... and heals souls

He stopped with a reason. It was her smile, the way she held the light bag in her right hand, the way a baguette was delicately poking out of it. He knew almost nothing about this entrancing woman, except that she stood out among the crowd every evening at six sharp, when she'd pass him by right in front of the fountain in the city center. She wasn't aware of how every elegant gesture of hers kept him rooted to the spot, making him nervous enough to be swallowing heavily. How the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stood up when the wind made her ponytail float about, mesmerizing him. He'd enjoyed simply watching her so far – just a beauty that was part of his life in a distant, absent way, but today he wanted more. Today, his feet itched to get him to walk toward her and approach her for the first time. She'd been unaware of his silent admiration so far, but after almost two whole weeks of merely watching her and finally accepting the strange feeling of familiarity, Inuyasha decided to introduce himself.

He knew her. The moment he was able to get a good look at her deep, chocolate eyes for what he perceived as a short eternity, he felt he already knew her. The question whether she felt the same plagued him, but he didn't voice it. In fact, he'd said nothing so far, had just stopped right in front of her, and she was visibly waiting. That was what kept him silent and unmoving – the fact that she didn't seem annoyed, nor afraid or evasive – she simply had a hint of the same charming, inviting smile she always wore. Inuyasha pursed his lips. The collar of his favorite shirt was strangely obstructive, suffocating him in a way that made him feel slightly lightheaded. He cleared his throat loudly, as if he were about to deliver a speech.

"Konnichiwa," he said and was surprised to see her giggle.

"Konnichiwa," she replied. "I was curious to see if you were ever going to make a move or simply keep pretending you just happened to be here every day at the same time."

He smiled, having understood the message hidden behind her words. Gently, Inuyasha took the bag from her – it was lighter than he'd imagined it – and walked her home as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He learned she was half Japanese half Korean, that the baguette was in fact for the younger sister she'd raised alone. Next he learned that her name was Kagome, but that she didn't like it at all. That she didn't eat bread and that she didn't even eat after six.

They connected in a way he'd never dreamed, as if they'd shared a thousand lifetimes together, as if they'd torn down countless obstacles alongside each other. They were ignorant of what they'd built together in other pasts, unaware of the love stories they hadn't let flourish. They couldn't know how much they'd loved each other on so many lost occasions, but this time things would go right. It was a chance to start afresh – a new one that they wouldn't let out of their grasp.

This time they would make it work.

einehexe lets you know: ... the end. I might (with emphasis on the word 'might') add chapters in between (that'd be cool, right? adding chapters not at the end of the story, but within it - I think I'm going to try that) thank you for reading it and thank you for being. that's all I can say :)

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