While Naruto's away

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_ _ _ _ The Next Day at The Uzumaki Building _ _ _ _

Naruto had just woken up from a well-deserved rest from yesterdays actives. Once he grabbed a towel and hopping in the shower he thought back to yesterday while he was cleaning himself. Once their four hour sex spree in the forest had ended, He had to carry both Hinata and Tayuya to their apartment. Naruto would've taken them back to his place and continued, but they both passed out after the sixth or seventh clone dispelled. So Naruto thought it was best to take the two Kunoichi home, and since Hinata lived close then Tayuya, he took her home first. In a true case of déjà vu Neji was right there waiting for Hinata like the night before.

_ _ _ _ Flashback: Yesterday _ _ _ _

Naruto had made two clones, one carrying Hinata and the other carrying Tayuya, as both Kunoichi were both completely out of it. As he and the clones started walking it didn't take long before Naruto could see the Hyuuga manor. There he saw Neji waiting at the front gate for Hinata, So Naruto already knew what to do.

"Hey Neji, sorry about Hinata again, we were training again, and she took too many of my clones, I guess they were too much for her to handle" said Naruto as he grinned hoping that Neji didn't figure out what he really meant.

"That's alright Naruto, I understand so how did the training go" said Neji as he looked at Naruto and his two clones carrying the two Kunoichi.

"It was fine, Hinata showed me her new technique and I wanted to see how many clones she could take on at once, she manage to fight a pretty decent amount of my clones, I say she getting stronger and stronger everyday" said Naruto.

"Ah that's good to hear, she's been acting very confident lately, she's been very eager to train at the training flied lately, and she's been acting more cheerful as well, her father and sister can't help but wonder if it's you that's causing this" said Neji as he and Naruto both turned their head's and looked at one of the room's they could see Hinata's little sister Hanabi combing her hair.

Well I don't know about that, I just asked her if she wanted to train with me some more, but here you go Neji, I have to get Tayuya home before it gets dark, plus I don't want her to hit me when she wakes up, she can as worse as Sakura some time's" said Naruto as Neji nodded in agreement

"No problem, and thanks' again, I'll be sure to tell her that you brought her home" replied Neji as the clone gave him the worn out Hinata and dispelled afterword's, after that Neji took her inside and the gate closed.

After that Naruto told the clone to take Tayuya to her apartment and that he would dispel once he did. After that clone nodded and the original Naruto went the other way and headed towards home, once there he took off his shoes and changed into his pajamas and went to sleep.

_ _ _ _end of flashback_ _ _ _

After he was done in the shower Naruto dried himself off and started to get dressed, while doing so he started to plan the next actives that him and his two slaves were going to do.

"Maybe I should fuck them together again… I did enjoy that double blow job, and I bet Hinata

wouldn't mind showing me what she'll do just to please me again. As for Tayuya... maybe I should teach her to be more obedient? It took her forever to join in, so maybe I should punish her or something?" Naruto mused to himself as he finished getting dressed and put on his head band. He was just about to leave when a messenger bird flew in from the open window. Naruto noticed right away that it was one of Kakashi's messengers birds. He took the notice that was attached to its leg; after a few minutes of reading it he threw it on the counter.

"Damn, got patrol duty today. Why THAT of all things? It's so damned boring! And now I can't fuck my slaves today either." Naruto pouted as the bird dispelled, revealing it was a Shadow Clone. Naruto wrote two quick notes and made two messenger birds of his own, sending one to Hinata's room and the other to Tayuya's apartment. With a resigned sigh Naruto put on his sandals and left.

