A Fine Dilemma

Chipped red nails emerged from a hole when siren's began to go off alerting all staff of the remote prison that one of their inmates had disappeared from their cell.

Standing up she dusted her orange suit of the dirt clinging to it.

Her eyes narrowed as she glanced at her outside accomplice who held out clean clothes for her.

"Burn these ones. I don't want those imbeciles following me."

"Shouldn't I go with you?"

She used her hand to toss back her hair. "No. I can't risk that. But you can take me to my Dancing Butterfly."

Her brows furrowed deeper when he remained silent.

"Well? Is something wrong?"

"I couldn't get your ship. I had to delve into funds to get a new one, but its in my name."

With a sigh she handed him the orange suit and soon found herself in a gray turtle neck and darker gray ankle length skirt along with a pair of flats.

"The hair dye?" She had to change her hair from dark brown and long to short, spiky and strawberry blonde. Somehow.

"In the car."

She moved to it with him and sat in the back. "To the docks. Wherever that ship is."

"Yes ma'am!"

A smirk planted itself on her lips. Vengeance would be hers. There was no way she wasn't going to make them pay. And no way that she'd let those hounds catch up to her.

'Just you wait Tatsumi.'

She'd let no one get in her way.

They'd all pay. Him most of all.

Souichi stopped outside the entrance to the long huts where the labs were located. "See if there's a lab unoccupied. Then get some samples from Kyoko of the vegetable matter that was used to create this law against nature."

"Souichi," Morinaga pouted.

"I want to know how we're able to have a baby," he grit his teeth.

Morinaga nodded. "I do too." He moved around him to look inside through one of the windows. Then knocked on the door.

No one answered.

A few tries later Souichi growled, "We don't have time for this. Move out of the way."

He pushed the door to the long hut open.

"The last time we were here, my Father was examining bugs."

Just then someone walked through another door rubbing their eyes. The guy had bit of a beard. Which looked like it were in need of a good trim or at least some kind of grooming.

The man blinked and reached into his pocket to put his glasses on.

He grinned, "Sou-kun! Morinaga-kun!" He walked up to them and gave them a hug even as Souichi himself grimaced.

"Cut that out!" Souichi tried to push him away.

"Can't your old man give you a hug?"

"Not when I can't breath."

Morinaga stared at them. Souichi hoped he didn't get depressed as his Father was quite different from Morinaga's. He'd always thought his Father a bit odd. Despite his intellect.

Morinaga bowed, "Hello again, Tatsumi-san."

Soujin waved his arm, "No need for formalities. You can call me Dad. You're part of the family after all."

Souichi watched as his kouhai, no, his husband, smile. At least he didn't appear to be depressed. But sometimes he couldn't always tell. Leastwise not right away.

Morinaga bowed, "Thank you... Father. If I'm to call you that I think its only fair that you get to call me Tetsuhiro." Family after all didn't call each other by their surname.

Soujin pat both of them on the back. "Of course! Of course. Now tell me Sou-kun, Tetsu-kun, what brings you two here?"

The pair blinked.

Morinaga looked at him.

He looked at Morinaga.

Morinaga gulped. To Souichis' eye the man looked far more pale than usual. "Well, sir, you see... I think Souichi should be the one to tell you if he wishes to."

He wasn't sure if his kouhai were cowardly or not. With Tatsumi Soujin being his Father did make sense that he himself should be the one to tell him.

"I think you'd better sit down for this Dad."

It was quite possible his Father wouldn't believe him. Tatsumi Soujin was a scientist after all. Didn't matter that his focus was on Entomology. Anyone who didn't know and hadn't had extensive tests or at least their results from a doctor, or two, or three, or twenty would most likely think it a joke.

But when it came to things like this he never joked around.

Soujin stared studiously at him and then Morinaga.

"Well, alright then."

He walked over to one of the recliners in the connecting room. One of the few break rooms built for the laboratory.

Souichi sat down across from him on a sofa.

He should have known Morinaga would take the opportunity to sit next to him and entwine his left fingers with his right fingers.

He gave his kouhai a sideways glare. Closed his eyes for a brief moment on a sigh.

Several long seconds ticked on by. He could hear the tick tock of his Father's watch.

Soujin, "Sou-kun?"

He could hear the concern in his voice. Blinked once more and looked to his kouhai, his husband, Morinaga Tetsuhiro before looking back to his father.

For once he was grateful for the hand holding his. Even if it were in front of someone. Especially since it was his Father.

"I'm not quite sure how to tell you this."

Morinaga gave his hand another gentle squeeze and continued for him, "And we're just about to begin researching how since it's connected to something that happened here on Kowaku Island."

Soujin blinked and stared in bafflement at the pair.

Souichi didn't usually find it so difficult to talk. But it felt like a burning volcano down in his throat. Even he could hardly believe the evidence of his condition, but there was no getting away from it.

With a nod, he managed to tell his father two simple and yet so very complex words, "I'm pregnant."

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