TITLE: Pipe Dreams Revisited.

AUTHOR: parisindy

RATING: don't know yet…

DISCLAIMER: No money was received or exchanged. I do not own Andromeda or any of its Characters. This is purely for fun.

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SUMMARY: Harper has a bag of money that's some how related to his past (in response to zion's starfish's challenge… check out her site it's great!)

Pipe Dreams Revisited.

Harper peered around the corner, looking both ways before entering the hallway. No one was coming. Keeping his body close to the bulkhead he quietly made his way down the corridor. It was the wee hours of the morning and everyone should be asleep but he wasn't taking any chances.

He reached a vent half way down the hall and once again looked both ways before he pulled out a screwdriver, He inserted it in to the small metal top and began to twist.

"Harper what are you doing?"

He jumped dropping the screwdriver and yelped in surprise. He took a deep calming breath before he answered.

"Hey Rom Doll what are you doing up?"

"I was about to ask you that."

"I heard a rattling noise it was keeping me up."

"Harper your quarters is two levels down how could you here anything?"

"I heard it earlier and I couldn't get it out of my head ok?" he yawned exaggeratedly "look I want to fix it and get back to bed OK …so I can I have moment here?"

The hologrammed Rommie looked at him for a second. "Hmmmm."

"Don't look so suspicious sheesh!" He opened the vent and pulled out some wiring then looked up at her expectantly. "You know Rommie you're getting almost as paranoid as me."

With that she made a face at him and disappeared.

"Finally." He whispered and laid his tools on the ground. He once again looked up and down the hall. No one was there. He leaned forward and reached up inside the vent as far as he could. His fingers snagged a piece of cloth and pulled. Slowly and as quietly as possible he pulled out a musty green bag.

He looked in and sighed with relief. They were still there and man were they beautiful! He gazed down into the colourless bag that was filled with thousands of brightly colour credit chips. Millions in Vendran currency and no one could ever know.


TBC soon!

Sorry it's short but it's quarter to 3 in the morning…. I think it will be a long one so consider your self warned more ASAP (