Important A/N

I know you all probably hate me because I haven't updated like I said I would. Well I've been dealing with some family troubles and deaths so I just couldn't bring myself to write a story; I had to work on my own issues with life and faith. But I appreciate the reviews I've gotten from you all about wanting me to continue – its really helped me through a few tough times. And to the person who sent me this:

u ruined the whole book

i hate this story!

no need to update

you lost a lot of your readers with that stupid author's note!


First this - You should be careful who you write notes like this too. I've been dealing with anxiety and depression (including thoughts of suicide). You could just push someone over the edge without even knowing it. Be careful what you say to people you know nothing about.

Second, that's the point of FanFiction IT HAS ALMOST NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOOKS! It only allows people to write about ideas they have when they read books or see movies. I wanted to write my ideas down and share them with people and that's not a crime. You don't have to read or like my stories but at least have the decency to just click the 'close' button and forget about it – don't tell that person to go to hell, you immature child. To of you who bash on people just because you are hidden behind a computer screen – please GROW UP! You need to realize that your words can have a negative impact on someone's life.

Third, I will be taking down my stories in January. I want to work on them and make them better than what they are now. If you'd like to continue reading them, please follow me as an author so you will get the notification when it goes up.

Fourth, to those families of the victims who were killed in the elementary school in Newtown, CT, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. No child should die like that. They had their whole lives ahead of them and they were ripped away with the pull of a trigger.