An Encounter with Vipertooth the Slayer



As I wondered through the woods of Mossflower,
I heard the Joseph Bell toll the twelfth hour;
The dark midnight sky was an ominous sight,
But it was the creature I saw that filled me with fright.

Who was this rat that stood before me?
Was this her horde that appeared around me?
As I looked at the vermin, an eerie silence did fall,
Oh, how I wished that I had never left Redwall.

It was then that I realized the terrible truth,
This rat was none other than the slayer, Vipertooth;
I could tell by her weapon; a large battle scythe,
A blade that brought her both blood and blithe.

For the longest time, she simply stared,
While her vermin horde had their weapons bared;
I stood frozen in horror as her eyes pierced my own,
It was as if she could sense that my fear had grown.

But then she and her horde turned around to depart,
Leaving me to clutch my throbbing heart;
Seeing that they had gone, I let out a heavy sigh,
But as a precaution, I hollered a warning cry.

"Vermin," I roared, "never come back,
If I ever see you again, I swear I will attack."
Suddenly, I heard a response that filled me with dread,
"If you dare to challenge me, I shall chop off your head."

As I fled back to Redwall, I shuddered in fear,
Only to feel safe as the abbey's main gate drew near;
Let it be known that Hellgates could never contain her,
For she is the dark one named Vipertooth the Slayer.

This poem is dedicated to Yasmin and her Redwall character, Vipertooth the Slayer. I wrote this poem as a way of thanking her for doing a small favor for me. As the title suggests, this poem is about a Redwaller's encounter with Vipertooth the Slayer.

Vipertooth the Slayer is © by Yasmin Joy Foster, All rights reserved.

Redwall is © by Brian Jacques, All rights reserved.