Chapter 5 - Naruto's Obedient Slaves


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_ _ _ _ The Next Day; Naruto's Apartment _ _ _ _

"Yes! That's it Master, fuck me! Don't stop, please don't stop! Fuck my pussy harder Master! I want your cum inside me, please cum inside me again, I want all your cum inside my pussy!" Tayuya screamed as she laid on her back in her level two form. She than had a hard grip on the bed sheets with her legs wide open, Naruto thrusting into her from above.

"You're so tight Tayuya. Your pussy is so hot, I'm almost there, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna fill your entire body with my cum. I'm almost there." Naruto sped up, feeling his release approaching.

"Ah, ah, Master, please cum inside me! So close, I can almost taste it! Fuck my pussy raw Master! That's all I want, I want all your hot cum inside me!" Tayuya cried as she felt her Master's cock thrusting into her harder. "I'm Cumming!" They both cried as they came. Naruto exploded within her, painting her womb with six large wads of his cum.

"Ah… Master… That felt so good… I'm completely filled with your cum… I don't think I can take anymore." Tayuya gasped out, still recovering as she looked up at her Master. She felt herself heat up again as she noticed he had a small grin on his face.

"I'm glad you like that my dear, but I still have one position I want to use on you. Get on your knees, you haven't sucked my cock this morning." Naruto said, his grin getting bigger as he was getting closer and closer to doing what he'd dreamed about all night.

She quickly got off the bed and onto her knees. Naruto didn't waste a second and grabbed two of her horns. Tayuya was little surprised by the action and opened her mouth to ask what he was doing when, "Ulck." She let out a sound she'd never made before as her eyes crossed. Her vision suddenly filled by her Master's pubic hair and her throat burned by the sudden invasion of cock. He didn't seem to want to move, she noted, because he was fucking his own cock with her throat using her horns as handlebars.

"Ungh, Tayuya your mouth feel's so good. You know I wanted to do this yesterday, but after pounding that perfect ass of yours I completely forgot. Damn I already feel like Cumming." Naruto commented. Hid hands gripping her horns even tighter as he shamelessly moaned her name.

Naruto could hear her moan right alongside him as he pumped his arms back and forth faster and harder, much to his enjoyment, the vibration from her were doing wonders for his approaching climax. Naruto looked down to see the pleasurable face Tayuya was making as he used her face as a fuck toy. That alone made him start using his own hips, he idly wondered if he should be concerned she was going to lose her front teeth as he could feel them when he slammed forward. "That's it, keep sucking you whore. I want you to drink every last drop of my cum. I'm going make sure you taste nothing but my cum for the rest of your life!" he promised. Grabbing two different horns in the blink of an eye he marveled at the increases leverage he gained. Her head now tilted a little bit upwards letting him plunge deeper into her abused throat.

'Kami yes, I love this! So much cock inside my throat. Damn if my throat doesn't feel shit afterword but it's totally worth it!' She thought as Naruto continued for several more minutes.

" Drink up bitch, make sure you swallow every drop!" Is what Naruto wanted to say, but when he felt his orgasm finally slam into him all he could do was let out a throaty scream and thrust forward harshly, pulling her horns towards him at the same time, before he let loose directly into her stomach. His eyes almost rolled back into his head as he felt himself pouring what felt like gallons of cum into her.

It was actually significantly less than that, but Tayuya couldn't tell the difference at the moment as she tried to cope with her own orgasm, which had snuck up on her and taken her completely by surprise. Almost two solid minutes of swallowing later she was about to just give up and drown in her Master's seed when he finally stopped cumming and pulled back. Naruto stumbled back a few steps before falling flat on his back, breathing heavily. "P-perfect." He mumbled weakly.

Seeing her Master in such a state both made her incredibly proud of herself, and gave her a burst of energy that, if she let him do most of the work, would allow her one more round before she passed out.

