This story is dedicated to my loyal (and scary!) reader Chikanpo. This also marks my 30th story on Fanfiction and 4 years of belonging to the site. (That's a long time O.O) Also,this will be my first ever straight love scene story!

It is inspired mainly by two songs: Adolesence (of course) and the Kagamine version of Magnet (my fave song). Sorry it has taken so long, but I have been without internet for 3 weeks or so. Also, been very busy with work.

WARNING CONTAINS TWINCEST BETWEEN UNDERAGED TEENAGERS. I do not own Vocaloid, Len, Rin or any songs. All I have is my imagination, posters and voca-porn. So much voca-porn =/=;;

Moonless Night

The night was very dark, the moon only a silver line in the velvety deep blue sky. Try as hard as it could, it wasn't bright enough to provide light for the world below. The stars that danced beside it, hid behind clouds unable to face the shadowy night world. A lone dog howled, breaking the silence for a moment. The houses in the shadowy street were dark, no lights came on within. Only one small house at the end of the street had a light on in the top-most room.

Rin hugged herself and sighed. Glancing around her lit room, she mentally scolded herself. 'I'm far too old to be scared of the dark,' she thought with a frown. She inhaled deeply and flicked the light switch above her head off. She cuddled down into her blankets to wait for her eyes to adjust to the sudden surge of darkness. Once more she saw shapes sillohetted at the foot of her bed, forming figures she knew weren't there. She closed her eyes to stop being tricked into turning on her light. Her heart was racing and her breath quickened. She was furious at herself for being so frightened.

"There's nothing there," she whispered to herself, "Nothing but shadows and black." She gulped as she peeked under her eyelids to survey her room. She thought about how this only happened when she was alone. She was never afraid before her brother moved out. He had always slept in her bed next to her until last week. Ever since they had turned 13, they became more awkward around each other and he asked their parents for a room of his own. Rin didn't like what had happened at all. They had always been very close, but now they had drifted apart. Ever since the move, she had thought about sneaking into his room. Tonight was another time she seriously thought about doing so.

The door creaked open slowly, breaking her thoughts. A voice called her name softly through the darkness. Her eyes opened wider and she watched the door. Her brother stood in the doorway, peering into her room.

"Are you awake?" he asked, sneaking into the room and closing the door quietly behind him. She sat and nodded.

"Yeah... I can't sleep," she muttered, moving over so Len could sit next to her. He didn't sit, but stood beside her bed. He seemed to be deep in thought about something and she could sense his waryness. "Are you OK?" she questioned, reaching out to touch his shoulder.

"I... Can't sleep either," he replied. He sat heavily on the bed next to her, rubbing his eyes vigourously. She moved next to him, draping her arms over his shoulders. He leant his head on her and closed his eyes. She could feel the strange awkwardness blossom between them like a flower. She breathed in the smell of his hair and felt serene.

"Len..." she uttered his name, but she didn't know why. He glanced up at her, saying nothing. She blushed and looked away from the intensity of his gaze. Why was she getting so warm and embarrassed?

"I feel so weird, Rin. I just had this urge to be with you tonight," he tried to explain in something less than a whisper. He moved and she felt him lay down on her bed. "I want to hold you..." he voiced his feelings, sounding concerned. She understood at once. During the past few weeks, her longing to be with him became stronger and stronger. She hated sleeping in separate beds, and needed his comfort. She lay down next to him and he wrapped his arms around her body in a heartfelt hug.

They lay like that for ages, until Rin felt her eyes start to droop. She felt so safe and warm in Len's arms. She was oblivious to the awkward feeling that had woken in Len's chest. He knew what he was thinking was wrong - it was very wrong - but yet, he also knew it would feel so right. He kissed her softly on the forehead. Her eyes opened and they stared at each other.

The strange passion they were expericing made their bodies tingle as they lay next to each other. Len kissed his precious sister again, this time on the lips. He pressed hard against her fragile body, but stopped. He was afraid he'd hurt her and felt shamed by his body's reaction to this movement. She muttered his name and placed her hands around his head, encouraging him to continue to kiss her. He rolled lightly on top of her and licked her lips, then drew another long kiss from her. He ran one hand down her body and under her silken nightgown, but when he felt her smooth skin under his fingers he halted. He sat back and shook his head, sulking.

"What's wrong?" she asked him, wondering why he had stopped. She was enjoying the loving way he touched and kissed her. He glanced away.

"This is wrong. Us doing these things is very wrong," he told her, about to get off her. She clutched at his thighs, keeping him on. Reassuring him with a look, she followed his thighs up to his chest. He had always slept half-naked, even now. She liked how his body felt against her imploring fingertips. His body was lean; he was a skinny boy becoming a man, with the smallest hint of well-defined abdominal muscles. She giggled softly.

"All your working out is paying off," she said, rubbing his chest. He purred like a cat and closed his eyes. She rested her hands over his heart and he looked down at her. "Its slowing back down," she explained, making him calm. She waasn't sure where her calmness had come from, but she found she didn't feel scared at all. 'Because it's Len,' she realised.

He smiled slightly and continued to feel his way up her night dress. Guilt was sliding away to lust and passion, feelings Len had never felt before. He realised he was getting excited and blushed. He shifted himself, hoping Rin hadn't noticed. She peered downwards, frowning. He noticed this and blushed brighter. He thanked the night for being so dark, to hide his shame.

"What was that?" she asked him innocently. Len didn't want to answer, he was sure she would know. They had learnt about sex in science class, a subject Len found extremely embarrassing.

"You... Know..." he replied lamely, wanting to get off her again. The guilt and shame crushed him again. "I... Let's stop," he said. She shook her head.

"I like this."

She pulled his head softly closer, so she could kiss him again. As she distracted him with her lips, she ran her hand down his body to his hips and then moved them to the front of his body. She was curious to see what was happening to her brother down there. He pulled away suddenly and gasped sharply. He wanted to move away from her, but as her soft hands wrapped around his erection his whole body froze. Tiny waves of pleasure moved up his spine and he moaned lightly. Rin watched his reaction with surprise. So it felt good when she touched him there?

He flinched again as she gripped it harder. He opened his mouth to tell her to stop, but words escaped him. He reached down and removed her tiny hand. She looked at him in wonder, he shook his head slightly.

"No, please... We can't..." he begged softly, rolling off her and sitting. She watched him quietly and understood how he was feeling. She was ready for him, but didn't want to force him into anything. She reached out and clasped his hand in hers. He glanced over at her.

"Len. I'm ready for you, but I can wait until you're ready for me," she explained softly. He smiled weakly as he saw the detirmination in her eyes. He knew what she said was entirely true, and he squeezed her hand back. Laying back down beside her, he decided to spend the rest of the dark night in her bed.