Chapter One: Not In Supernatural Anymore
By: Dean's Sassy Seductress & Dean's Little Temptation
Authors Note:
Here is the long awaited sequel to Wonderland. Hope you all enjoy the first chapter. Please review!

Dean pulled on his jeans and ran a towel through his short spiked hair and threw it onto the bed. He looked at the bathroom door to see the door was closed and Sam was still in there. He grabbed his bag and opened it up. He searched throughout his clothes till he felt it touch his hand. He pushed his bag to the side and sat down on the bed staring at the picture in his hand. He traced her face with his thumb and felt his chest clench just like every time he looked at the picture of him and London at Sam and Sydney's wedding. Though he looked like an idiot in his suit and tie, she was the beautiful one in her satin blue dress, her hair in loose curls…that was the day that everything seemed normal but the next was a different story.

Dean didn't hear the bathroom door open and Sam looked over Dean's shoulder to see the picture and knew, though Dean wouldn't admit it, he missed London as much Sam missed Sydney.

Sam looked down at his wedding ring and twisted it with his other fingers. He never took it off. It symbolized his love for Syd. God did he miss her, he wondered each day if him and Dean made the right decision on sending them back.

Sam decided to make a noise to let Dean know he was in the room so he could hide the picture and not let him know he was caught in a moment of weakness.

Dean cleared his throat as he shoved the picture in his back pocket and turned to Sam. "Hey."

Sam nodded towards him, "Find a new hunt?"

Dean shook his head. "No, I was uh, checking my voicemail," he said shaking his cell in his hand, "to see if anyone called for us to check on something."

Sam nodded and grabbed his t-shirt and the brothers finished getting dressed in silence. Since the girls left, the guys haven't been the same. They still joked and everything but the girls seemed to take their spirit and soul with them when they left.

"Sam. Dean," said a voice behind them and they turned to see Castiel.

"Wow, Cas…long time no see," said Dean.

"I'm guessing this isn't a social call," said Sam.

"No, I apologize for this intrusion but this is important. The girls, they're in trouble."

Dean and Sam quickly looked at each other than back at Castiel. "What do you mean?" asked Dean fear and anger were settling in him, "You said they would be safe where they came from!"

"That's the problem Dean. They first came from this world. Their past, their ancestors, everything of their family is here not in the world they grew up in. The girls are safe but it's their family, they are in trouble."

"What's going on?" asked Sam.

"There is a demon out to kill their great great grandfather and mother. He had created a worm hole and was able to send himself back in time to find them and to kill them. Which means…"

"No Sydney and London," said Dean and Castiel nodded.

"And no future Winchesters."

Dean and Sam looked at Castiel confused, "What do you mean?"

Castiel went to speak but knew he said too much already, "You need to get the girls and bring them back here."

"How exactly are we going to go into their world?" asked Dean.

"I'll send you there but you only have 48 hours to get them and bring them back. I have to warn you though, where they come from everything is different. This is a fictional world and the girls don't have one memory of you two. Good luck." He touched the brothers foreheads and zapped them through to London and Sydney's world.

It was half passed eight when London walked into her apartment holding a large pizza, "Syd, I'm home." She called out and slipped her shoes off next to the door.

Sydney smiled as she walked out of the kitchen and over to her sister, "Well it's about time. Supernatural starts in thirty minutes. Where have you been?"

"We had some last minute patients to see and I had to stop by and pay the rent and I think everyone in the city wanted pizza tonight." London said.

Sydney walked closer to her sister and put her hands on London small growing belly, "How is my niece doing in there?"

"Busy." London laughed, "She wanted pizza."

"Looks like she is going to take after me." Sydney said. She looked back up at London who now had tears in her eyes, "What's wrong?"

"It just that….I am so glad you found me. I always wanted a sister and when you showed up at my door five mouth ago I was just so happy."

Sydney rolled her eyes and put her arms around her sister, "Oh lord not again. Come on and sit down on the couch before you make the carpet all soggy. I will go grab some plates." Sydney said.

London took a seat and placed the pizza on the coffee table. She leaned back and took a deep breath as she rubbed over her belly. "You are a very active little girl." She said as the baby kicked away. "I think you know I got you pizza." London smiled. "Maybe you get your eating habits from your daddy. I only wish I knew who he was."