Naruto recovered quickly, promising himself he was going to do that again, and sat up. Gathering his clothes he turned towards Tayuya, her mouth still wide open, ropes of her own saliva leading down towards her large breasts swinging gently back and forth in the non-existent breeze. He was severely tempted to fuck her again as thanks for such an extreme orgasm, but she looked about ready to pass out as it was. "I'm going to take a shower. Get dressed and when i'm done we'll go do some actual training." He said

"B-but wait, Master!" Tayuya blurted as Naruto turned around.

"Yes?" He asked over his shoulder.

She swallowed heavily, finally getting the excess saliva from her mouth so she could talk without drooling on herself. "You didn't fuck my ass this time, I-I can still go, I've got plenty of energy left! So please Master, come back and fuck my ass, I want more of your cum inside me." Tayuya pleaded desperately as she got up and crawled onto the bed on all fours. She looked at Naruto as she waited.

Naruto blinked in amazement, not just because Tayuya was on his bed wanting it in the ass, but because Naruto knew that he could use this as a punishment. As she was clearly demanding something of him. "We both known how much you would love that, and I do owe you for that mind blowing blowjob, pardon the pun. But you have to know your own limits Tayuya. Your level two form is still raw, it needs to be turned off sometimes and you look exhausted already. Take a breather while i'm in the shower and we'll continue later." He said kindly.

"I... I understand Master." She replied sadly, seeing his point. He nodded and entered the bathroom.

She sighed and turned over as she heard the door click, indicating it was locked. She was never good at lock picking so in order to get in she'd have to break the door down. And her Master would NOT be pleased about that. She shivered as she thought about his punishment. It wouldn't be fucking her ass, it would be NOT fucking her ass. Ever! She curled into a ball at the very thought. After tasting the bliss such an act could create she'd go mad within a month without it.

She tried to relax and regain her energy, she really did. But her second wind demanded she get at least one more orgasm. Her eyes darted to the bag she'd brought with her. Walking over to it she reached inside and pulled out her biggest dildo. Much to her frustration it was still smaller than her Master, which was annoying, as it was the largest one in the store she'd brought the toys from, and pushed it into her pussy before she even reached the bed.

Tayuya came four times by the time Naruto was done with his shower, but not even that could satisfy her. She knew if she wanted to be satisfied, Naruto was the only one who could. So Tayuya then turned the dildo off threw it back inside her bag before she turned off her curse mark and turned back to her human form. She just got done getting dressed when the bathroom door opened. Naruto came out with only a towel on and it took all her willpower not to push him down and start sucking him off again.

"Alright, just let me get dressed then we can go." Naruto said offhandedly. He dropped the towel and he went to his closet, gathering his clothes as he was fully enjoying what seeing his uncovered member was doing to her.

"No worries Master, take as much time as you want, I'm not in a hurry or anything." Tayuya replied distractedly as she watched her Master's cock bob back and forth as he walked. Naked lust clear on her face.

"Okay, let's get going." Naruto only allowed himself to smirk at her expression only when he was in front of her, leading them out the door.

_ _ _ _ At The Training Grounds _ _ _ _

They talked about the Kages meeting and previous missions as they made their way to the training field, but once they got there Naruto saw Hinata practicing her own version of the gentle fist. Naruto's smile turned more lewd as he watched her body, reminiscing about how she felt stretched around his length.. Tayuya noticed right away the look he was giving her. 'What the hell is he doing, why is looking at that Hyuuga whore like that? He should be giving me that look instead!' She raged mentally as she felt like heading over there and kicking some Hyuuga ass. But as she was lost in her violence filled thoughts Naruto headed towards the girl said thoughts were about.

"Hey Hinata, how long have you been here?" Naruto greeted as Hinata turned around.

As Hinata saw Naruto coming towards her, she felt the need to jump him and demand he fuck her right there, but just before she was going to put her plan into action she noticed that Tayuya was with him. Tayuya may be her best friend but cock-blocking was never appreciated and it was safe to say she wanted the redhead gone so she could get her favorite treat.

"Hello Naruto, Tayuya, did you two come here to train as well?" Hinata asked rhetorically, trying to think of a way to get her friends to leave.

