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Chapter 26: Cammie's Post Wedding Dilemma

June 25, 2005


Kevin and I were sitting at a table with Lil and her date to Cammie and Keith's wedding, my own Uncle John. Lil and Uncle John have been dating since a few months after Kevin and I got married and they had a good run so far.

I decided to go freshen up in the bathroom. When I went into the bathroom I saw Cammie looking at something on the counter. It was a pregnancy test. I gasped. Cammie turned to look at me.

"Oh, I thought I was alone," Cammie said as she turned back to the test.

"I just...came in to freshen up. You wanna talk about it?" I asked her.

"You know, me and Keith made a promise to each other to wait until we got married to start trying for a kid of our own but things happened and two months ago I forgot to take my birth control and we did it without a condom and you know what happens when you don't use protection," Cammie said tears welling up in her eyes.

"So it wasn't planned, so what? You and Keith are going to love this baby no less than the girls."

"Yeah, but how do I tell him?"

"Look, I'll help you. Come on," I said as I dragged Cammie out the door and to where Keith was standing with a few of his firefighter brothers.

"Hey Keith, Cammie wants to tell you something," I said as I pushed Cammie up to him.

The firefighters took that as their cue to leave and let the newly married couple have some privacy.

"Keith, you know we made a promise not to try for a kid of our own until after we were married, right?" Cammie said.

"Yeah, so?" Keith said.

"Well, I'm kinda pregnant. Remember two months ago when we didn't use protection?"

"But you were on birth control. Don't tell me, you forgot to take a pill? Oh man, I should've worn a condom! Cammie you should have told me!" Keith said.

"So you're not happy about the baby?"

"No I am happy. I mean, we're going to have a kid a little sooner that's all. That's okay that we didn't keep the promise, it was stupid anyways," Keith said as he gave Cammie a hug, took her hand in his and led her to the stage.

"Okay everyone, listen up. Me and Cammie have an announcement to make. We're going to have a baby in seven months," Keith said as a few groans erupted and then some clapping as well.

I sat back down at the table and smiled, really happy for my cousin, or I should say my cousins now that Cammie married Keith. Hopefully I'll make a similar announcement soon myself.