Suspended in the Mists of Time by Emachinescat

A Great Tree of Avalon/Lost Years of Merlin Fan-Fiction

SUMMARY: A poem inspired by the mists of time in "The Mirror of Merlin" and by the Otherworld where the great stag spirit Dagda that helped Merlin become the great wizard he is dwells. A place suspended in time, composed of dreams and smoke.

A/N: This was a short poem I wrote for one of my classes that was inspired by the mists of time in "The Mirrors of Merlin" and also by the Otherworld where Dagda lives when Merlin went there in the first or second book (not sure which). Since the Lost Years of Merlin series and Great Tree of Avalon series are connected and there was no category for Lost Years I put it here. Please review! :)

Suspended in the Mists of Time

I am immersed in a place between Heaven and Earth
A vaporous landscape suspended in nothingness
Where life exists in only the simplest of forms
The world around me is ever-shifting
Swirling in mists that curl and twist
Molding themselves into my surroundings
There are no real colors here, only brief and fleeting glimpses
Mere impressions of what red, blue, and yellow might look like
I am neither alive nor dead, asleep nor awake
For I am in a place that balances on the thin line
Between reality and fantasy
The ground beneath my feet is solid
Yet made of fog, of smoke, of dreams, of shadows
It is a strange place to be, feeling so real and solid
Yet blowing away with each breath of the wind
In this world of dreams
In the place where past, present, and future dwell together

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~Emachinescat ^..^