Sasuke was around eight or nine, he was walking the path from his house to the markets, he suddenly heard a dark laugh, he didn't stop to think, just took off running on instinct. He heard the laugh seem to bounce all around him, almost frozen with fear he drew a kunai and turned to face his attacker, but the face he saw made him drop it.

It was Kakashi.

He was very obviously drunk, but Sasuke trusted him, he was his mentor, and had always cared for him. He was a village jounin! Kakashi's delirious smile worried him, Kakashi suddenly cracked Sasuke upside his head, knocking him unconscious. He woke up in a dark room, strapped to a bed it felt like, naked. He gasped, this wasn't the first time he'd been abused, but by his mentor? Someone he trusted? Why did everyone turn against him. He heard a snicker, and whipped his head around to see Kakashi standing over him, something in his hand, Sasuke couldn't make it out in the dark. He traced his hand over Sasuke's slightly muscled chest, smirking, saying if he didn't obey, he would pay the prices.

Sasuke could've died of pure fear right then, what did his sensei plan to do? Why did he plan to do it anyway? Sasuke had never done anything wrong. He crawled over, sticking his cock to Sasuke's mouth, forcing himself in by fiercely gripping Sasuke's cock, so that the child opened his mouth to yell. He forced the Uchiha to deep throat him, harshly violating his mouth.

He came in Sasuke's mouth, forcing Sasuke to swallow it all, but some leaked out, Sasuke thought it was absolutely vile. Kakashi was angered that Sasuke had let some leak out, and sharply twisted Sasuke's length, causing the boy to scream, he began to cry. He didn't want this to happen to him anymore! Kakashi slunk down the boy's body, teasing him with his tongue.

When he reached the boy's pleasure spot, Kakashi engulfed Sasuke, Sasuke cried out, as Kakashi licked him all over, he was enjoying it, and it disgusted him. He didn't understand how this man could give him this pleasure, when it was so wrong, so dirty. He suddenly arched up, cumming into the older man's mouth. As Kakashi swallowed it, he crawled back up to Sasuke and forced his tongue into Sasuke's mouth, the taste made Sasuke want to be sick and he bit down on the jounin's tongue. Kakashi made a deadly, low growl that caused Sasuke to freeze in terror. Kakashi laughed, and uncoiled whatever he had been holding earlier. He backed away from the bed, still laughing somewhat maniacally. With a flick of his wrist, Sasuke realized what it was, and how much trouble he was really in.

"No DON'T!" He screamed, as it cracked across his face, blood running over his cheek. He tasted the metallic liquid, and his only thought was how long it would be before he was drowning in it; he cried out as it cracked over his sensitive stomach. Kakashi repeatedly cracked the whip across the Uchiha's body, lighting fire over his stomach in its wake.

End Flashback

The scream of agony being ripped from his brother made Itachi jerk from the remembrance, still seeing Sasuke's face twisted in torture. He instantly threw his arms over Sasuke, and saw he was sobbing into him. "Ssh, I've got you now." He said, stroking Sasuke's hair.

"You're safe, and no one will ever touch you again. I love you." He began to stroke Sasuke's stomach, trying to comfort the younger Uchiha. Sasuke sniffed, then snuggled into him. "I love you too. Don't hurt me, please." He choked out. Itachi smiled,

"I won't. I promise." He whispered, inhaling in the scent of his brother, he traced his scar again, knowing it was more mental than physical. He could help with that. As Sasuke started to drift off, he knew that tonight he would sleep without nightmares, because his brother's arms was the safest place he could be.


Fucking fluffy as hell. Unrealistic as well. I don't care. I wrote this at least a year ago. It's cute.