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Noone's POV

She walked through the halls of the tower, running her light colored hand along the walls. The white fabric draped from her body in her favorite dress drug behind her in a train. Light blonde hair billowed softly upon her shoulders in waves. Her name was Lexi Volturi, the half vampire daughter of Caius. She loved the window that looked out over the countryside when the sun filtered through the glass. Her skin glittered as she stepped into the sunlight. The deep forest green of her eyes scanned the hall where she heard footsteps come up, Jane approached

"Your father wants you," she spoke and turned. Lexi sighed and followed her, listening to her lace-up shoes echo through the halls. Lexi never really went into the large throne room where housed the three leaders except for when one of them wanted her. Other than that, her step mother Athenadora would send her to the tower not to be seen or heard. Jane opened the door ahead of them and walked through the threshold. Lexi looked at the three leaders while standing in the middle of the large chamber-like room.

"Papa, you wished to see me?" she spoke, her voice was light and high pitched like a singing bird. As she looked around the room, she noticed Aro looking at her with an expression she couldn't pinpoint.

"I have, I'm going to Russia with a few of the guard to assess the werewolf population. I do not know how long I will be gone," he spoke. She watched him with her forest green hues

"Promise you will come back?" she said with a small hint of uncertainty. Aro rubbed his hands together and leaned forward crossing his legs together at the ankles,

"Lexi my dear, you know there is no guarantee of a safe return. All he can do is try," he told her in a usual cheerful manner. Lexi looked down at the silver marble flooring and nodded slowly biting her lower lip.

"Be safe papa," she whispered trying to wash away the uncertain feeling like something was going to happen while he was gone. She went back into the tower and watched out her favorite window. As it got dark, she seen Caius, Demetri, Felix and Jane leave the town and wished for a safe return.

Lexi's Point of View

I watched into the darkness as the familiar black cloaked figures disappeared before my very eyes. I prayed softly to myself for a safe return, not only to Caius but for the guard as well. My fingers twirled my soft blonde hair in circles as I was suddenly aware of my surroundings. A door closed off down into the hall, more than likely Marcus was turning in for the night. I understood why he was so withdrawn and wanted to be left alone but there was just something about him that sent my mind reeling to know him more. To have him love me and keep me from feeling alone and neglected. I heard footsteps, soft and slow, coming towards me from the hall behind me. I turned and seen familiar black hair before recognizing Aro coming in my midst.

I stood up and greeted him, "Master,". His hand lifted up to silence me

"No need for casualties my dear one." he brought out his hand for me to take, "How would you like to take a nice stroll with me?"

"Outside the tower?" I asked with uncertainty. A small nod moved his head as he kept his bleach white hand out in front of him. I bit my lip and took his hand. Renata was beside us in an instant, which in turn I felt a little relief to have her with but the relief turned into anxiousness when he turned her away,

"No need for your assistance today, we're just going to take a stroll in town." he told her making my heart race. Renata looked at me and seemed to sneer because I was taking him from her or something. I knew it had been a long time since Sulpicia was killed outside the small, inclusive town. I also knew Renata loved Aro with such a passion that she would do anything for him. She nodded once and left the tower to leave us be.

Our small stroll was in complete silence and I shivered from the chilly Italian night air. He took off his robe and draped it over my shoulders so I can keep warm as I hung onto his elbow. I seen him watching me, how I walked, moved and it made me feel a tad bit uncomfortable. He knew I was uncomfortable with my thoughts ringing loud in his mind but the fact of knowing didn't upset him in the least. I wasn't afraid of him in the least bit and he knew it as well.

We went back up to the tower and I felt a little confusion on what to do. I stood in the alleyway for a few seconds before heading up to my sanctuary that is my bedroom. I entered the room and looked around, the covers on my bed were slightly disheveled and looked like someone was in my room. I walked over and seen a single black rose laying across my pillow. My whole body froze as I thought Marcus was in here. A small blush was lifted onto my cream colored cheeks as I picked up the rose smelling it. I left the room and danced down the hall to Marcus's room and knocked on the door.

His large frame came to the door,

"What can I do for you Lexi?" he asked and seen the rose in my hand

"I wanted to say thank you," he looked at me with confusion

"Thank you for what child?" I looked down at the rose

"For... the flower?" I looked back at him and seen the oh so familiar haunt in his features

"I didn't give you the rose, you must be mistaken." he spoke and closed the door. I stood there staring at his door in wonderment. If he didn't put the rose in my room, then who did? I couldn't place such a kind act with anyone else. At least Marcus talked to me and didn't stare like normal. Just the thought sent butterflies in my stomach. I went back to my room and set the single rose on my dresser and began undressing into my night clothes.

Laying in my covers in the dark, I felt like I was being watched. Not just from the guard outside my door but from inside my room. It made me feel uneasy and paranoid. I got up and sauntered sleepily to the door and opened it. Santiago looked at me with his bright crimson eyes

"Is there something wrong?" he asked casually. I shook my head so he wouldn't worry

"No, I just..." I stammered lightly, "Did anyone come through here while you were standing there?" I watched his expressions and he shook his head

"No, all is dead in the tower. No vampire has stirred." he spoke and I went inside the room seeing a solid figure in the corner of my room closest to my bed. I flipped on the light and seen no one was there. I looked around and turned off the light again. Was my eyes playing tricks on me? maybe I was too tired and sleep deprived to even tell. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was sinking into the darkness of my dreams.

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