OK, so because last chapter was so teasing and cock-tickling, I will be double-updating! "OMG," you say, "A double update?!" Yes, my dear readers. I love you all this much. Now, prepare to witness history as I write my first ever straight sex scene ever!

WARNING: This chapter contains pornographic material between two under aged teens, who also happen to be related. I do not encourage incest or paedophilia at all. But if you have read this far, you'd already know what it about to occur in this chapter anyway. IF YOU WERE PAYING ATTENTION, THAT IS.

Chapter Five

With a racing heart, Len put his slightly shaking hand back onto her thigh. He slid it up slowly and deliberately, watching her womanhood start to leak with natural lubricants. He reached the end of her hip and traced her bikini line, stopping just below her belly button. He stopped to gaze upon the beauty of her vagina, from the small amount of hair to the pink lips. He had seen a few before, but none as perfect as his sister's.

He heard her sigh and glanced up, making sure she was comfortable with him staring at her privates. She still had her eyes closed, her body shuddering from enjoyment. He noticed her rock hard nipples protruding from under her silken night dress and he longed to play with them. He forced himself to focus on the job at hand.

Leisurely, he progressed down from her navel to the slippery warmth of her slit. Hearing her gasp at the sudden contact with her most sensitive organ, he was reassured that she was comfortable with this. He slid his finger down, finding her clitoris easily. Letting his middle finger join the other, he rubbed it unhurriedly.

She moaned, her legs shaking now as she felt the pleasurable touch of her twin. She kept her eyes closed, letting her body take over for her. She had never felt such raw bliss before in her life, and she was happy Len was the one who was making her feel this way. A thought crossed her mind, as she lay there and felt him rubbing her sweet spot with increased vigour. She wondered if he had done this before.

Len stopped as suddenly as he had started, not wanting her to peak too early. He leaned down to peer at her dripping hole, his erection now at full mast. He longed to plunge it deep inside of her, to feel her around him, to hear her moan in delight. But he didn't want to be too rough with her. He had a theory this was her first time with a boy.

He slid his fingers down from her clit and fingered her hole, slowly inserting one finger. He felt the heat around it tighten as she gasped. She hadn't been expecting it, and he now wished he had warned her.

"I'm sorry," he muttered, removing the finger slowly. "I should have warned you."

"It... It's ok..." she replied in a shaking voice. She took a few deep breaths before telling him to continue. This time preparing herself for the penetration.

He placed the finger into her again, moving around the hole slowly. He kept doing this until most of the tension and resistance stopped before inserting the second finger. With his spare hand he massaged her clitoris, loving the way the hole pulsated around his fingers with every stroke.

Rin's body slowly became accustomed to the insertion, going from feeling uncomfortable to absolute gratification in only a short amount of time. Her breathing was rapid and hard to control, as was her racing heart. Her whole body tingled and she was sweating all over. She was amazed at how her body had quickly come undone with merely two fingers. She was a little afraid at what would happen when he used his penis in her.

Just as soon as she grew used to the movement inside of her, it stopped. The retraction felt almost as good as the insertion. She let out a little shaky sigh as she waited for Len's next move. She was not prepared for the sensation that assailed her womanhood next. She felt a slippery, powerful muscle slide its way from her hole up to her navel then down again. It lingered on her pleasure spot for a fraction of a second and then made its way back down to her hole. She inhaled sharply, sensing it enter her hole and move around. She opened her eyes and gawked down at Len, watching him lick her privates in morbid curiosity. How did a tongue feel so good?

Len sat back, again observing what his recent assault had done to her sensitive parts. With the sweet taste of Rin still on his tongue, he motioned for her to move up the bed so he could straddle her easily. She did as she was told, struggling to move her lower half. He waited until she was lying calmly on her back, and then straddled her, letting his bulge brush against her naked groin. With her watching with her amazingly blue eyes, he undid his pants, letting his erection free from its fabric prison.

She gaped at it, amazed at how big it had gotten. She realised how much bigger it was than his two fingers and cringed slightly, hoping it would hurt. Len didn't go in her yet, savouring the cool air that stroked his hardness. He bent over slightly and lifted up her nightdress, caressing the naked skin underneath. He made his way up to her small but supple breasts. With two fingers, he pinched the nipple lightly and rubbed them. Rin breathed sharply and wriggled slightly.

"Do you like it?" he asked her softly, leaning in to kiss her. Their lips met as she replied that she did.

"Have... Have you done this before?" Rin questioned, panting softly. She flushed, staring up at her brother and then down to his twitching penis. She noticed a small amount of transparent liquid leaking from the very tip of it.

"Once," he replied truthfully, remembering his first girlfriend. "But I like this better."

She grinned nervously. He had noticed her staring at his erection in fascination. He smiled back at her, nodding towards it.

"You can touch it if you want," he permitted, all his unease had disappeared. He held his breath as she reached towards it and tickled it. With a firmer grip, she held it in one hand and moved it up and down, making him moan a little. Encouraged by his positive response, she continued to pump it faster than before.

He whimpered for her to stop as he felt his climax nearing. She halted, wiping the pre-cum off with her finger and thumb and tasting it. It tasted slightly sweet, but very salty as well. She smiled at him as he watched her, realising they had both tasted each other's love juices now.

"I have to... go in you," Len told her, positioning himself better. He placed his head outside of her hole, feeling the warmth emanating from within it. He waited for her to ready herself before he entered, not wanting her to be unsure or forced into doing this.

"Will... Will it hurt?" she stammered, blushing very brightly. He shook his head, smiling at how attractive she had become. "Ok... Just... be careful..." She closed her eyes and waited for it to happen.

Len held his breath and slowly inserted his length into her. He exhaled sharply when he felt the suffocatingly tight hole wrap around him. He stopped halfway to make sure Rin wasn't in pain. She gave him her blessing to continue, which he did until he was all the way inside of her.

Collapsing on her, he felt the hole pulsating around him, massaging his erection. He glanced at her and saw that her mouth was slightly open, her eyes were still closed. He propped himself up on his arms, and leaned in to kiss her passionately. She moaned into his mouth as he slowly pulled out, only to slide back inside. They broke their kiss and panted heavily, as Len continued to move his hips. He made sure not to go too hard or fast for her, even though his whole body was screaming to do so.

Their breathing became much more heavy and their movements more quicker as they reached their peak. With one last thrust, Len fell over the edge, cumming deep inside of her. Rin felt the sudden hotness in her and moaned loudly, her muscles spasming. Len sighed heavily as his now spent penis slid out of her. He fell beside her, cuddling her tightly.

"That was..." he began, suddenly feeling lethargic. She turned around to face him, beaming weakly.

"Nice," she finished his sentence. They stared at each other and then giggled, hugging each other as they fell asleep next to each other. The storm was finally quietening, as if it didn't want to disturb the two lovers.

"Night, Len," Rin mumbled, falling asleep quickly. Len replied, stroking her hair. Guilt and worry crashed upon him suddenly. Not only had he deflowered his own sister, but he had forgotten all about protection.

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