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After getting Alyssa back to sleep, London walked back into the bedroom and got into bed. She rolled over and had her back to Dean. He knew that when she did that he was in trouble. "You aren't even going to talk?" He asked her.

"Nothing to talk about and I am exhausted. Goodnight Dean." She said and closed her eyes. Dean lay there looking up at the ceiling and sighed. It's true what they say….a baby really does change everything.

The next morning when Alyssa woke, Dean got up with her and took her downstairs and gives her a bottle. He was still getting use to this whole father thing. He didn't know that much about kids and one of his worst fears was that he was going to screw up. He smiles as he held Alyssa in his arms, "I think you mommy needed the extra sleep before she kills daddy."

Sydney came down the stairs and walked into the den where Dean was with Alyssa, "Are you in a better mood or are you still pissed that I got laid and you didn't?" She grinned.

Dean rolled his eyes, "That's wrong in more ways than one and I was never mad. You two need to learn that not everyone want to hear you guys. It's sick."

"Sick? Yep that's just you being jealous." She smiled and walked out of the room. "You know…maybe you do need to get laid. You would be in a better mood." She said and made a pot of coffee before walking back in, "And so would London. Tell you what. I am going to do you both a favor. I am going to watch the baby tonight while you take my sister out, spoil her ,and have some very much needed alone time. No arguing and you can thank me later."

Dean grinned, "I knew it."

"Knew what?" Syd asked.

"I'm growing on you."

"What? You are not. I am doing this for my sister and I am really tired of you acting like a baby. That's all." She said.

"Whatever you say." Dean smiles and got up with the baby, "You love me. Because I'm awesome."

"Keep telling yourself that." Sydney took Alyssa, "Just got get a shower so you don't look like such a hobo please." She said before walking out of the room.

Dean headed up the stairs and knocked on the bedroom door before walking in, "Londy? You up baby?"

London sat up in the bed and rubbed her eyes, "Is Alyssa up yet?" She let out a yawn.

"Yep and she is fed and with Sydney right now. You need to get up and pack a bad. You and I are going out tonight." Dean smiled, "So shake a leg woman."

"Dean, we can't go out. Who is going to watch the baby?" She got out of bed and put on her robe.

"You sister is going to watch her and before you make up an excuses she will be just fine. I am going to take a shower. Be ready to leave in about a half an hour." Dean said and walked out of the room.

London sighed and sat down on the bed. To be honest she was feeling a little nervous about being alone with Dean again. What if she wasn't what he expected? What if she wasn't good enough? All these thoughts and more where going through her head right now. She just wanted to be perfect for him. She took a breath before getting up from the bed and packing a few things. She was going to do her best to make this a night he would never forget.

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