Disclaimer: Characters, plot, awesomeness © Disney & Co. Mistakes © Moi.
Summary: Roger/Anita. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Note: Over my winter break I rewatched my old VHS of 101 Dalmatians (60's Cartoon version) and in my old age I realized a few things. One, this explains why I've never liked fur. Two, Roger, not Mr. Darcy was the first tall Brit I'd fallen in love with (and he's way adorkable). And three, while I recognize that by the name this is going to be a story about dogs I just have to ask: really how do Roger and Anita get from falling into a pond to getting married? This is the question in which this little fic series is based. They're short, they're in no particular order, and they're so sweet your teeth might rot - they're the little moments that make a relationship.

First Kiss

"Don't mind me," Anita said wrapping an arm around his waist "but this umbrella wasn't built for two so much as one and a half." She snuggled closer as they walked, tucking under the arm that held the umbrella. Mind? Roger was fairly certain he didn't have the presence of mind to mind. She fit so nicely and naturally against him. Pongo and Perdita continued before them along the path, carrying on as if this was how it always should be. Roger glanced down, perhaps it was. Nothing had ever felt so right as this moment standing in the English rain. He had his dog – his best friend – who had found himself a mate and he himself had a woman by his side. A beautiful, kind, smart woman. A woman who was now looking up at him with eyes as blue as a summer's cliché. As his heart raced with simple the touch of her hand his feet slowed down. They were now standing in the middle of the path, their canine companions sitting; looking between themselves and their masters sheltered under the small red umbrella.

Anita's arm had not moved although they had stopped. She was standing so close; he could smell the faint fresh scent of her perfume mixed with the dampness of the rain. He could feel her body heat through their Macks and it made him feel a little light-headed. She didn't say a word and neither did he as they studied one another. Rain, like a falling melody wove its way around them providing a warmth that was purely emotional. He felt her breath on his neck as she tilted her head, still looking up at him with those eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes that were drifting shut, hiding behind thick dark lashes.

If she raised her chin or if he lowered his Roger did not know for his eyes had also floated closed. Their lips brushed once, tentative and shy; but met again. The kiss was sweet and gentle. Her lips were petal soft under his own and filled him with a bliss that made his fingers tingle. His heart swooped and in that moment all of those silly love songs he'd written made sense.

Slowly, ruefully he pulled away, looking down once again at Anita who was looking up at him. Her cerulean eyes sparkled and Roger felt his face split into the largest smile he'd ever smiled in his life. One which she returned in equal wattage, eyes still twinkling.

"Good thing I remembered my umbrella." She said softly.