Chapter 1

It's been two months since I found out that I was pregnant. Sesshoumaru and I were both so thrilled to be having a pup, but it's still too early to find out whether it's human, half demon or full demon. As long as the pup is healthy and that's what all that matter.

Naraku hadn't made any appearance at all ever since the battle, which in one way was concerning us because he might plan to attack any time.

I looked out into the gardens as Rin, Shippo and Kohaku ran around, and a smile rose up onto my face seeing how happy they were. It made me thought of our pup doing the same with its siblings someday.

I turned away from the gardens and walked off the balcony and back into our room; I walked over to our bed and sat down. Sesshoumaru was constantly nagging at me to rest all the time, but I listened to him most of the time since I would get tired a lot more easily than I usually do.

I lied down across our bed and look up at the ceiling, imagining what our pup was going to look like as usual. I hoped that it has Sesshoumaru's long silver hair and my brown eyes. There was a knock on the door but I couldn't be bothered to open it, since I knew that it was only my husband, judging by the aura coming from him. The bed sank as the figure outside came in and sat beside me. I turned my head to face Sesshoumaru, who had a slight smile on his face.

"Did something good happen today?" I asked him in a cheery voice.

"Would I be allowed to smile only when something good happens?" He raised one of his eyebrows.

"Not really, but admit it Sesshoumaru, you don't go around smiling all the time. Show this and Jaken will faint." I chuckled.


He leaned down and captured my lips in a soft kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my hands up into his silver locks. He put his hands on my waist, lifted me up and set me onto his lap. My fingers slid down from his beautiful silver hair and onto his chest. I still couldn't believe after all this time how much we love each other, but I guess I'd better start believing because we will be together for life.

We pulled apart a few seconds later when my lungs started to call out for air. I looked up at Sesshoumaru in the eyes that I fell in love with as I pant, trying to regain my breath. I absolutely loved the way his kisses leave me breathless.

"I love you Sesshoumaru, more than anything in the world."

"I love you as well, my beautiful Kagome." He then captured my lips in another soft kiss. I returned the kiss back. After a little while, we pulled apart. We then lied down with Sesshoumaru's arms around my waist and me cuddling against him. A small smile rose across my lips as I feel myself starting to nod off. I heard Sesshoumaru's heart beat even out, telling me that he was asleep. I closed my eyes and will myself to rest as images of our pup slid across my mind. I smiled to myself and let myself be enveloped by the darkness and fall into a peaceful slumber.

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