Run Time

As Penny walked into 4a, Leonard and Howard were watching a movie on the TV ,

"Hi guys where's Sheldon?"

Leonard glanced up from the TV, "Bedroom". He smiled to himself- this should be good.

Penny walked down the hallway stopping at Sheldon's bedroom door

"Sheldon, you in there?"

No answer.

"Sheldon, I know you're in there. I'm coming in."

The bedroom door suddenly opened to reveal a very annoyed Sheldon whose hair was still wet from the shower.

"Oh ,Penny," Leonard called sweetly to her " Sheldon just got out of the shower. You may need to give him a minute." Their loud laughter echoed in from the living room. Penny looked at Sheldon; he still had not said anything

"Sorry, Sheldon."

Sheldon snorted as he walked past Penny, "Devil woman" he said softly close to Penny's ear. Sheldon entered the sitting room. He looked at Leonard and Howard who had stopped laughing

"You both have a strike".

Almost as one they both said "How come Penny doesn't get a strike?"

"You should know better- Penny doesn't" Sheldon said over his shoulder as he returned to his bedroom to dry his hair. Leonard smiled he knew why Sheldon would not give Penny a strike. Little by little over the past month, Penny had worked her way closer to Sheldon and he had let her. Leonard was happy for them both; he had moved on since their break up.

Penny tilted her head to one side "Did Sheldon just insult me?"

Leonard shook his head "Yes but in a nice way"

Sheldon returned to the sitting room. He looked at Penny who was now sitting on the couch "So Penny to what do we owe this visit?"

"Oh ,Sweetie, aren't you glad to see me?" Penny gave Sheldon her best I'm just a girl look the slight head tilt and the fluttering eye lashers the big green eyes, which almost always worked. Even on Sheldon.

Sheldon was now looking at Penny with his head tilted to one side. He knew most of Penny's looks by now but he was still not sure.

"Do you need something Penny?"

Penny jumped up from the couch "Yes, Sheldon, I do! The gym I go to is doing a charity run. Cal-Tech said they would sponsor us"

"So why do you need me, Penny?"

"A member of staff has to propose it"

"Penny, I could have done that for you" Leonard piped up.

"Thanks, Leonard but they said it had to be a senior member of staff." She looked at Sheldon. She knew just how to get him on board.

Sheldon looked over at Leonard, a very slight grin on his face "A senior member, Leonard." He turned his attention to the waitress beside him, "Penny, do you have the sponsorship forms?"

"It's all on line, Sheldon"

Sheldon sat down at his desk and opened his laptop. He soon find the site "Ah yes this seems straight forward"

As Sheldon worked on his laptop, Penny looked around the room

"Hey, where's Raj?"

Howard was smiling "He had to go home to change" Leonard waved to Penny

"Don't ask, Penny. Let's just say it involved paint and why Sheldon was in the shower".

Sheldon was speaking to her again, "That's done, Penny. I must say I applaud the effort you're putting into this run"

"Its nothing- just asking people for money. " Penny laughed. "I'm good at that"

"Not just all, Penny"

"Sheldon, what have you done?"

"Your team, Penny, seemed to be made up solely of men so!"

"Sheldon I don't run I do light jogging" Sheldon smiled as he stood up "I think some type of training may be in order" Sheldon looked down at Penny giving her his famous 'I win' grin "Penny I fail to see your problem as I'm sure you're aware the women of ancient Greece would often run alongside the warriors before going into battle"

"Sheldon we're not in freaking Greece"

"Umm mores the pity"

Leonard and Howard were both laughing. Sheldon looked at them "There is still room for more names" Penny looked around the side of Sheldon at the computer screen 'yes Sheldon there is'

Penny walked towards the door "See you later. I need my sleep as I'm in training 'Penny looked over to the kitchen area where Sheldon was standing "That right, Sheldon?"

Sheldon was grinning "Oh that's right Penny" as the door closed behind Penny, Leonard looked at Sheldon, "Sheldon you do know this is not over ".

Sheldon walked to his bedroom smiling to himself he hoped it wasn't over, Sheldon had grown to enjoy his little run in's with Penny.

The next day, as Penny walked up to her apartment, all she wanted was a hot shower and a drink. It had been non- stop at work. Kids who needs them!. Just as Penny closed the door behind her, she heard his knock. Penny waited till he had finished. She knew just what he was going to say.

Penny opened the door to a very annoyed Sheldon

"Hi Sheldon how you been" Sheldon moved closer to Penny and lent on the door frame

" How have I been? Penny, do I need to tell you how I've been?" Penny was trying to stop herself from laughing Sheldon gave Penny his raised eyebrow look that sadly never worked on her

"I had a visit today from Doctor Gablehauser. He wanted to congratulate me for signing up for the charity run" Penny moved closer to Sheldon she looked up into his face "Penny in what universe do I run?"

Penny moved so close they were nose to nose a broad smile on her face " In the same universe I run in Sheldon.