Covenant in the Animus Rim. Having been tricked by infamous UNSC Admiral Preston .J. Cole, the Fleet of Particular Justice flees, accidentally falling into the interdimensional wormhole connecting galaxy-1 and galaxy-4. Now the TSAB has been put on the defensive, unable to fight against the Covenants brutal tactics. They requisition the help of the up and coming forces of the SMC to aid them in their fight.


Admiral Lindy had seen a great deal during her days with the TSAB. From the Jewel Seed incedent, to the Book of Darkness ordeal, to Jail Scaglietti's attempt at takeover, she had seen some of the worst that the universe could offer. Then the Covenant showed up.

At first, they hadn't even seemed to be remotely a threat. The Arc-en-ciel could eliminate their ships without trouble. It seemed like things were going to be pretty easy, despite the horrors the Covenant were known to have committed.

But like with Harvest, things got worse. The Covenant found a way to escape the magic weapons devastating power. By sending Seraphs and Corvettes through Slipspace, the Covenant got behind enemy ships, wiping them out before they could react.

Now, six planets burned under the Covenant's plasma beams, with another twelve falling. Worse, some of the best mages in the TSAB, two of the Three Aces, were on some of those falling planets. Their death would cause the already falling morale to plummet into the negatives.

So the TSAB did the only thing they could do, requested any and all assistance. That had now come in the form of the Space Marine Corps. While new to the Galactic stage, with only a few member planets, but a number of territories, they had been involved in a particularly bloody war against a great alien threat several months ago. The same threat the TSAB had chosen not to face, the Strogg.

Lindy had been chosen to work with the premiere special forces unit in order to extract the Three Aces from the surface of Raxdrin. Most of the Ranking members in the TSAB, including Lindy, were unsure of how the mission could possibly succeed. But that was why the squad that completed "impossible" missions was assigned to the task.

Said unit, the Rhino Squad, walked onto the Arthra's bridge.


Thel Vadamee was not in the best of moods. A few weeks prior, he had been leading a glorious attack on the heretics main naval base, and was close to victory. Then the "Republic" came.

In a bold attack, they decimated several of his cruisers, including an assault carrier, using only their fighters. Worse, their bombers had descended to the Planets surface and managed to destroy all of his cruisers assigned to glass the planet's capital city.

He had chosen to break off the attack, so that he may analyze this new enemy and find out how they were able to inflict such damage upon him. He discovered hat in addition to the Republic forces being led by a man famous for his flying skills, they also exploited a weakness in the CCS battlecruisers, firing at their energy projectors just prior to firing, causing a backlash of plasma into the ship, destroying it.

He then attacked again, only to be ambushed by none other that the humans cherished fleet admiral, the same one who achieved many victories against his forces, and that was believed dead after his final one. Even more ships fell, but he was able to destroy the admiral's escorts, and most of the fighters had already perished.

When he moved in for the kill, however, more ships arrived, bringing thousands of troops to the besieged planet. With the possibility of even more on the way, the Supreme Commander choose to break off and report this engagement to the high council, as this could potentially change the whole war to the humans favor.

Somehow, instead of ending up where they were supposed to go, the Fleet had ended up here, in a space unknown to the Covenant. There were also more humans, but they were different. They had powerful weapons that could decimate entire planets if used, showing their lack of honor, event the Covenant had the decency to engage the heretic filth on the ground before destroying them from space.

These new humans had a weakness, though. Since they were so specialized in heavy attacks, they lacked major small scale weapons, allowing their cruisers to be easily crippled by fighters. They also lacked the intelligence to delete their Nav data, so there entire existence was known to Thel.

Rtas Vadumee, Thel's trusted friend and Special Operations Commander, walked on to the bridge.

"Commander" Thel asked "What is the status of our forces?"

"We have burned another seven planets" he replied "But there are five still that resist our forces."

"Have we been able to contact the Hierarchs?"

"No, but our technicians have confirmed that there is nothing wrong with our equipment and that nothing is blocking the signal."

That troubled Thel. How could they not be getting through.

"Do we have any clues as to why we are unable to contact the Prophets?" Thel inquired.

Rtas hesitated for a moment, but then replied "There is one theory."

