He stared into my eyes as I stood so very still.
I finally felt the blood trickle out of my mouth and down to my chin. My labored breathing was quiet, but there. The pain was so great that I could hardly feel it.

His eyes were wide and full of horror and his mouth hung open with disbelief.

I slowly smiled and felt myself fall forward.
Everything was so slow for the smallest moment.

He began to run for me, reaching out and calling my name, yet I heard nothing. My eyes half-closed themselves as air blew past me and I fell for the ground.

I was expecting my face to smash into the ground, but felt an imbrace in its place. I was in his arms now, and he held me close as we were there in the cold, beating rain.

The water falling from the sky cooled my wound, but the burning was still there. I felt the blood rising in my throat and sliding from my lips. My eyelids were heavy but I did my best to keep them open as long as I could.

I stared up at him as he sat there holding my still body that lied against the hard cement. Tears streamed down his beautiful face and I slowly reached up, keeping my hand against his cheek. "Why are you crying...?" I tried to laugh.

He was quiet, but his face said it all. "Why...?" he asked with a broken voice. "Stay with me..."

I smiled softly and caressed his cheek. "I'm not needed here...He needs me. Since you wouldn't finish me, I had to do it myself..."

He held my hand against his face and shook his head. "Don't leave me. Please...We'll go back to the island! You, me and Axel! We'll go for ice cream, just like before! Please...!" His voice was so pleading and it hurt me to hear it.

"I can't...It's my time now...Roxas. He needs me...He'll need you soon too."

He leaned in close to my face and clutched my hand against his chest. "Who's 'he'?" he nearly shouted.

I blinked away the raindrops and felt tears running out of my eyes now too. "Roxas...You'll see me again..." I told him, ignoring his question. "I..." My eyes were closing and my breathing came in slower. "I...love you...Roxas..."
Everything went black and the sound of my name and the rain fell away.

"Xion," his soft voice came from behind me.

I slowly turned to him, smiling. He wasn't standing far from me. I'd last seen him through Sora's eyes in The Castle That Never Was and knew when to expect him. It made me happy that now I could see him through my own.

"See?" I told him as he slowly walked toward me. "I told you you'd see me again..."

He was in front of me now, disbelief written all over him. He took my hand. "Is it...really you..?"

I nodded and felt my smile grow bigger.

"...Remember what you said before?" he asked, pulling me closer.

I stared, trying to remember my last words to him.

His face was inches from mine now. "I don't care if we were Nobodies or not," he whispered. Leaning in closer he repeated what I told him. "I love you."

And then his lips touched mine and we mended together as one with the light surrounding us that was Sora.