"Her daddy is a scum bag who took advantage of you when you were drunk and decided to ride bare back and knock you up."

"Do you have to say it so…."

"Honestly?" Sydney asked and sat next to London.

"I was going to say dirty."

"Either way it's the truth. The guy must have been a loser."

"I just wish I could remember something about that night. I don't even remember going to the bar.

"Too bad it didn't happen like in our dream right. Then Dean Winchester would be your baby daddy." Sydney said.

London laughed and looked at the TV just as the show began, "How crazy would that be? I mean me and Dean? Yeah right. I am not into the bad boy thing."

"Tell me about it. I was married to Sam of all people. Not that I wouldn't love to give him the full on cowgirl but I would take Dean any day." She winked at London.

"Jeez Syd. You are like the female version of Dean. No wonder you like him so much."

Sydney just bit her lip and look at both men on the TV, "What I wouldn't give to have them both in a room a lone for a few hours. They could do whatever they wanted."

"Ok Ok TMI Syd and on that note how about we watch the show before I have to leave the room due to you going at it with the TV." London laughed and turned up the volume.


Dean and Sam stood in the middle of Golden Gate Park and looked around, "Well Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore." Dean said as he watched all the people walking around. Several of them had camera and seemed to be snapping picture of them. "These people are freaky, dude. Why are they looking at us?"

"I don't know…..maybe because we just appeared out of thin air." Sam said sarcastically.

"No one saw us. Cas made sure of that." Dean said as the two started walking. "We should have taken the car."

"As much as you think it is…the impala is not a delorean, Dean.

"That would be badass wouldn't it?" Dean smirked and Sam frowned. "Ok so where do we start?"

"I have no idea. Where did London say she worked?"

Dean just shrugged, "she was a nurse."


"And that's about all I know. I was just excited I was dating a nurse." Dean said and Sam rolled his eyes. "What about you Mr. Prefect husband of the year. Where does Syd work?"

"She worked at a record store and that doesn't matter because she was from New York. I'm guessing she moved here to be with London."

"So we got jack? This is….this is just fan freakin tastic!" Dean said just as a lady took a picture of him. "Can I help you?" he asked in an irritated tone.

Sam smiled at her and pulled Dean away, "You need to relax a little. People are starting to look."

"Ok so what do you do Mr. know it all?"

"First, stop adding Mr. in front of everything and I think we should look in the phone book. Maybe we can find them."

"Sounds good. Hey do you think we will have time to get a shirt?" Dean asked as the two walked out of the park.

"When we find the girls you can do whatever you want." Sam said.

"All I want to do is to take London in my arms and…"

"Whoa!" Sam said. "TMI."

"I was going to say hug her." Dean said, "You are such a perv." He smirked and the two went on the search for London and Sydney and hoped that they found them before someone else did.

It was almost noon and as usual Sydney was leaned over the counter watching the clock and waiting for her lunch break. The day was going by slower than usual and she was just ready to get away DVD store. "Hey Syd." He boss Mickey called out as he walked in holding a large box. "I need you to put these on the shelves before your break."

"Oh great. Please tell me it not more copies of 90210. I swear they took a great show and ruined it." She rolled her eyes.

"Actually I think you are going to like this. Its more copies of season three of Supernatural." He smiled and Syd perked up. "I thought that would get your attention."

"Are you kidding? I have been waiting for these to get here. I get a discount right?" she winked.

Mickey just smiled, "Only because I like you. Now take your copy out and put the rest on the shelves."

"You got it." She said and took the large box from his hands.

Dean and Sam were walking down the streets and seemed to be getting looks from a lot of younger girls, "Do I have something on my face or something?" Sam asked.

"No. I think they are just looking at me because I am so damn hot." Dean smirked. "I think that's is what they are doing." He said and gave girl a wink. "How's it going?" he said to her and she let out a squeal. "Where were all these girls when we were younger?"

"Playing dress up, Dean. We need to find the girls."

"I know. Where should we start?" Dean asked and Sam stopped Dean in his tracks. "What the hell, dude."

"Oh no." Sam said.

"What's wrong now?"