"What would that be"

"One of our pilots was able to intercept a small number of transmissions from the enemy. The made mention of "Wormholes" and "Other Galaxies". It is possible that we have somehow transversed such a rift and are in another space, apart from our own."

That was an interesting theory.

"When were these transmissions intercepted?" Thel asked.

"During the attack on the Humans naval world" Rtas responded.

Weeks ago. They had known this weeks ago. Even though it seemed impossible, this information should have been reported immediately. The proper punishment for holding back such evidence was death, but Thel knew that such things could happen, and they could still make use of it.

"Tell the pilot that he has my thanks for this, but never to withhold such information again. I cannot guarantee him further amnesty.

Rtas nodded and walked of the bridge.


Nanoha Takamachi looked over the edge of the trench line, seeing the waves of Covenant infantry and vehicles standing by, ready to attack at any time. Normally, she and Riot Force Six would have no trouble eliminating the various tanks and Repulsorcraft before her. Unfortunately, times were anything but normal.

As with everywhere else, the Covenant forces on this planet were quickly defeated, leaving small pockets of resistance behind. The commanders all thought it was going to be easy from there. They were wrong.

Attempts to catch the remaining force proved futile, as they tended to operate in locations that forced Mages to use limited power, or else cause massive damage. Things got worse when a Skirmisher patrol ambushed Fate, hitting her with several needle shots that put her in critical condition. Nanoha herself now sported a large plasma burn on her right cheek, made when a Zealot detonated a grenade in close proximity to her, preferring to die than be captured by its enemy. The single minded religious devotion these creatures showed was horrifying.

Then, before Fate could be shipped out for medical care, the Covenant struck back. Using a Corvette to slip in behind the TSAB ships and wipe them out, since they had no countermeasures against a ship at that range.

While they had fought for weeks on end, the Covenant was still there, and everyone was wounded and exhausted. The only ones left standing were Nanoha herself, and Teana. It was kind of ironic that Teana, who had considered herself worse off than the others at first, now was one of the most effective troops in the battle, using Cross Mirage's Blazer Mode to act as a counter sniper against the Covenant's Jackals.

But even Teana had not come away unscathed, the burn on her arm from a Focus rifle blast was a testament to that. The only reason that they were still fighting even in the bleakest hour was the civilians. Many of the planets inhabitants were dead. The few remaining survivors were behind the makeshift trench line that Riot Force Six had set up.

Nanoha and the others were the only thing in the way of the Covenant, as their ability to destroy cruisers, as well as the Covenant's wish to "Smite the Demons" with their blades, meant that the covenant were using only ground forces against them.

Nanoha prayed that some miracle would happen. That somehow the Covenant would be defeated by anyone!

Little did she know that her wish was about to come true.


Well that took awhile, a combination of Midterms and videogames prevented me from getting work done. Thankfully I used the time to brush up on my Canon for both Quake and Nanoha.

Unfortunately, I realized I had to pulverize Riot Force Six in order for the Covenant to be a threat to them, so I apologize to Riot Force Six for the abuse they've suffered.

Now the stage is set for the SMC\TSAB joint attack, which will be awesome, but first I want to play Quake some more so I am sure I am writing in character for the Rhino members.

Also, I fell I should address the fact that the Anthra was supposed to be decommissioned around the time of Strikers. Even though in cannon it probably did end up scrap afterwards, I decided to pull a "Battlestar Galactica" here and say they brought it back to the frontline because they needed ships fast. Also I should make it clear that Riot Force Six destroyed nine Covenant ships prior to this chapter, so the TSAB isn't a force to laugh at, it's just the Covenant are exploiting weaknesses in their tech (IE no point defense weapons on cruisers).

On a not story note, I just purchased Medal of Honor: Airborne, and it was a fun romp, short but sweet, with a lot of replay value. I also wish to mark an achievement, I finally beat the original Half Life without cheating, and I can tell you that Nihilanth is a SoB. Even with full health and armor he kills you with a couple of hits ON EASY and has this annoying second attack that teleports you to a random location and forces you to find a portal back.

But I have triumphed and will now be finishing up another run through Opposing Force. Sorry if this puts updates to the side, but nostalgia is quite powerful.

Anyway, read and review. Hope everyone can find this, seeing as it will be a Quake/Nanoha crossover and the first episode was a CloneWars/Halo.