Chapter One

We all know the story of Robin Hood, but what you didn't know was my story. My name is Andria, but everyone calls me Andy. This is my story, the story of Robin Hoods little sister. The daughter of the women that replaced Robin mother, the mother of my other brother Will, but I was acknowledged.

It was true that Lord Locksley broke off his relationship with my mother when his nine year old son Robin found out, but that wasn't there last meeting. About seven years after the fact, my father meet my mother again and they shared one last night. It was later when riding around his lands did he find out my mother died and she had a daughter. He found me and took me to his home, to be raised as his own. No one ever told him about Will who was seven at the time. Robin was mad at his father for breaking his promise, but he forgave him in the end. I was only six at the time when Robin left for the Crusades. It broke my father heart over all the words that had been spoken in anger. I missed by brother, he was always kind to me, but I always knew I was a bastard child. But if someone dared say that in front of Robin he did what was natural to him and that was to fight for my honor. It was only three months after Robin left when we received word that he had been taken prisoner by the Muslim forces, but no one knew who held him or if he was still alive. This took everything from my father. He now spent hours by himself writing letters to knights asking for a little news. I kept to myself in those long first months. I practiced my archery and swordsman ship that Robin had taught me before he left, even though it wasn't considered proper for a woman to know these. In truth I spent all of my days outside doing what a boy would do which upset Duncan our family retainer. But what was he to do? Nothing, I can't say that those days were happy, but they were full of freedom. I explored my father's land and the outskirts of the Sherwood Forest, where I made many discoveries. No one knew it was me, for I wore the clothes of a boy.

Of course things didn't stay that way; forces of the Devil were appearing in our land. Upside down crosses with scarifies placed in front of them. My father went from his room to stop them, but I feared that England was going into darkness. My father was one of the few Lords that had stayed, over the years many had flocked to the banner of the crusades. But my father never gave up hope that his son would return to him or that King Richard would return. My father saw no point in the crusades; people went to the Holy Land to find riches, not to defend the Holy Places.

Six years had pasted I had just celebrated my 12th birthday; my father had tried to make it a special day. He bought me a fine yew bow, the ends tipped with the horn of the beasts from the south, ivory. Along with that a beautiful 4 year old filly, black as the night, with a star upon her forehead. I named her Rowan. But that night was the most terrible one of my life. My father was in his study, once again writing a letters for news of Robin. When Kenneth of Crowfall came bursting in saying that his son was killed and people with masks had taken his daughter. My father acted immediately by going out, I climbed the wall of the castle with my bow to watch him ride out as I always did. I saw my father walk into the trap that Kenneth had lead him into, I tried to help by shooting some of the men with my arrows, and I killed a few. I remember the last words I heard my father say was "God, and King Richard". Duncan dragged me off the wall from the sight, but not before I saw the leader of the group, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Duncan dragged me to the stables were he mounted me on Rowan, "You must go, before they come. Flee young master," said Duncan.

"But what about my father," I said. Duncan just looked at me and shook his head. "Please come with me, Duncan" again he just looked at me and said.

"I will keep them distracted long enough for you to get away, may god protect you"

With that I fled though a secret passage way to the outside gate. I cried as I rode, knowing that my father was dead, killed by the Sheriff. But where was I to go? I rode to one of my father's barns, I had clothes hidden there. I changed into them, and cut my hair to a boy's length. The Sheriff would be looking for a girl, but not a boy. Now the question remained, were to go to be safe. Then I remembered a place I had found in my wonderings a cottage at the end of the forest. I had never gone into the forest because it was said to be haunted. I went to the cottage and stayed there, not talking to anyone for weeks. I went a few times in to Nottingham for the news. But other than that I stayed in the cottage, killing deer for food and always keeping a lookout for the Sheriffs men.