Naruto blinked as he had no cover story for why Tayuya was with him. Thinking quickly he replied, "Yeah, I was just on my way here when I saw Tayuya walking the same way, so we decided to walk here together." He wasn't sure if he was going to make each girl aware they shared something in common or even how to do so, but he was proud of himself for not stammering through his cover story.

"Oh, so what are you going to train first?" Hinata asked, still drawing a blank on how to implement her plan.

"I was thinking about working on my Shadow Clone Jutsu actually. Even though I use it the most I think I can get better at using it. How 'bout you?" Naruto answered.

"Neji helped me create a Jutsu called Twin Lions a few months ago and I haven't fully mastered it. So I'm just working on that." Seeing Naruto's face light up caused Tayuya to shoot Hinata a dirty look, but the Hyuuga didn't see, to wrapped up in feelings of pride as her Master was interested in what she could do.

"Cool, can I see it?" Naruto asked with a grin.

"Sure!" Hinata took a few steps back and started to concentrate her chakra to her hands. Naruto saw bright blue flames engulf her arms. The flames started shifting and eventually started looking like a lion's head on each of her hands. "Wow Hinata that's an amazing technique. Do you think you could use it on a few of my clones?" Naruto asked. The technique had the intimidation factor but he was wondering how it was used.

"Okay, I think I can. Summon as many as you want, I'll take them all on!" Hinata said, secretly hoping that was a double entente.

"Hey, what about me! Who the hell am I gonna spar with?" Tayuya suddenly said, pissed that her Master had forgotten about her.

"Sit over there under the tree for a bit, I wanna see how powerful Hinata is with this Jutsu." Naruto said, looking over his shoulder. Tayuya stomped her way to the closest tree and sat down, glaring at the two all the while.

"Ready Hinata? Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Hinata saw a line of Naruto's poof into existence in front of her. She had mixed feeling about the fact that he seemed serious and wasn't about to plow her in front of her best friend, but she decided to work off that aggression on the clones in front of her. "Yes, I'm ready Naruto." She replied, shifting her arms just a bit to hit the first charging clone to the right of her.

_ _ _ _ One Jutsu Demonstration Later _ _ _ _

Hinata was eventually able to defeat all of Naruto's clones. Naruto himself was surprised because she had managed to fight the first five clones very easily, then after he summoned another batch of them Hinata seemed to have beat them even easier, while still able to maintain the technique after roughly half an hour. "Wow Hinata, that was amazing. I can't believe you took on so many of my clones so easily. I think we should take a break, there's something that you and Tayuya should know." Naruto said as he walked towards Tayuya and sat next to her under the tree. Hinata followed him and sat a few feet away from them, leaning her back against the tree trunk.

"Okay now I don't know how to put this into word's, but I'll try. Hinata, Tayuya there's something that the three of us have in common in regards to this training filed. I want you two to think what that is for a moment." Naruto said slowly, having to think about how to word it. Both Hinata and Tayuya looked at Naruto curiously and began to think it over after a couple of seconds. It only took Hinata a second to get it, her face going bright red.

"Hinata. tell Tayuya what you just realized." Naruto said, causing Hinata to jerk her head up to stare at him.

"B-b-but Naru- "Hinata, tell Tayuya, or I will tell her." Naruto ordered. Hinata Eep'd and started speaking, her face growing just a bit redder at his tone of voice. "M-me and Naruto had sex here a few days ago." Hinata blurted as she looked at Tayuya, trying not to look at the ground.

"What! But Ma-uh, I mean Naruto, what are you tell me this for?" Tayuya said, knowing she'd probably have to tell Hinata about her own encounter with the blonde.

"Now you tell Hinata what happened here a few days ago." Naruto said. Since she already guessed it Tayuya looked decidedly less shocked than Hinata.

"Naruto and I had sex here as well." Tayuya replied. Causing both girls to look at Naruto.

"Now the reason why I wanted you to tell each other about that was because I want to see who the... alpha slave, I suppose you could call it, will be between the two of you." Naruto explained.

Hinata and Tayuya looked at each other for a moment before Tayuya spoke up, "But Master, aren't I good enough? Why did you need to fuck her, I'm a much better lover then she is. Why do you even need to know who's better, when you already know I am?" Tayuya ranted, growing more confidant in her abilities as she spoke more.