_ _ _ _ Meanwhile at Tayuya's apartment_ _ _ _

Tayuya had just woken up half an hour ago and was now in her bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body. She'd taken a shower first thing and was combing her hair. As she was combing her long red hair she couldn't help but wonder what her Master had in store for her today. "If it's anything like yesterday it's going to be good. That big breast bitch didn't have to get all rough with me though. I mean, just, fuck dammit! I hate to admit it, but she forced me to eat her out, like some kind of pro dominatrix bitch. I swear she better hope Master doesn't give me the same order, I'm going to make that bitch mine, twice as fast as she did me!" Tayuya declared as she continued to comb her hair. After a couple of minutes she left the bathroom and noticed a messenger bird at her window. She was hoping it wasn't from the Hokage; she didn't really feel like going out for a long ass mission at this point. The bird dispelled as she grabbed the note and began reading.

Dear Tayuya

I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to spend another lovely day with you and Hinata. I have patrol duty today, but I'll only be gone for one day. Once I come back, I'll make sure that of my lovely slaves get another satisfying day of love, so see you two tomorrow



As Tayuya finished reading the note she was suddenly confused at the odd feeling of loss. "Now what am I gonna do? I don't think I like the thought of an entire day without him. I've had to finger myself four times after his clone brought me home, how am I gonna go a full day...?" She walked to her closet and started picking out her clothes, meanwhile thinking about how to relieve herself. After a couple of second it finally came to her.

"Maybe I should visit that Hyuuga bitch? Knowing her she's probably even hornier then I am at the moment. Plus, I could get some revenge from yesterday. Only the Master makes me his bitch and gets away with it!" Tayuya said, thoughts of sweet pleasurable revenge swimming through her mind as she took out some training clothes; which consisted of a light red short sleeve shirt and pair of black jogging pants with two red strips on both sides. She went to her dresser and took out a short sleeve fishnet shirt that went to her stomach and a pair of black panties. After a few minutes she was finished getting ready and grabbed her bag of toys before heading out; only one thought in her mind. How to make Hinata her bitch.

"I can't wait to see that bitch, I'm gonna make sure that she obeys my commands this time, Fufufu... Fuck, I sound like that pedo when he thinks about arrogant prick mc-assbow... Moving on to more pleasant lines of thought, I just hope those other stuck up Hyuuga bastards let me in. Last time I almost had to break their fucking arms before they opened up." Tayuya muttered to herself as she made her way to the Hyuuga compound.

It was decided, she thought smugly. First; make the bitch beg her to cum. And than fuck her pussy raw with a strap-on. Just as she was deciding on what to do after that she saw her target walking down the street across from her.

"Speak of the fuckin devil…" Tayuya whispered as she used her ninja training to follow Hinata from the shadows. After following the Hyuuga for an hour she saw her chance as Hinata was getting close to a dark alley. Making her move Tayuya ran up behind Hinata as she was alone on the street.

Wrapping one arm around the girl's slender waist and another around her mouth to stop her from screaming Tayuya dragged her into the dark alley before she could even make a sound. Tayuya made sure they were almost at the end of the alley before she let go of Hinata.

Hinata was about to attack the person who grabbed her until she realize who it was "Tayuya! The fuck? Why did you fucking grab me for? Scared the hell out of me..." Hinata's yells lowered in volume as she calmed down.

"It's nice to see you too... ya cunt. Anyways, the reason I snatched ya is cause I wanted to know if you got the Master's letter. I got one earlier this morning, what about you?" Tayuya said, waving off the other girl's shouting.

"yes, I got one. I had to make sure my little sister and Neji didn't see it. I still can't believe that he's gone for an entire day! Just when I was going show him a few new tricks that I read about. I can't stop thinking about him; when I got that letter I had to finger myself two times before I headed out, and now just the thought of having him inside me again is getting me hot." Hinata admitted as a large blush spread across her face as she felt the need to finger herself once again.

"Ain't that the fucking truth, I was hoping he would've fucked me at least once before he left, but seeing as that ain't gonna happen... hows about we have a little fun instead?" Tayuya grinned, putting both her hands underneath Hinata's top and grabbing her breasts.

Hinata tensed, "T-Tayuya what are you going!" She exclaimed as she felt Tayuya squeeze her breast, which caused her to let out a moan.