I had made it back to England, after six years of being prisoner at Jerusalem, I was so impatient for the boat to land I jumped out and ran ashore. I kissed the ground thanking god that I was home. I wanted to see my father, to say I was sorry and my baby sister who was but a child when I left her. She must be a fine lady by know, no more of our archery matches or sword fights. My dark skin friend jumped from the boat, he had vowed to stay with me till he saved my life, like I saved him at Jerusalem. "You are strange Christian," said Azeem.

"Yes, but I am home," I replied, "please return with the boat, I release you of your vow"

"Only Allah could do that" said Azeem. I nodded to a sailor that would take him back, but Azeem defeated him quickly.

"No one controls my destiny, especially one that attacks upwind and stinks of garlic" said Azeem; I had to smile at that. Maybe it was good he was here, although there was little chance that he could repay me. I never planned to fight again.

"Come Azeem, we will be at my father's castle by dark, our fighting days are over"

We began to walk toward home, we said little to each other. I began to notice that Azeem only walked behind me, and it puzzled me. "Why do you walk behind me?"

"In your country, aren't I the infidel, it would be easier to appear as your slave rather than your equal" said Azeem. Which made since, it wasn't long before I discovered the real reason for him being in prison. He was thrown in prison over a woman he says that was worth dyeing over. I stood by while he did his evening prayer, when I was distracted by the baying of dogs. I say dogs in the distant chasing a boy. I couldn't believe it they were chasing him like he was a deer. The boy climbed a tree and I ran down, I heard the man in front say that the boy wasn't playing by the rules, deer don't climb trees, and the cut the tree down. I found a crossbow on one of their horses, and I stopped them. I killed all of them but the leader who was Sir Guy of Gisborne, the cousin to the Sheriff. I bade him a message of what happens to people who pick on small children. By this time Azeem had come down and I thought it was rich, he travels thousands of miles to save my life and he doesn't help in a fight. But he says he would choose the time he would repay his vow. The boy came down, and ran into the forest.

"Strange country, this England" said Azeem. I didn't reply and within the hour we were in sight of the castle. I was joyed by the sight of home, but it wasn't long before I realized something was wrong, and by the time I saw the burn marks I was running yelling "Father, Andy, Duncan" not in a million years did I think that home wouldn't be there when I came back. We ran through the blacken hall till we reached what was the courtyard. Then I saw my worst nightmare, my father was hanging upon the castle wall, dead, the medallion confirmed it. I hid my face, Azeem asked.

"Who is it?" said Azeem.

"It's my father" just then there was a rattling from one of the destroyed doorways. I drew my sword expecting anything, when Duncan voice reached me.

"Master Robin is that you?"

"Duncan my father, why didn't you cut him down?" as I reached him I shook him trying to understand why he didn't cut him down.

"I would have if I could have seen" I realized that Duncan had no eyes anymore.

"Duncan who did this?"

"Sir Guy of Gisborne with the Sheriff looking on"


"They say that the Sheriff caught your father worshipping the devil, and when I didn't believe them they took my eyes" said Duncan. Then I thought of Andy, what had befallen on my sister, did I lose her too?

"Where is my sister Duncan, where is Andy?" At this Duncan became quite, I thought of the worst, that she was dead, that I had lost all of my family.

"I don't know Master Robin; I made her leave the castle before the Sheriff demanded entrance. I have not heard a word from anyone what happened to her. But there is still a price on her hand so she must be alive."

"Why would there be a price on her head?" said I

"The Sheriff says that she worshipped the devil to and she must be put to death like her father," said Duncan. I let him rest as Azeem helped me cut my father down. I was ashamed; the last words we had spoken had been in anger. I stared at my father's grave after it was done, looking at my father's medallion. Then I cut my hand and swore an oath as my blood spilled on his grave.

"I swear on my own blood that my father will be avenged and I will find my sister."

Azeem looked at me, with something like respect. With that I lead the way away from the place where it was once home, and now nothing but ruins. I thought to myself, I will find my sister.

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