Disclaimer: The characters found within this fanfiction belong to the very talented Manga-ka, Takanaga Hinako and her manga Koi Suru Bo-kun (The Tyrant Falls in Love) and its prequel Challengers.


It had been one week since they'd left Kowaku to return home as the newest term at the University began. It would be a few years before they could move there permanently due to needing to finish obtaining their degrees which would surely help the pair of them in the long run.

Tetsuhiro thought it had been a beautiful month long vacation, although every night before he and Senpai turned in, Kyoko would offer them that fruit the feminine young man had given them upon the first night of their return. Every breakfast item they received too somehow had that particular berry mixed in with everything else. And although he'd become a bit disinterested in them even though they were delicious Senpai hadn't seemed to be able to get enough of them.

As he swirled the two test tubes in his hands around, he smiled faintly recalling that his Senpai, whom in private he'd taken to calling Souichi, especially during their sexual escapades had ordered someone to bring him those berries. Although that wasn't the only thing he found was unusual about his lover.

For once the man had told him, "Just go to fucking school by yourself!" that morning, which had shocked him. Then he heard a groan moments later after the blond had shot out of his room past him and slammed the bathroom door shut, he'd even locked it.

He'd been concerned, knocking on the door, "Souichi! Are you alright?" He'd placed his ear upon the door, hearing the other man wrenching and he winced as it sounded like the poor man were horribly sick.

Yet when he knocked on the door again he heard the other man growl, "I'm fine! Just get your ass to school! Obviously I can't go, but one of us needs to!"

At that Tetsuhiro had sighed, Tatsumi Souichi, his senpai and lover never changed where school and research were concerned. "Alright, I'll be going then. If you can manage to get something down, I made Okayu, Miso soup and Tamagoyaki."

The man in the bathroom groaned, "Shut up!" before the sound of wrenching came again and with a wince, not really wanting to leave Tetsuhiro was out the door.

Souichi once Morinaga had left stood up on shaky limbs, flushing the toilet and going over to the sink to rinse out his mouth with water, gargling on mouth wash before vigorously brushing his teeth. He was due for a new toothbrush anyway so threw that one into the trash.

If he was coming down with some horrible bug he didn't need it to linger or for Tetsuhiro to catch it. Not when the pervert did things like brushing their toothbrushes together. He chuckled slightly, smiling briefly before catching himself and giving his head a shake, the corners of his mouth dipping into a frown.

There was no way he could eat, even the smell of Tetsuhiro's cooking that morning as he filtered through his door had not helped to ease his nausea, but instead had made it worse. 'That's strange, its not like he hasn't cooked before...'

With a sigh he took a deep breath and braved the other room, Morinaga had already left. He decided that if he were really coming down with something serious and it wasn't just possibly a twenty-four hour bug he'd best get his own ass off to a doctors.

Not more than an hour later he found himself waiting in his primary doctors waiting room, he'd been lucky enough to get in that morning as someone else had canceled their appointment.

In truth he didn't like visiting the doctors, but it was a necessary evil, which irritated him to no end since he'd prefer to be able to diagnose himself. However that was not his area of expertise.

Shifting one leg over the other he gazed at the clock as it ticked and it tocked again and again. It was odd though that only that early morning he'd been heaving into the toilet bowl and at that moment awaiting his turn he felt absolutely fine as though it had never happened at all.

'Maybe it was just mild food poisoning, but as I'm already here it can't be helped.' He knew too it couldn't have possibly been from drinking, they hadn't even had any beer since returning. There had also been no alcohol that the islanders were willing to give him while they were on Kowaku, even though they were more than willing to allow their Ou-sama to have some.

That had irritated him, wondering if they had something against him, though in every other aspect they seemed rather fond of him and calling him Kisaki. Although that fruit had more than made up for any of his slightest craving for beer and cigarettes since they didn't have any on the island. He felt his face heat as he recalled just exactly what activity Tetsuhiro had engaged him in to relieve his frustrations.

He came out of his daze as one of the nurses stood in front of him, "...tsumi Souichi?" He looked up blinking then with a small shake of his head he spoke, "Uh, yeah."

The nurse smiled at him, clipboard in hand, "Please follow me this way, the doctor will be with you in a moment."

The nurse proceeded to weigh him, apparently he'd put on a couple pounds, which was surprising considering the extra physical activity he'd been engaging in. He had to wonder how many calories there were in whatever the islanders made for them and whatever Morinaga cooked for him. Although it wasn't a significant amount it was still surprising considering everything.

As the nurse scribbled that down and took his temperature via his ear he continued to try and think what it could possibly be, then decided that perhaps the scales were off or that they might have gotten a new one. Scales did differ after all.

The nurse smiled at him as he sat down on the exam table in the examination room, "The doctor will be with you shortly. But since you're due for a full checkup, please change into this," she handed him one of the examination gowns.

And then she left and Souichi began to wonder again why he was even there, but he remembered exactly what had happened that morning. It wasn't making any sense to him.