Hinata started talking before Naruto could even think up an answer though, "I'm better then she is." She said firmly, "I'll do anything you want, whenever you want, just say the word Naruto and I'll do it." She promised.

The two Kunoichi glared at each other and started arguing about who was superior. Naruto watched for a few minutes, wondering if he should take notes (Tayuya's mouth only got worse when someone was questioning her skills at something it seemed) before he intervened. "Since you both think you're better than the other, how about you both prove it?" Naruto said innocently.

Both of them stopped, Tayuya in mid-rant, and looked at him. Since she was already talking Tayuya asked the question both of them wanted to ask faster, "What do you mean by prove it Naruto?"

"I'll do anything to prove that I'm the best Naruto, what do I have to do." Hinata said eagerly.

'I wonder what the Master's planning. No big deal though, I'll prove that I'm better than that Hyuuga cunt. Just because she has big tits doesn't mean a thing. My Real breasts are bigger than hers anyway. I don't give a damn if she's liked him longer than me, I'll just prove who's top bitch around here.' Tayuya thought to herself.

'I'll do whatever I can to prove that I'm better than she is. I bet the only reason he fucked her was because she probably begged him too. I should just grab him by the collar and go down on him again. Just thinking about it's getting me turned on, i'll win no matter what!' Hinata psyched herself up.

Naruto started speaking again, breaking them both from their respective inner thoughts, "I have a contest in mind, but first I would really love a blowjob." He said, standing up and leaning back against the tree.

"You want us to what? You can't possibly think that we would do such at thi-" Tayuya tried to play hard to get, but Hinata had other plans as she then began to unbutton and pull both his pants and boxers down almost the second he was done asking for a blowjob.

"Dammit you stupid sow at least try an' pretend to have some dignity!" Tayuya growled, pissed Hinata had beat her to it.

"It's the Master's order's. And i'm showing him what I'm willing to do to please him... So Master how do you want it? Should I use my big soft breasts," She said sensually, unzipping her hoodie she barely brushed her large nipples against his twitching length, "Or should I use my throat." She finished by giving him a long slow lick.

Hinata smirked a bit as he nodded rapidly to the second choice. She set his cock inbetween her breasts to hold it in place and started swirling her tongue around the head. "Faster Hinata, It's so good." Naruto groaned. Hinata let her hoodie slip from her shoulders onto the ground, leaving her bare from the waist up.

"Please cum on my face as much as you want Master, I want you feel your hot cum all over my body. I wanted your cock so badly Master. I almost went insane the other day, all I wanted was to feel you inside me again. I had to finger myself seven times just so I could leave my room. Not even that could satisfy my need for you for long. So please Master, order me around as much as you want, I'll do whatever it takes to be yours." Hinata declared hotly, taking him into her mouth after every sentence.

"Almost there, almost there." Naruto panted as leaned harder against the tree trunk, his legs going weak.

He grunted a little as he climaxed seconds later, his cum shooting out rapidly all over Hinata's face. Lucky for her she had opened her mouth before he had came, most of his load landing in her open mouth, quickly filling it and overflowing down her chin and onto her breasts. Tayuya gritted her teeth as she saw the blissful look on her Master's face. She was losing!

"More cum Master. Give me more cum. Use my throat, I want your huge cock as deep as it will go. I want to drink every last drop of your cum Master. Please let me suck your cock." Hinata moaned out after swallowing the cum in her mouth and getting as much off her face as she could with just her tongue. "How could I possibly say no to that? Of course you can, but you better prepare yourself Hinata, I'm going to make sure every inch of my cock is inside you, so open wide." Naruto grinned widely.

Hinata opened her mouth just as he grabbed her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. Hinata's eyes shot wide open as she felt his cock go deeper and deeper into her mouth as the seconds passed. Naruto looked down and saw Hinata's eyes roll back into her head as he felt his hips finally stop inching forward. "Very good my Hime, now show me how good you are at milking my cock." Naruto ordered as he started to slowly thrust in and out of her hot throat, Hinata doing her very best to suck his dick right off his body using only the power of suction.