Sam pointed to a large poster of them handing on the window of Mickey's discount DVD's, "That is what's wrong."

"Oh crap." Dean said, "I forgot about the whole fake TV show thing. No wonder everyone is looking at us."

Dean and Sam walked closer to the store and when they looked inside they saw Sydney placing DVD's on the shelves above her. "There she is." Sam said, "God she is beautiful."

"Ok Romeo are you just going to stand here gawking at your wife are you going to go in there and get her? We need to find London."

"Right." Sam said and turned to Dean, "How do I look?"

Dean rolled his eyes, "Like Sam no go in there. I'll wait out here." Dean said and looked around, "Oh hot dogs." He said and walked over to the small cart.

Sam fixed his jacket and slowly walked over to Syd, "Excuse me." He said and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Sorry buddy I am five minutes away from my break so if you need help I would go and ask the….." Syd started but as she turned around she looked up and saw Sam smiling at her, "the girl right in front of you. Holy shit your Jared Padalecki." She smiled.

"Who?" Sam asked. "It's me….Sam." he said.

"Oh I get it. You guys are in character." She winked and bit her lip as she looked him up and down. "You are so much taller in person."

"O..k. Listen Syd we need to talk."

"How do you know my name? Oh who the hell care. I am standing here with Jared…I mean Sam Winchester. Mickey I'm going on break now!" Syd called out and looked back at Sam, "Wait, if you're here then that mean that…" she started and looked to the door to see Dean waving at her with a large hot dog in his hands. "Oh….my…God!" she said and walked around Sam.

"Hey Syd." Dean said as she walked over to him, "You're…'re…J-J-Jensen Ackles or Dean Winchester."

"Well I don't know who Jensen is but if he looks like me them I would say he is one handsome devil."

Sydney just smiled at him. "God you are so much hotter in person."

"Uh…thanks. Listen, we need you to come with us."

"I will come wherever you want." She winked at him as she bit on her bottom lip.

Dean grinned nervously, "Oh wow. As great as that sounds I think talking will do just fine." He said and looked over at Sam how shrugged as Dean mouthed "What the hell?"

The more Sam watched Syd fall all over Dean the more he realized that they didn't remember anything. He had to think of a plan to get the girls together and with them. He walked up behind Syd and put his arm around her. "We have some great news."

"Oh really?" Syd said and looked up at him.

"Yeah. You and your sister have been chosen to spend the day with us."

"Shut the hell up! Are you kidding me?" she asked with a big smiled on her face.

"Oh yeah. You and your sister get to have Sam and Dean for a day." Dean said. "Where is she and I will run over and get her."

"Should Sam go?" Syd asked.

"Why would Sam go get her?" Dean asked.

"Uh because she is in love with him that's why." Syd said and Dean frowned at Sam.

"Sam isn't going anywhere near her." Dean said and Sam gave him a glare, "I mean Sam here drew your name out of a…a…box and I drew hers so I better be the one to go."

"Oh" Syd's face dropped a little, "Well that's ok. I am just excited to finally meet you both. London works at Dr. Peterman office down town. Suite 206."

"Thanks. Let me just talk to my uh…co-worker for a second." Dean winked at her and pulled Sam to the side. "Ok, get her to take you back to your place while I go and get London. We will meet you guys back there." Dean said.

"What should I do?" Sam asked.

"I don't know and I don't want to know. Just try and make her remember you so we can get the hell out of this freaky ass world. I swear if one more person grabs my ass I am gonna start swinging."

"Ok Rocky just calm down and go get London. We'll see you in an hour."

"Got it." Dean said and headed down the street.

Sam turned back to Syd and smiled at her, "So, what should we do while we wait."

"I don't know. I thought maybe you guys had something planned." Syd said.

"Nope. This day is all about you girl but you know what, I would love to see where you live. I don't see anything but hotel you know…being a big actor and all."

"Ok…well we can go there while we wait on Jensen/Dean to bring London back and we can go from there."

"Sounds like a plan to me." Sam said.

"Ok well let me just tell my boss I am leaving for the day and we can get going."

"I'll be here waiting." Sam smiled at her and watched her walked over to the desk. God she was just as beautiful as the last time he saw her. She had to remember him. He had to have his wife back in his arms again.