Chapter 67

Goodbye, Emily

This is it…

The Whale is ready to leave the dock and the only passengers left are me and my sister and my little brother.

I stared up across the gangplank at the cart that was strapped to the blue whale. This was my ticket home, to where I truly belonged…

But I then turned around and took a look at what was behind me… my friends.

Angie, Oscar, Lenny, Mr Sykes, Lino, Luca, and even some of the mob had come to wish me farewell.

I didn't want to leave, I knew I had to but I didn't want to. I loved this world and everyone in it and I knew that the moment that whale-cart left this reef with me on it… I might never see my friends again.

At that moment I could no longer look without weeping.

Angie noticed my sorrow and swam out from the crowd. She smiled tenderly at me as she gently placed her fin under my chin and lifted my head up.

I tried my best so smile back. "I don't care how much my world has changed, nothing back home could ever compare to this." I sniffled. "I'll miss you, Angie. I'll miss you all."

"We'll miss you too." Angie threw her fins around me and I did likewise.

I bared some more tears as I hugged hold of Angie who'd been like a mother to me the whole time I'd been here.

And in the middle of my embrace, someone else came out from the crowd.

"E-J!" Oscar swam up to me and Angie.

I let go and he got our attention.

Oscar sighed at me with a smile. "Thanks for stoppin' by." He held out his fin to shake fins with me, but I hugged him instead.

A little awkward at first, but he quickly held me back and added: "Don't stay away to long, alright?"

And just then, our hug got bigger when Angie joined in. And then it got even bigger when someone several times our size picked us all up together.

Lenny was the one of picked up the three of us, and just like I used to do, we cuddled the end of his nose (since he was too be and strong to hug us properly).

"Oh, I'm gonna miss you so much." Lenny said sweetly and a little immaturely. He then gently let the three of us go. "Promise you'll come visit soon, alright."

I nodded with a content smile.

"Yo, Em." Mr Sykes was next to get my attention and say his goodbyes. I turned round to him and as I carried on smiling that big smile on my face as bright as day.

"I know you've just promised you'll come back soon, but can you make another promise and promise me that you're gonna go back to school when you reach home?"

"Certainly! That's a promise!" I actually missed school, (and it wasn't my decision to leave it in the first place).

"And don't forget what I've taught you either. It's no good starting school at thirteen and you can't read or write." Sykes added.

"And you'd better not forget what I've taught you either." Growled a low tone voice.

I turned to my left and stared up at the Don who taught me my sense of authority, (eventually). Lino smirked as I glanced at him and his menacing grin wiped the smile off my face, (I was still a little scared of him).

"How could I ever forget, Don Lino." I replied strongly and respectfully.

But that's when another voice came in. "You forgot quite a lota times, actually." Luca the octopus interrupted.

"Look." I said. "Forgetting everything that happened in the past three months is something I certainly won't be doing anytime soon."

"Yeah, well do us a favour and don't forget about us."

"That." I said confidently. "Is something else I can promise you all."

I took a brief moment as I gazed out at all my friends. Friends? I never knew what it was like to have a friend until I came here. Everyone had been so nice to me and I don't know how I'll ever repay their kindness and generosity.

I felt my eyes filling with tears. I didn't want to leave this place. It had been my home for what seemed like forever. It was the first place were I felt like I belonged. But that was just a feeling; it wasn't real.

I had always stood out from the crowd in this reef and I never seemed to be able to blend in and…now I know why. I belong somewhere else.

After gazing contently at what I had to leave behind, I forced myself to turn round and proceed to swim up the gangplank and towards the whale-cart.

I looked up and saw my sisters and my little brother. They'd been waiting for me to say my goodbyes and now the time had come for me to finally leave.

I swam to Louise and took hold of her fin as a sign that I was read to go.

I was led inside, but I took once last glance over my shoulder at the sight of the world I'd grown to adore and the friends I'd grown to love and for the first time in my life… someone loved me in return.

I was then force to proceed inside as the door to the cart was closed and sealed shut behind me.

Louise escorted me to my seat as Alice strapped Tyler into his baby-seat. I quickly crawled along the seats and hurried to the window and looked out at the sight.

I waved and bumped on the window to try to get the attention of my friends. I managed to get their attention alright, and just in time too as I felt the cart shudder as the whale started to pull away from the docking platform.

Yet again I just couldn't suppress my tears I waved good-bye to them all…




Mr Sykes,

Don Lino,


And everyone else I had befriended…

And soon enough, my window view of this magnificent world started to shrink as our distance grew and we drifted away in to the blue…

Our next stop was London Reef, English Channel… but that wasn't going to be the end of my seven day, trans-Atlantic journey.

As Reef City started to disappear into the aqua mist of the ocean, I was heading for a place where deep down in my heart I knew a belonged…

My home… The Twilight Zone…

{One more chapter to come; as well an "extras" chapter}