Naruto looked over at Tayuya, who was still glaring at the bluenette who was currently making all kinds of obscene sounds. "Look at this Tayuya, are you going let Hinata beat you without even trying? Just look at her Tayuya, this is my second time fucking her, and already she's addicted to my cum, and will do anything to get some." He suddenly grunted, his breath hitching. He had to stop, her face flush against his crotch, so he didn't blow his load right than and there. "Ung, that's perfect Hinata, keep it up." He told her, rubbing her scalp as he continued slowly pumping his hips again before turning back to the redhead. "See? When she's done with me I don't think there's going to be any left." He idly commented.

Tayuya was rooted in place, watching Hinata suck her master's cock so expertly. She couldn't believe how submissive Hinata was being... She couldn't believe that the shyest girl in the village would turn into a wanton slut just to have Naruto's cock, although she certainly knew the feeling. The sounds of Hinata's muffled moan's got even louder with each passing minute., reverberating through her mind. Without realizing it she unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down, pumping two fingers inside herself, matching the rhythm of her Master's cock sliding into Hinata's stretched lips.

"That's it you fucking slut, keep sucking my fat cock. I can't believe how badly you want it. I should have snuck into the Hyuuga manor ages ago and fucked your brains out. I wonder what people would think if I told them that the Hyuuga heiress wanted to be my bitch." Naruto said, speeding up his thrusts. He almost smirked as he glanced at Tayuya, her brown eyes wide and darkened with lust at the sight.

"Master's cock tastes so good, I want his cum so badly, please cum in my mouth. I need to feel that hot, thick cum going down my throat. I can't wait until he fucks my ass." Hinata redoubled her efforts, her cheeks hollowed further as she sucked harder.

Naruto tensed as he felt a demonic chakra usage, only to calm down as he turned his head to see a fully nude Tayuya in her level two curse form laying on the ground with her leg's wide open. Three fingers working her pussy over while her thumb was almost violently mauling her clit. He could hear her quietly moaning his named as she fingered herself. "Master, fuck me as well, I want your cock Master. I'll do whatever you want, please just fuck me with your huge cock. Cum inside that bitch already and I'll show you that I'm much better that she is." Tayuya whimpered, mostly to herself, but loud enough to be heard.

"I guess seeing Hinata suck me off must have turned her on..." Naruto thought happily, "Now that I have both of them willing to get along, I think it's time to see how far they'll go..."

"I'm gonna cum Hinata, drink up my Hime." Naruto grunted, pushed her back so he was barely inside her mouth and came. Hinata got her wish as she felt Naruto's thick cum fill up her mouth almost instantly. She swallowed his seed by mouthful and just barely managed to keep up with the flow. Just as the cum was about to start pouring out of her filled mouth Naruto pulled back further and aimed his cock downward, letting the rest of his load spray onto her breasts. Hinata gleefully started sucking on her own breasts to clean them. "More cum Master, more!" She moaned in-between noisy sucks.

"As much as I would love to fill your belly more Hime I think it's time for a change. As you can see Tayuya's finally decided to join us. Now I wanna see how far you're willing to go." Naruto said.

"Whatever it is, I'll do it Master. It doesn't matter what it is as long as I please you, that's all I care about." Hinata replied.

"I'm glad to hear it. You don't know how much that means to me." Naruto said. He leaned down and whispered something into Hinata's ear so Tayuya wouldn't hear. Hinata's eyes shot wide opened as Naruto told her his orders.

Tayuya had quite a bit of fun fingering herself. A few moments ago, before Naruto was done with Hinata, she went to her bag that had all her toys and had taken out the long red vibrator and set it to it's highest level before she laid back down and shoved it inside her pussy. "A-almost there, God, almost there, I can almost taste it." Tayuya mumbled. Just as she was about to cum she felt the vibrator being yanked out of her pussy. She looked down and snarled as she saw Hinata with the piece of plastic in her hand.

