A/N: Okay, I was REALLY bored at school one day, so I wrote an intro to the sequel to Bonzo's Lover. It goes by the tune of "America the Beautiful" and I named it Julienne's Mourning Song. I have a bunch of chapters already written, I just probably won't feel like typing the rest of them up until I type up my other story.

"O beautiful

For matte black eyes

Above a cute(ish) nose

For muscular

Abs on his chest

Below his luscious lips!

My Bonzo! My Bonzo! God shed his grace on thee.

And on his head

Was perfect hair

From ear to handsome ear!"

Sang Julienne as she mourned the loss of Bonzo. She had found out as soon as she reached Tactical School what had happened, and blamed herself for it. Maybe if she hadn't broken up with him, he wouldn't have picked a fight. Or if she had convinced him to spend all the remaining time before the ships launched with her, he wouldn't have died so soon. He'd be preoccupied with her.

Yes, she broke up with him, but it hurt to know he had died. Why, Bonzo, why? She thought. He had so much life left in him! WHY?

Julienne sniffled, wiped a tear out of her eye, and got up. She turned the light back on and left the room just in time to see Lilah Espinoza quickly kiss Roy Harper on the cheek. In Tactical school, all the armies were occasionally switched around, the students living in groups of 4 per room. Every few weeks the armies were shifted into new armies. The teachers said this was so that they learned to adapt.

Lilah was one of Julienne's roommates. (Roy was not.) Lilah reminded Julienne of her friend Serena from Battle School. Serena and Tim had both ended up in pre-command school, while Julienne was put in Tactical. Roy had been on the ship to Tactical School, but Lilah had refused to date him for a while, for fear of separation. It had taken a few months for Lilah to agree to date Roy, but she decided she loved him too much.

When Julienne arrived a few days ago, she had no clue that Bonzo was in his…state of being. Julienne found out when she and Lilah were talking about how they can't believe she dated Bonzo Madrid. Evan Kasper, a roommate with light brown hair and blue eyes and a medium height, overheard.

"Bonzo Madrid? The dead guy?" he asked.

"Bonzo is DEAD? HOW?" asked Julienne, surprised.

"He picked a fight with that Wiggin kid. Ender was his name, I believe. Guess he lives up to his name!" Evan tried to joke. Julienne burst into a sob. "Sorry, sorry! I was just trying to make you feel better!" Evan tried to recover. He put his hand on Julienne's shoulder, telling her Bonzo was in a better place now, yadda yadda, blah blah.


Julienne's POV

Bonzo! WHY? WHHHHYYYYYYYYYY? I'm sorry, forgive me! Why him? Why then? WHY? I felt like screaming. I put my head in my pillow and yelled "WHY? WHYYYY? AAAUUGH!" until the pillow was wet and mucous-y on that side. I flipped it over to sleep on.

Nightmare. This MUST be a nightmare. I was walking through Battle School. Bonzo's voice echoed through the halls.

"Why, Julienne? Why did you do this to me? The torture! I can't live without you. I'm not living anymore- you left me, remember? YOU'RE SICK. You were too perfect, and you dumped me. Hard. You killed me."P

'Killed me' kept repeating over and over again. I tried to run. Then, when I couldn't escape, I curled up in a ball on the floor and put my hands to my ears. It still echoed in my head. I started to suffocate. I can't breathe! I'm going to die!


I woke up face down on the pillow. I pushed myself up with my arms, panting. I might have died if I hadn't woken up. I got out of bed and looked around the room. Everyone was fast asleep. Remy, Evan, and Lilah was on top bunk of our bed. Everyone's safe. I went back to sleep.

Sorry it was kind of depressing. There will be a bit more Julienne wailing over Bonzo, but soon she'll get over will be a bit more huimor later. And romance.