I sat at home waiting on Edward to come pick me up after his hunting trip. He told me that he wouldn't be more then two hours, though it seemed lately his two hours always ran into four then six hours before he would even show up. He was being distant again. I was scared that he was planning to leave again like it didn't matter that I risked my life to safe his when he went to Italy. I don't think that I could go through it again the last time I was completely and totally broken with no will to live without him in my life. His beautiful golden eyes use to be so full of love and passion for her but since they returned there was nothing, sure he had asked for me to come back to him. Sure I had given in like a love sick puppy but I was in love with him so who could really blame me for it.

I look over my shoulder to notice that he was already two hours late. Getting rather annoyed, I rush down the stairs as quick as my natural unbalanced self could let me. Grabbing the keys to my truck on the way out the door, surprisingly without tripping over my own two feet. Being stuck in the house all day was starting to wear on me - thinking about how much I wasn't good enough for Edward. Sighing as I turned my old truck on the loud rumble making me smile - I was totally in love with my truck even if Edward did hate it. The drive to The Cullen's passed uneasily fast, the house was quiet so they all must still be out hunting. Surely they wouldn't mind me staying here until they returned. Turning the truck off, I climb out hesitantly swallowing the sudden lump in my throat. This made no sense at all, I was normally at peace when I came here something was no right.

Slowly I climb up onto the porch, the closer I got to the door the faster my heart started to beat. Pushing the door open, I heard them then the moaning and groaning from upstairs. My first thought went to Emmett and Rose were home early to have some time to their selves so I started towards the kitchen. I only made it a few steps before I heard my fiancés name in the throws of passion. I must have heard wrong because there was no way he would cheat on me. Tears were threatening to fall as I climbed the stairs until I was standing in front of his bedroom door - behind it I could hear more clearly the sounds they were making. My hand was trembling as I reached for the door knob and turning it. What I saw in that room shattered my heart and soul, seeing my supposed best friend sitting up on my fiancé riding him. Neither one of them even noticed that I was standing there to horrified to move.

"Oh god.." A broken sob escapes my lips as my hand shot up to cover my mouth. Both of their heads snapped in my direction at the same time that a furious growl sounded behind me. Edward and Alice were scrambling off the bed in a hurry trying to get their clothes on but it was too late - behind me stood the entire family. Jasper looks at that moment like a vampire, his black eyes were locked on his wife and brother and his breath was coming in pants with his anger. "Love.. It's not what you think." Edward came towards me with his hands up in a submissive position trying to beg me. I backed away from him, warm tears were rolling down my cheeks. "Don't fucking touch me!" A pair of cold arms embrace me and jerk me behind them to my surprise it was Rosalie glaring murderously at Edward and Alice.

"How fucking stupid can you be, Edward? Out of all the vampires in the world, you choose the Major's wife! You know his history better then anyone. You must really have a fucking death wish." She growls with such disgust that it even made me shiver. Jasper still hadn't moved but he was trembling and projecting his anger and betrayal. "How could you? I thought you love me!" One minute, Jasper was there and the next he had Edward pinned against the wall snarling in his face. I didn't know of Jasper's past but Edward looking truly horrified. Alice was pulling on Jasper's arm dry sobbing. "Stop! Jasper let him go! Put my mate down!" Every vampire stiffened up and turns their golden gaze on my ex pixie best friend. The next thing I knew, there were horrible sounds and screams but the motions were to fast for me to keep up with. I grab onto Emmett's arm as my knees start to shake - all the emotional stress was gaining on me.

"Don't kill them." I barely whispered but knew it was heard because the sounds stopped and stood in the middle of the room was a panting Jasper. Pieces of Alice and Edward were thrown around the room. It was the last thing I remembered before the darkness consumed me. I hadn't even realized that Emmett had caught me and carried me downstairs to lay on the couch away from the scene that had shattered my entire world. "Come back to us, Bellsy." Emmett's voice broke through my darkness and pulled me back. I slowly open my eyes to see him leaning over me with a worried expression that didn't look right on his face. My normally happy and smiling big brother was pissed and worried about her.

"Oh Emmett." I sighed brokenly moments before throwing myself into his arms, I felt his cold embrace just moments after he closed his arms around me. I cried against his shoulder only feeling him stand up and move to sit on the couch with me in his arms - he only whispered his love for me as a sister and that everything would be okay. Sometime later, Rosalie had joined us and was rubbing my back gently trying to get me to calm down. "Where's Jasper?" I sobered up a little knowing that I wasn't the only one that had been hurt during this, suddenly I was more worried about him then myself. "He had to go hunt and calm down. He done a number to Edward and Alice." Rosalie said their names with such venom in her tone that even I flinched. "Carlisle and Esme are putting them back together now." I stared blankly at Rosalie before I come to the decision that I need to speak to them.

Looking up at Emmett with a pleading look. "Please. I need to ask them why." Emmett said nothing but stood and ran at vampire speed up to Edward's room where the pieces of him and Alice were slowly healing. Edward's golden eyes snap towards me and there was emotions there that I didn't care to see anymore. Emmett sat me down but stayed right behind me with his hand on my back. Already I could feel tears threatening to fall - this was my first love and best friend they weren't suppose to hurt me like this but they did anyway. It wasn't just me that they had hurt either. It was Jasper as well - who was out there all alone right now heartbroken. I was trembling as I look over at Esme and Carlisle who smile sadly at me.