"You fucking skank! Gimme that ba-" Was all she could say before Hinata suddenly hit a pressure point on her side with a quick Jyuuken poke. Tayuya body went limp- "What the hell are you doing!" except for her mouth, that is.

"Shut up you red haired whore, I'm following Master's orders, so shut that filthy mouth of yours and relax. I'm not going to hurt you, just make you my bitch!" Hinata grinned as she put one finger inside Tayuya's already hypersensitive pussy.

"Oh? Does my bitch already feels like cumming, well not on my watch!'" Hinata promised. She hit a few more pressure points on her body, and slid two more fingers into Tayuya pussy.

"Ah, God, w-what did you do? Why can't I cum?" Tayuya said, near hysterics.

"Don't worry, it'll only last a few minutes, but until then, you're mine!" Hinata hissed. She added chakra to her finger's, not knowing if it would increase the pleasure or not but couldn't see a downside of trying.

"AH! P-please let me cum. I have... to cum, I need to or else I'll go insane!" Tayuya pleaded. Hinata's gamble having paid off, driving the dark skinned beauty that much closer to madness.

"To bad slut, you're not going cum until I say so. So just lay back and take it like the needy cunt you are." Hinata, not being Tayuya, had to steal the horned girls earlier insult as she couldn't think of anything on the spot. She had to follow her Master's command though.. "As much as I would love to fuck your brains out again, I want you to show Tayuya just what kind of girl you really are. I want you to make Tayuya your bitch, in any way you see fit. I want to see how Tayuya will react to it. And I want to see if you'll be able to tame her." He had whispered to her. "Yes master, I understand." She replied before she got up and pounced on Tayuya.

Hinata started rubbing and pinching Tayuya's clit lightly, causing the redheaded girl's body to suddenly overcome the paralysis and buck into her hands. "Make me cum Hinata, please! Your finger's are so cold, don't stop, please don't stop! That's the spot! I'll do whatever you want, just let me CUM!" Tayuya begged, not knowing how much more she could take.

"Whatever I want? Perfect. Well if that's the case, how about this. I'll let you cum, but only on two conditions." Hinata said, halting her hands actions. She was really hoping the three minute time limit on technique didn't run out before her demands were met. Tayuya was apparently too far gone to have heard her earlier when she said she couldn't release the technique, even if she wanted to, before it wore off on its own, which usually happened in roughly three minutes.

"NO! Why are you stopping? Don't stop, please! Finger my pussy more! I'll agree to any terms you have, just don't stop, I want to cum!" Tayuya pleaded. She tried to grab Hinata's hand and put it back on her pussy but she quickly found her arms not working again when she tried after two quick pokes from Hinata.

"Okay then, first you have agree to be my Slave as well as Master's for life. That means when I feel the need to fuck, you better be ready, because I'm going to use your body as my personal sex toy. The second condition is that when we're not fucking you rotten this vibrator will be inside you at all times. I'll have the remote of course, you got that?" Hinata explained, waiting patiently for Tayuya's reply.

Tayuya was desperate enough to gnaw her own arm off for some relief at this point, so she naturally agreed. "Yes. yes! I fucking agree. I'm your bitch as well, I'm your demonic looking whore, just please, let me cum already, it's unbearable!" Tayuya whined pitifully.

The timing could not have been better as the second Hinata started fingering the other girl again the technique wore off. Tayuya's back arched almost unnaturally as her lips parted in a silent scream, her entire body tensed. Hinata watched every muscle twitch in rapt amusement, licking her drenched fingers as she waiting for the older girl to remember breathing was mandatory again.

Tayuya was barely recovered enough to see straight when she noticed Hinata's standing over her. Tayuya, still high on her orgasm, absently felt the girl above her start licking her pussy, wiping out what little coherent thought she had gained in the past few seconds. Moaning mindlessly she grabbed the Hyuuga's creamy pale thighs and shoved her face into her lightly furred pussy. Both Kunoichi eating eachother out for all they were worth. Tayuya, for all her cum-drunkeness, was actually in the lead. Both fingered, licked, and played with the other's clit as they fought to make the other cum first.