Minutes later there was a knock on the door shortly after he'd changed and was once more sitting on the examination table. These always made him uncomfortable, but if it was for his health there was nothing that could be done other than to get it over with.

"Ah Tatsumi-kun!" The doctor beamed, always in a jovial mood as he looked over his charts. "One of my healthiest patients by far, so what brings you in today in such a rush, although it does appear you're due for your check up."

Souichi only frowned at the doctor, as he explained what had happened that morning, "Though I feel fine now."

"Hmmn, well you might now, but who knows about later." He proceeded to take Souichi's blood pressure and pulse, checking his ears and using that pop-sickle stick he'd opened to gaze into his mouth.

As he lay back for the doctor to check his abdominal area he stared away feeling completely uncomfortable.

"Does it hurt anyway?"

"No," although it did tickle, one of the reasons he hated visiting the doctors, but unlike avoiding a hair salon one could not so easily avoid a visit to a check up.

"Alright then, I think you can stand up and bend over for me," and here was another part that Tatsumi Souichi abhorred as he was sure every other male in the world did. Although it wasn't the same as Tetsuhiro touching him there as this was just a medical procedure to check for prostate cancer and any other abnormalities. He wondered if women were as comfortable getting a full out exam checking for cervical cancer.

The doctors eyes narrowed as he slipped his gloved fingers inside his patients anus to quickly probe the man before finding that everything seemed healthy. Yet there was still something different though he couldn't place his finger on it, no pun intended.

"Well everything seems normal Tatsumi-kun although your temperature seems slightly high, but only just by the smallest fraction. I think a blood test would help to determine what might if anything be wrong. And if you can, we'll need a urine sample as well."

Souichi nodded, watching as the doctor left after scribbling down the new information and he got dressed. A phlebotomist arrived shortly after to draw blood from him. He sat stoically as she took a few vials of his blood then cleaned the small puncture wound left by the needle before she took them to the lab.

After that they gave him a huge glass of water that he drank, and ten minutes later he had the sample for the doctor.

Before he was about to leave, the doctor after testing the sample rushed him back into the exam room.

"What the hell!?" He frowned, weren't they done with all their tests already?

"Tatsumi-kun, you might want to sit down for this."

His face paled, that sounded serious, then his eyes narrowed as he growled, "Tell me whats wrong now!" He sat down as he glowered at the doctor waiting for him to spill.

"Well, you see Tatsumi-kun, as hard as this might be to believe and we're waiting on the blood test results to confirm what your urine sample already indicated..." he trailed off as though finding it difficult to continue.

That only made Souichi all the more agitated, using his temper to masque his fear. He'd finally given into his love for Morinaga, Tetsuhiro he corrected himself, that it pained him to think of possibly having to leave him far too soon when their relationship had only just become steady. "Spit it out!"

The doctor was flustered as he fumbled with his clipboard, which seemed out of character for him that Souichi could recall, so it really had to be something serious and he could feel his heart sinking.

"We-ell, you see Tatsumi-kun this is truly abnormal, we don't even know how its possible..."

Souichi just continued to glower, his fingers curling into fists at his sides waiting for the man, his primary doctor to get it over with, to tell him he was dying. To tell him that there wasn't much time left with which to embrace and be embraced by Tetsuhiro. Many long months ago he wouldn't even have contemplated that, but things had changed from the moment Morinaga's plane had crashed and he'd been left alone to survive.

However what the doctor said next stunned Souichi.

The doctor took a deep breath before saying as calmly as it was possible to say this, "You're pregnant Tatsumi-kun."

"What? Is this some sick joke of yours?" He grabbed the doctor by the collar of his coat arching one of his arms back ready to send a fist flying into the doctors face.

The man however gazed into his eyes seriously, "I'm afraid its not a joke." And Souichi too stunned to do anything, didn't even realize his fist has fallen to his side as he fell back against the exam table.

"You've got to be... kidding me," he shook his head, "I'm a man!"

"While that may be true, you're still pregnant and its a mystery as to how, but I'm sure upon closer inspection we'll learn the reason."

"I'm not going to be some circus freak," he glowered at the doctor, if he really was pregnant and being the scientist that he was he had heard horror tales aplenty about other scientists and doctors using any medical mystery to get them some award. "Don't open your mouth to anyone, do you hear me?"

The doctor cowered slightly at the glint in Tatsumi Souichi's eyes as he nodded. "I'll... call you when the blood test results... are in."

"Fine," he pushed the doctor out of his way and stormed out of the building. 'I'm going to kill Morinaga! This is all his fault!'

Green eyes blinked as he turned toward the door, hearing hurried footsteps, but hadn't Senpai stayed at home, and yet those footsteps were unmistakably Senpai's. Just then the door slammed open as that angry flushed face and narrowed eyes fell upon him yelling out his name.

"Morinaga!" The older lab coated panted in the doorway, glaring at him and Tetsuhiro felt nervousness assail him, wondering just what had upset Senpai this time.