"You know damn well what I'm doing, we both need to get laid and fast. And seeing as how the Master isn't here we're stuck with each other. Besides, this is revenge for yesterday; it's your turn to be the bitch in this relationship." Tayuya smirked as she used one hand to unzip Hinata's hoodie.

After slowly pulling the zipper down Tayuya noticed Hinata wasn't wearing anything under her hoodie, which turned her on even more. "Wow, just look at you. Not even bothering to wear anything underneath... you really are a whore aren't you?" Tayuya taunted as she grabbed one of Hinata's breast and gave it a tight squeeze while with the other hand she unbuttoned her pants. Tayuya smirk widened hearing Hinata pleasurable moans as she finally unbuttoned her pants and felt that Hinata wasn't wearing any panties either. Tayuya slowly put two fingers inside Hinata's wet pussy and started fingering her.

"Ah... d-don't stop Tayuya, ah Kami yes! Please don't stop" Hinata moaned hesitantly as she felt Tayuya's fingers go deep inside her pussy.

"Not even five minutes and you're already getting all hot and bothered. Do you want to cum, slut?" Tayuya teased as she added another finger into Hinata's hot pussy.

"Please make me cum, I can't take it anymore, I'll do whatever you want!" Hinata pleaded. Her lack of release while thinking about her Master all morning had left her on a hair trigger.

"You're damn right you'll do whatever I want you fucking whore! You're my bitch now, got that?" She squeezed Hinata's breast, causing her to scream as she finally came on Tayuya's fingers. Hinata started breathing heavily as Tayuya took her fingers out of her pussy.

"Now get yourself together cunt and let's go back to my apartment; I'm not done with you just yet." Tayuya demanded. A few minutes later Hinata finished fixing herself up before Tayuya dispelled the sound barrier and quickly left the alley before anyone noticed. The two Kunoichi speed-walked to Tayuya's apartment. The trip to Tayuya's front door only took five minutes, with both girls hurrying as they were.

Tayuya quickly opened the door and the two entered; Tayuya practically shoving Hinata inside and then closing the door and locking it. Tayuya, who was too horny at the moment, had forgotten to put the sound barrier up. Then she grabbed Hinata's hand and quickly took her to the bed room. Practically launching Hinata into her bedroom she slammed the door. "Now you horny little slut, strip down and get on the bed. Just thinking about fucking you is getting me hot." Tayuya smirked as Hinata blushed.

"What's with the blush? I don't see you doing that when the Master tells you to get on your knees and suck his cock. So stop standing there and strip and get on the bed!" Tayuya demanded as she walked over to the side of the bed and took out a bag.

As she did this Hinata slowly began to strip off her clothing. After Tayuya was done getting the items she needed she turned to see a fully nude Hinata in front of her. Tayuya couldn't help but blush a bit as she looked at the young heiress' body. "I am going to fuck the hell out of this bitch." She promised as she reached into her bag a brought out a long red dildo. "This isn't near the Master's size but it's the biggest I got on hand. Get on the bed and get on all fours, it's about time I fucked that ass of yours." She declared. Hinata meekly nodded and did as she was told.

Tayuya then went on the bed and got on her knees she then grabbed the dido and began to rub it against Hinata's ass hole. "Now tell me you horny bitch. tell me how hard you want it in the ass. Then tell me how much you love it" said Tayuya as she continued to rub it against her skin.

As for Hinata she was imagining it being her master's cock that was about it go inside her. Just that thought alone made her want it even more. "Please just put it in already, I'll do whatever you want just fuck my ass already!" said Hinata in a desperate voice

"Now that's what I wanted to hear" said Tayuya as she then lined the dildo to Hinata's asshole and quickly rammed it inside her. Instantly Hinata grabbed the bed sheet's as she then felt Tayuya senselessly fucking her.

"Ah, ah, ah, yes fuck me, oh Kami, yes don't stop ah, ah, please don't stop" said Hinata as she felt the large dildo do deep inside her asshole.