"Keep going, make me cum. I want to show Master how much of a needy slut you really are." Hinata moaned as she suddenly came all over Tayuya's face, the dark skinned girl continued licking Hinata as she came.

After a couple of seconds Hinata was about to get off of her, but stopped as she thought better and settled for sitting on her new toy's face. Tayuya was just about to sit up until she felt Hinata's still dripping pussy push her face back down.

"Master how good am I doing? Is there anything you want me do?" Hinata asked as she looked at Naruto, who was lazily sitting against the tree trunk again, his erection back at full mast, veins clearly visible.

"Well all I can is I'm surprised to see how you're acting, very nice. I didn't think you could so dominant and obedient at the same time. Continue for a bit longer, the two of you make for an incredibly arousing sight." He said. Most of Hinata's attention was on his engorged dick as he was talking. She licked her lips before grinding her hips onto Tayuya's face. The redhead's nose digging into her folds. "Get to work bitch, I want to cum all over your face again. I want to feel your tongue inside my hot pussy." Hinata demanded, Tayuya got to work right away.

"Ah, yes that's it, your tongue feels so good inside me, keep going." Hinata mumbled, her gaze still stuck to the massive cock just a few feet away from her.

Naruto lazily watched the two Kunoichi fuck, he was still surprised to see how Hinata was acting. He didn't think that Hinata of all people would turn out to be a pretty effective dominate that would do anything for his cock. She seemed to already know while she was above Tayuya, that he was above both of them in the pecking order, so he wasn't worried. What was even more surprising however was the way Tayuya had just given in. He was expecting something different, more halfhearted resistance maybe? As he continued to watch the girls another contest idea came to mind.

"Almost there Tayuya. I'm gonna cum!" Hinata moaned as she felt Tayuya's tongue go deeper inside her. The pleasurable feeling grew to much for her and she came all over Tayuya's face again. Tayuya felt Hinata's juices splash all over her face once more. After her orgasm ended Hinata started grinding her pussy against Tayuya's nose again. The brown skinned girl was about to start licking when their Master started talking.

"Okay girls that's enough for now, get on your knee's for me. I have one last contest for you two, this one's pretty straight forward." Naruto grinned.

Hinata quickly got off of Tayuya and got on her knees, after a minute Tayuya slowly did the same, clearly not at 100 percent mobility yet. The two Slaves noticed the very prominent hard-on that their master had, both either licked their lip's, or bit them as they looked at it. "Alright girl's, from both of your expressions it's pretty obvious what you want." He said. His grin widening as he swiveled his hips back and forth, two sets of eyes following his cock like a cat with a ball of yarn.

"Yes Master, please give me your next order." Hinata said.

"Me too master, I'll do whatever you want." Tayuya added, squirming on the spot.

"I'm glad to hear you're both so eager. For the final round I want to see which one of you will last the longest in an all-out sex marathon. The best way to find this out is of coarse, Shadow Clone Jutsu." Naruto explained, summoning nineteen clones. Both Hinata and Tayuya looked around, seeing so many Naruto's around them caused their breathing to speed up. Tayuya couldn't believe that her Master had summoned so many clone. Or rather, why. She could only handle about five clones at once, six if they picked the right position. She looked over at her fellow slave only to blink at Hinata's expression. Her eyes were half-lidded while her face was almost glowing red. She was gnawing on her lip as her eyes darted from one Naruto to the next.

Personally, Hinata thought she died and gone to Heaven. So many Naruto's, so much cock... She looked at every single clones with only one single thought in her mind. When were they going to stop looking at her and fuck her already?

Naruto sent ten clones to each girl, he himself joining a random clone to follow, and they grabbed both Hinata and Tayuya. Impaling each girl on three different cocks within seconds and three more either Jerked off with the girls' hands, their own, or the girl's breasts.

The forest was filled with muffled cries of pleasure for the next several hours. Neither girl won in the end, both passing out at the same time, but their well fucked brains thanked their Master for thinking up the idea nonetheless shortly before the darkness claimed them,

_ _ _ _ End of Chapter_ _ _ _

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