The grate maw of the stone demon Acathla was open. The swirling black and gold portal, screaming foretelling the torturous pain that any would suffer falling into it.

Xander watched the battle from a far with the injured Rupert Giles, he watched as Buffy and Angelus fought each other and he stood there impotent against there might. If not for the swords you could swear they were dancing as they cut, weaved, spun, turned, advanced, retreated and parried each other's moves.

During this deadly beautiful dance of hunter and pray they had moved away from the stone beast when they suddenly stopped fighting, Angelus began to glow for a second then it stopped. Xander knew what had happened Willow had finished the spell and Angle was back.

"Giles the portal is still open how do we close it," he shouted to the semi conscious Englishman as the screaming from the portal grew louder and louder.

"A sacrifice and blood Xander" he spat in pain

"How much blood and what sacrifice"

"The blood of the being that opened it, on the sword that sealed it and you need some one to jump through the portal then it will close"

Xander looked at the two reunited lovers

"Giles get the sword," he said as he approached the portal

"Xander what are you doing" shouted the Englishman

"You were always a father to me Giles and one day I hoped to be able to call you that, tell Willow I love her and tell Buffy and Angel they deserve each other" he said as he jumped through the spinning screaming portal.

The portal was hit by lightning before he jumped it fluctuated slightly then he was gone. Giles grabbed the sword from Buffy that was coated in Angel's blood and rammed it into the chest of the stone demon sealing the portal forever.

The Englishman looked at the reunited couple with disdain he had lost the closest thing to a son he ever had and the woman who he would have proudly called his wife. All because she couldn't kill the monster that had a nice face as he looked on at the couple leaving he couldn't help but pray that Xander would be safe but he knew it was wish full thinking he just jumped headlong into a gate way to hell.

Xander was falling, falling in darkness. There was nothing around him just black emptiness but something was pulling him down or up or somewhere.