"Keep talking you fucking Hyuuga whore. Tell me how you fuck getting fucked in the ass" said Tayuya as she began to slap Hinata's ass as she thrust faster and harder. "Damn no wonder why the master love fucking you so much." She said as the bed started to hit the wall.

"I love it. I love getting fucked in the ass. I love having this big thick dildo inside my asshole. Please don't stop I'll do whatever you want. Ah Kami yes! That's it keep going" said Hinata as she felt her first orgasm of the Day approaching.

"That's right you'll do what I fucking say. You think just because you're a Hyuuga you think you can get whatever you want. I want to hear you beg for it. I want you to scream what you really are" said Tayuya as she then put her hand underneath Hinata's arm's and then grabbed Hinata's big breast and squeezed them as hard as she could.

"Please make me cum. Please I beg you Tayuya make me cum. I cant take it anymore. I'm a fucking Hyuuga whore who want' to cum that's what I am. I want you to make me cum Tayuya. That's all I fucking want. So please don't stop. Just fuck my ass as much as you want. "said Hinata as soon her eyes started to roll behind her head and soon her tongue started to stick out.

After what seemed liked forever Hinata as tightly squeeze the bed sheet's as she then came all over the Dildo and bed. After a few minutes Tayuya had pulled out as saw a small stream of cum coming out and going on the bed. As for Tayuya she just looked at the senselessly fucked Hyuuga for a few moments before she then shove it back it without any warning. Soon Hinata's eyes shoot wide open as the Dildo went even further then the last time.

"Don't you think just because I made you cum once. It was over fuck that your my bitch my and I'm gonna use you in every way possible. And I'm not even done with this nice piece of ass" said Tayuya as she squeezed Hinata's Breast even harder then the last time as she senselessly started fucking Hinata from behind.

After about a whole two hours had passed Tayuya had made Hinata cum approximately 7 time's in the missionary position. After that Tayuya decided to change the position so Now Hinata was lying on her back with her leg's wide open. And Tayuya thrusting the Dildo inside her hot went Pussy. After an hour of that Tayuya had made sure that Hinata had turned into her personal fuck toy. She made sure that Hinata listened to every word she said. But what Tayuya didn't know was the fact that all of her of her neighbors were all just about to gather up to her room and ram it down and throw her and whoever was inside out of the apartment. But just as they were a strange figure approached the crowd.

Back with Hinata and Tayuya the Position had changed once again. Now Tayuya was lying on the bed as Hinata rode her like the horny Hyuuga slut she was. Tayuya had a tight grip on Hinata's thighs as she held onto her breast as she bounded faster and harder while looking at the ceiling.

"Yes. Oh Kami, yes ah, ah, ah, ah, oh Kami I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum, I'm almost there. Just a bit more, I'm almost there!" said Hinata as she leaned back a little

"Faster you damn big breast whore! Faster I don't care if people can hear you" said Tayuya as the view of Hinata's tit's caused her to slap Hinata's thigh's.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" screamed Hinata as she leaned back and bent down a bit and came. Soon the dildo was covered in Hinata's cum. Soon Hinata's breast were in front of Tayuya's face as Hinata began to breathe heavily. Hinata was just about to get off and lay right next to until Tayuya gave her a serious look.

"What the fuck are you doing" said Tayuya as Hinata gave her a surprised look. "Who the hell said you could stop. Just because your tired. Doesn't mean you can stop. So get back up and go again. I'm not done with you" said Tayuya as she lifted her body up and Hinata was just about to start again until.

The door then suddenly burst opened. The two horny Kunoichi then turned and looked as they then saw their master standing there with a pissed off face. "What the hell are the two of you doing? I leave for a few hour's and when my mission end's early I see the two of you fucking" said Naruto as he entered the room.

"Master!" they both said in unison

"Since the two of you decided to have a little fun. How about I join in" said Naruto as he closed the door.

As for the two horny Kunoichi what they didn't know that this may have been either the worst day of their lives or the best. Only time would tell them.

End of chap