Even as a charming, always single (if you exclude one night stands), yet ruthless theif, Eugene Fitzherbert always had a soft spot for weddings. He never let anyone know, of course (his reputation at stake), but even he would stay up late under his blanket; squinting his eyes to read about the imfamous Flynn Rider and the weddings he had, visited, and crashed along his journey across the land. He had always skipped those parts while reading to the children: making a lie about a battle of sorts. He found it as something more private to himself, so only he knew of Flynn's real experience. Yes, he found weddings exciting. The festivities, the food, and the history behind the many customs. It was all rather fasinating to him. IT was the second biggest secret about him; behind his real name, of course.

So why was it he had a hard time telling Rapunzel?

He had told her his real name in the face of death. Even now, nearly a year away, he hadn't begun to regret it. The feeling of someone knowing the real him was foreign, yet comforting at the same time.

So, he told himself, whouldn't it feel even better? To let it all out?

He thought she'd be mad at him. Yes, silly, he knew. But she'd told him everything about her. Everything. (She didn't know the difference between public things and things she should keep to yourself..) And given herself to him in full. (Well...not exactly full. She was still foreign to the topic of 'full affection'.) Yet, he had kept things from her. He could make up some song and dance about 'trust issues', being a solo thief and all. (Although, he'd be the harder one to trust; a fact the Stabbington brothers would stand behind.) But in all seriousness, he was scared. And that was downright silly because Flynn Rider was never scared.

So now, here he was, a mere month away from his own wedding. Something he had dreamed of as a child. In fact, Eugene hadn't nearly been as focused throughout his life on who he'd be marrying. Flynn Rider didn't fall in love; the topic making him gag and saw 'ew' along with the children. He had been more focused on himself.

Now, as he chuckles to himself, he scoffs off the immatureness of his own younger self as he squeezes the hand of the woman he loves.

No, Flynn Rider never fell in love. But Eugene Fitzherbert did.

The whole topic of marriage was scary to him. He dodged it as much as possible. He wasn't going to lie and say he wasn't afraid of committment, because he is. Or was. He still wasn't entirely sure.

"What about blue?" she pulled him from his thoughts, holding flowers to his face. Normally, we'd have people planning this wedding for us. All we had to do was show up and kiss. But she was dead set on planning her own wedding.

You only get married once, Eugene, she had said to him, smiling.

"I like blue," he said simply. She sighed, her chest protruding out.

"Eugene, it's our wedding! You are supposed to help me pick things out." She was quite cute when she was angry or frustrated with him, he thought carelessly to himself.

Even in his dreams, Eugene didn't picture himself marrying. Especially the Princess of Corona (recently princess, he added at that.). But he wasn't complaining, oh, no. Not at all.

In his opinion, Eugene couldnt've found a better person to marry.

She was all he never knew he needed. She helped him turn his life around for good. She found Eugene again. And, though Flynn didn't admit it to her, he kind of missed Eugene.

On that note, Flynn Rider wasn't sappy and romantic. (Well, for some reasons, it was needed to get what he wanted.) So he thought Rapunzel was pretty cool.

"Isn't it every girl's dream to decorate their own wedding? And ignore any suggestions the husband has?"

She tilted her head to the side. "I dunno. I only now found out about marriage. In a tower for eighteen years, Eugene."

"Oh, yeah," he ran a hand through his hair, something his manners teacher would've smacked him for. "Sorry."

"And besides," she put her hand on his cheek. "We're differen't."

He cocked his brow. "Different?"

She sighed, turning back to the table filled with tons of flowers. "Yeah. Different."

"How so?" he was genuinely curious now.

"I don't know, really," she sounded deep in thought; like she wasn't exactly a hundred percent there. "I look at my parents, and I don't see us. I look at the other neighboring princesses and princes, and I don't see us."

She turned to him, her emerald eyes wide with worry. "Is that bad?"

He wrapped his arms securely around her waist, pulling her close. "No, no. Of course not. I see it, too."

She looked up at him, relief apparent on her face. "You do?"

"Yeah, now that you mention it," he stated, putting his fingers on her cheek. "But I don't exactly know why."

"Neither do I," she trailed off, lost in thought again. Eugene didn't like when she went into deep thought. He knew, when he saw that eyebrow down, her face scrunched up, that she'd ask questions that he might not be able to answer. Or, he'd answer wrong, and she'd be even more confused.

"Hey, Blondie," he got back her attention. "just ignore it, okay? It's okay. We can be different. It's okay to be different."

"You sure?" she didn't look as if she believed him. He laughed.

"Yeah. Look at us? You're different from most princess, but you are okay. And I'm not exactly prince material."

"Prince-to-be," she corrected him. He shook his head at her.

"Prince-to-be," he pressed his lips to hers.