Not in the mood for foreplay but wanting to taste him she flattened her tongue and placed it at the base of his long shaft before dragging her tongue all the way to his head, giving it a flick with her tongue she decided she very much liked the taste and was looking forward to tasting him when he had been training so he was sweaty. Sitting with her knees on either side of his abs. Pushing her panties to the side she lined him up with her entrance and slammed herself down. She involuntarily made a loud whimper. She wanted Naruto to have her virginity in every sense so she had healed her hymen the few times it broke while training. Thankfully the pain passed quickly as Naruto gently rubbed her hips and thighs.

Once she started moving the pleasure hit her quickly. "Oh Kami! Naruto-kun your cock is so big! Kami yes, yes, I've finally got you inside me!" Hinata said as she began to bounce on his cock faster.

"You've been wanting my cock inside you for years and this is the best you can do? Faster whore!" Naruto demanded, grabbing her nipples he pulled down so every time she raised her hips she would pull her breasts down.

"Yes Naruto-sama, I'm your Hyuuga whore! Ah, ah, yes, your fat cock is splitting me open! I've been a very naughty girl and I need to get punished. Do anything you want to me! I want you to cum inside me until I can't taste anything but you!" Hinata yelled as she put her hands on his chest and started moving faster.

"Good work slut, I should fucked you sooner, from now on i'm your master." Naruto groaned as the sound of her ass hitting his hips got louder.

"Yes Master! Oh Kami, oh Kami, so good, I love you so much Master! Fuck me harder Master! Fuck your dirty Slut harder! I want to feel your cum inside me, I need it! Paint my pussy Master!" She screamed as she felt the pleasure rising inside her.

"Just look at you, the Hyuuga heiress, wanting my cum inside you, but just because you want it doesn't mean you'll get it, you'll have to work for your reward" Naruto said as he slapped her ass hard.

"Yes Master, I'll do anything you want! What do you want me to do Master?" She asked, feeling her orgasm approaching.

"Scream for me my slave. I want to hear you scream out your desires!" He commanded.

"I WANT YOU CUM INSIDE ME, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME EVERY DAY MASTER! I WANT TO FEEL YOU INSIDE ME! I'LL DO WHAT EVER I HAVE TO, JUST PLEASE DON'T STOP FUCKING ME! I DON'T CARE WHO HEAR'S ME, I LOVE THE WAY YOU'RE FUCKING YOUR DIRTY LITTLE WHORE MASTER!" Hinata screamed at the top of her lungs. Naruto felt his own orgasm starting and thrust upwards the same time Hinata came down as hard as she could. She screamed and sprayed his cock as he painted her pussy white with his cum.

Hinata collapsed onto his chest. Murmuring things to herself. Naruto could barely make out a muffled "So much, it's so warm."

"Do you want more cum my slut?" He whispered in her ear. She looked up at him, leaning forward she kissed him. "Please do Master, please fill me up with your cum." She replied as she wanted for her master to fuck her more.

Naruto rolled them over and started plunging in and out of her pussy. "Ah! Yes, that's it Master, fuck me real good, fuck my pussy Master, don't stop! I'm so hot Master! Cum inside your Hyuuga whore again!" She moaned out as she locked her legs behind his waist.

"Wow, you really are a whore aren't you? Barely five minutes, and you already want more of my cum, I cant wait see how good you are with that pretty mouth of yours." Naruto grinned as he pumped faster and faster.

"Me too Master, I cant wait to suck on that huge cock of yours! I want to drink all of your cum, ah, ah, oh yes, yes, I'm almost there master! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" She screamed and tightened her grip on his waist, his thrusts getting even harder as a result.

"Keep talking whore, I wanna hear more of what you want." Naruto commanded. His nails digging into the ground as he felt himself getting closer.

"I want it so badly Master, I need it! I have to have all of your cum inside me! I want you to fuck me wherever, whenever! I've had dreams of you fucking me since I became a genin, I've masturbated while thinking about you everyday! I want you to take me into an alley and fuck my brain's out all the time! I've watched you every day, and the more I watched you, the more I wanted you to have me! Ha, ah, Master, I'm almost there, I'm gonna cum, please cum inside me, I'll go crazy if you don't!" Hinata pleaded, at the very brink of her orgasm.

"Here's your precious cum, slut!" Naruto yelled as they both came, Naruto filled her already full womb, Hinata's overfilled pussy was leaking juices onto the ground, making a small puddle. After a few minutes of enjoying the feeling Hinata had finally unwrapped her leg's and let Naruto pull out. Naruto was breathing heavily but recovering quickly.

