CRAAAAAAAAP I haven't written anything for Lover No More lately… BUT I am now somewhat motivated!

Kind of…

Okay, I've been typing that up as I tried to think of an idea. And now I have one!

"Ja, zis the party?" Julienne's alarm sounded. Once it got into the actual song, the whole quarter woke up.

Well, except for Julienne. She was already awake, anticipating the day to come.

"Unhh… What IS that?" Sawyer sleepily said. "It's kinda catchy…"

"German Sparkle Party!" Julienne said happily. "It's not really that appropriate for the day, though. Guess what it is?"

"I don't CARE what it is; I want to get back to sleep…" Lilah said. "What time is it?"

"It's midnight!" Julienne said happily. "And Lilah, I thought you might be happy at what it is… IT'S CANADA DAY!"

Lilah gasped. "Oh my gosh, it IS? Happy birthday, Canada!"

"And guess what I sto-I mean, borrowed from the supply closet?" Julienne asked, grinning. She held up a red Sharpie in an arm with the Canadian flag already drawn on it. She held up a roll of duct tape in another. She nodded at a stick by her bed.

"What's the stick for?" Lilah asked. "Can we poke peoples' eyes out with it?"

"It already served its purpose, but if you want to, you may," Julienne said. "Oh, it will be a sight to see when you find out what I used it for. Heh…heh…heh…"

Sawyer saw no response was needed from him at the minute and fell back onto his pillow. He was asleep in a matter of minutes and started mumbling in another few. Julienne recognized it as German Sparkle Party.

"…I like Gehman spahkul pahty…" he mumbled, not pronouncing the 'r' sounds. Julienne giggled and initiated preparations with Lilah.

Julienne sat in class, the flag she'd placed at the end of her stylus fluttering with every small hand movement. It had been getting on most peoples' nerves until Colonel Helson finally gave in.

"Miss Paris, could you PLEASE put that flag away?" he asked. It sounded more like an order, but Julienne saw his phrasing as a choice.

"Nope," Julienne said simply.

"And why would that be?" asked Colonel Helson, getting irritated.

"It's Canada day," Julienne said. "I'm just showing my national pride."

"…Fine, if you must…" he said, annoyed. "But maybe you could move it around less?"

"Well, I guess I could, but then I'd have less notes, wouldn't I?" Julienne said. "I'm sorry, but I'd like to do well in school. I hope you believe the same."

Her teacher begrudgingly agreed. Julienne happily continued with her notes.

As Julienne exited her class, Lilah ran up to her, laughing.

"Julienne, that was AWESOME," Lilah said. Receiving a puzzled look from her friend, Lilah elaborated. "At the gym, Remy was struggling with the half-pound dumbbells and so he got up to go to the water fountain. Someone followed the instructions on his back… that were in your handwriting!"

Julienne recalled what she'd done the night before. She'd written on Remy's back: Kick me if you want to wish me a happy Canada Day!

She'd included a little flag at the bottom, too.

"Ha ha, thanks! I'm glad the teachers didn't notice my handiwork," Julienne said. Lilah's eyes widened and Julienne got confused again. Lilah wasn't looking at her, but now looking past her. Colonel Helson stood behind her.

"What handiwork didn't you want us to know about?" he asked suspiciously. "Could it have been, oh, the streamers? Or that injured kid from your cabin in the infirmary?"

Julienne quivered, scared. She hadn't meant to send Remy to the infirmary, but it was a pleasant surprise. Colonel Helson lowered his voice and said, "It's all right. You're off the hook for now- we could use a bit of cheery streamers and nobody likes that kid, anyways."

Julienne sighed. She was relieved- She hadn't considered getting in trouble. She thought if she did it anonymously, she could pull it off without resistance. But she'd been wrong- a feeling she didn't like. Nobody liked that feeling here. (Even if being wrong would be better for him/her)

Okay, not that great of an ending, and a short chapter, but at least it's DONE.