Hinata walked over to her discarded hoodie and was about to bend down to pick it up but two arms wrapped around her chest, above and below her breasts. "And what do you think you're doing?" Naruto asked, his voice husky.

"G-getting dre-eep!" Hinata squeaked as she felt him start grinding his hard-on against her butt.

"I never said we were done, I still haven't tried this beautiful ass of yours, or your breasts. And I saw how much you liked licking me. When we leave this forest every inch of you will be covered in my cum." (1) Naruto promised. Hinata looked a little shocked at what Naruto just told her.

She was also a little turned on by this, she didn't know that Naruto could be so demanding. Than again... the hard-on currently playing hotdog with her ass-cheeks was probably a dead give away that Naruto was still raring to go. Twirling around and knealing she started licking Naruto's cock, thoroughly covering it in her saliva before tentatively sucking the head. She was interrupted by Naruto as he grabbed her hair when she tried to pull her head back however. "This is what you get for not listening sooner." Naruto said as he pulled her head down and thrust his hips forward, his cock forcing

it's way down her throat as she gagged. He only let go of her hair when he could feel Hinata start to suck and move her tongue back and forth.

Hinata suddenly had an epiphany, Naruto just had shoved his cock down her throat, what was even worse, she didn't even time to breath, but at this point she didn't care. It had hadn't sunk in until just now what being her Masters cum-slut would entail. Redoubling her efforts and using chakra to extend her breath, like she was taught at the academy for underwater infiltration missions, she promised she would please her master by any means necessary, so Hinata started sucking as hard and fast as she could, she then looked at Naruto as she sucked his cock.

"Ugh, that's it slut, keep going, I bet you cant wait till I cum can you? I'm gonna make you drink every last drop of cum I have, after all, it's what you've wanted for years." Naruto said as he began to thrust his cock inside her mouth.

"Gumph, gluck, guk." Was all Naruto could hear from Hinata, a few minutes passed with Hinata trying harder and harder to get her Master to cum.

Naruto could finally feel his release approaching. "I'm cumming!" He moaned as he came, Hinata could feel a very hot liquid go down her throat, she was instantly in love with the new taste and wanted more. Soon she had to drink mouthfuls of his cum just to keep up with the flood, after a few more minutes Naruto had finally pulled out while still cumming, causing him to squirt the last of it on to her face and hair.

"That felt great Hinata, but take your shirt off, I wanna see how good you are using your breasts." Naruto said, enjoying the show as she licked her lips and scraped off the cum on her into her mouth greedily.

Hinata with out saying a word did what she was told and simply ripped off her fishnet shirt, showing Naruto her very big breasts. She had a rack to equal Tsunade's perfect breast, in Naruto's humble opinion. He knew this was going to feel great. "Wow Hinata your breast are so big, get started." Naruto ordered, Hinata grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times before putting it between her breasts, then she squeezed them together and looked up at her Master as she began to give him a tit fuck. She started moving her breast up and down his member. "How does this feel Master? Am I going a good job?" She asked him as she started moving faster.

"Perfect, you're tits are amazing Hinata-chan, go faster, I'm gonna cum all over that pretty face of yours." Naruto replied as Hinata squeezed her tits tighter on him and sped up further.

Almost ten minutes later Naruto grabbed the top of her head and tilted it forward. "I'm Cumming!" He managed to say before he let off like a firehose. Hinata's face taking most of his load, but some getting caught in-between and on her breasts. Hinata rubbed the cum that was on her chest all over her body, as she then licked the cum off her face. "You came so much Master!" Hinata cheered as she licked her fingers clean.

"Well I'm glad you liked it, now get on all fours. I haven't fucked that tight ass yet. Move whore, just looking at it makes me want to cum." Naruto slapped her ass to get her to move faster as Hinata quickly flipped over and lifted herself up on her hands and knees. Naruto grabbed her waist and lined his cock up with her asshole before he entered. "Now my horny Slave, when I start fucking this nice piece of your ass I want you to scream. I want you to tell me everyone within a mile radios how much you love getting fucked in the ass. I want you to tell me how much you want my cock inside you every day." Naruto ordered as he rubbed his cock on her pussy for a few thrusts before pulling out and plunging into her tight ass in one thrust.

"Ahhhhhh! Master, your cock is, so big!" Hinata screamed as she felt her Master's cock tearing her ass.

"Fuck Hinata, your ass is so tight!" Naruto moaned as he pushed her shoulders down and leaned over her.

"Ah, ah, yes Master, oh Kami, fuck my ass Master! I love your cock Master, I love it so much! I love it when you fuck my asshole, I want you to fuck my ass every day Master! Oh Kami, ah, ah, ah, I don't care who hears me! I love having your big, fat cock inside me! I want it inside me every day, day and night, every possible second! I want you to make me you're bitch Naruto-sama! That's all I ever wanted!" Hinata screamed as Naruto slapped her ass a few times.

"Fuck Hinata, I'm almost there, gonna cum!" Naruto grunted as he started thrusting faster and harder and pushed himself in deeper inside her until he started cumming. Hinata's own orgasm followed only a few seconds behind his. After a few minutes Naruto pulled out and saw a stream of cum pouring out of her asshole, down her pussy, and dripping onto the ground. Naruto looked at Hinata's small smile a gave a grin of his own.

"I see that my newest Slave enjoyed her self, but we're still not done. I'm not the only one you've got to deal with." Naruto said as he summoned two shadow clones in front of her. Hinata looked the three Naruto's in front of her and then down at their very erect cocks and sighed happily.

Pretty soon one of his clones laid on the ground on it's back, Hinata already seemed to know what was going to happen so she then went on top of the first shadow clone and slipped it's cock inside her pussy. After that the original Naruto went in front of her face and then grabbed her hair and forced his cock into her throat. Hinata was thinking that it couldn't get any better then this until she felt the second shadow clone grab her hips and thrust into her asshole. Then all at once all three Naruto's started pumping into her at the same time. "Mmm… Hinata your mouth feel's so good, I already want to cum." The original Naruto said as he put his cock deeper into her throat. After a few minutes Naruto sped up and came down her throat, pressing her face down roughly. A few seconds rest and he started thrusting again.

Meanwhile the second shadow clone was pounding her ass with out any mercy, he pounded fast and hard. As the first shadow clone below her moved her body up and down, pretty soon both of the shadow clones had came inside her. Hinata's eyes shot wide open as she felt all three Naruto's cum inside her. She dug her hands into the ground as her own orgasm washed over her.

Almost an hour and a half later Hinata had cum pouring out of every hole laying on her back on the ground. Hinata had lost track of how many time the Naruto's had cum inside her but right now they were standing in a circle around her and jerking off. A few seconds later they all groaned in unison and came. Covering her from head to toe in a thick layer of their cum. As the two clones dispelled she looked at the remaining Naruto through the cum on her face, She quickly cleaned her face, not even bother, and even enjoying, the sticky warm liquid that covered her skin, she reached up and started giving Naruto a handjob.

"Wow Hinata, I'm surprised you actually managed to remain conscious, I must say you almost drained me completely." Naruto admitted as he looked down at her.

"Almost Master. Almost isn't good enough for me. I want all of your cum inside me, I want more Naruto-sama! I can still go on, please fuck me more." Hinata pleaded as she turned around and got on all fours again.

"Really Hinata, you just took on two of my clones, as well as me, at the same time. Are you sure you can handle this?" Naruto asked his cock springing back to life instantly at the site of her swinging back and forth. (He wasn't really sure if she was trying to be sexy or she was just that exhausted, but it was still hot)

"Yes I'm sure Master, fuck me more. Fuck me till you can't cum any more. My body is just a cum dumpster for you. Use my holes as much as you wish Master." Hinata offered as she waited for her Master to start.

Naruto got on his knees behind her, grabbed her waist, and slammed his cock as hard as he possibly could into her ass, causing her to scream in ecstasy. "Ahhh! Yes Master! Faster, faster! Harder! Fuck my ass Master! Kami, yes! Ah, That's it Master, fuck me rough, don't stop, cum in me Master, don't stop! I love it, ah, ah!" Hinata yelled as Naruto continued pounding her ass.

"Damn Hinata, you're ass, is so fucking tight, I don't wanna stop!" Naruto panted as he pounded her harder.

"Don't stop then Master, fuck me! I'll do anything you want, just don't stop! Ah, ah, ah, I love you so much Master! I love your cock too! I'm almost there Master, I'm gonna cum!" Hinata's vision started to blur as Naruto continued jack hammering into her.

Hinata threw her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs as she came on last time, Naruto pulled out and put his cock between her cheeks and pumped his cock between them a few times before covering her back in his cum. When he pulled out she feel to the side, it looked like she had passed out from all that final orgasm. Naruto used a basic water jutsu to clean her off and getting them both dressed before picking her up and taking her back to the Hyuuga manor.

_ _ _ _ end of chapter _ _ _ _

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