"Donna Joe, the door!" Monique cried from her hiding spot. Her coworker turned to see that the high winds blew the door to the restaurant open. It was rather unusual for a tornado to hit a small town like Venus, Louisiana, but to the people's shock, it was happening.

Monique and Donna Joe were two waitresses at Cajun Spice, a restaurant at a road stop. Monique was the scardy cat of the two, always running from a situation. Donna Joe was the foul-mouthed daredevil and the only worker at Cajun Spice who was not a single drop Southern. She ran over to the front door and tried to pull it close.

"It wont fucking move!" she grit her teeth with frustration. Her long dark brown hair blew back.

"Pull harder!" The Southern Belle told her. "Hurry up, it's coming!"

Donna Joe made another attempt to lock the door, playing tug of war with the grey funnel racing towards them. Everything inside was rattling and swinging as if a poltergeist were occurring. Monique looked nervously up at the hanging lights. She could see the screws withdrawing from them.

"Donna!" she warned. The light closet to her snapped off the ceiling and banged right into Donna Joe's skull. Monique screamed as her friend went out cold. The storm was going to hit in a few seconds. She ducked down behind the bar as the roaring funnel fanned through their workspace. Donna Joe's body was sucked into the windy vortex.

Monique sat up trying to avoid shards of broken shot glasses. To her horror, everything was gone. Her grandfather's dream restaurant was eaten up leaving behind leaky pipes and flaming stoves.

"Donna Joe!" she coughed. Monique looked at the spot where Donna Joe was knocked out only to see some cracked wood and more broken glass. When she turned around, tears formed in her eyes as the storm carried her best friend away.

A quarter mile beyond the wreckage, Donna Joe was spat out and fell onto the field at thirty feet. Her body landed with a thump. She opened her eyes to see that to her shock, she was fine. The only thing that hurt were her hips. Donna stood up and started walking away from the storm to see if Monique was ok.

"And cut!" The actress turned around and switched out of character after the director called the scene to end. "Nice job Miss Alvers."

"Thanks Mr. Granger." She said. Monique, or in this case Dina Granger, the directors daughter was soon caught up with her popular co-star.

"That was real scary." She said in her real Southern accent. "How do ya'll last through 'em?"

Jayne Alvers turned around. "Sweetie, I've been in movies with scary stunts since I was eight."

"The thought of being spun around in one of 'dose things gives me the creeps." The ginger shuddered.

"It's just like riding a tilt-a-whirl but with no safety equipment." Said Jayne heading towards her trailer. "Can you ask your dad if were done? I'm exhausted."

"Ah'll ask him. Ah think we maight be done."

Jayne stepped inside her trailer to have a drink and take a nap. Even though the director would never permit her to sleep on set overnight, she always rested between scenes. Dina knocked on her door and announced that they were officially done for the day. Jayne sighed with relief and closed her eyes.

Jayne Alvers was the daughter of Lance Alvers, a famous musician known for the songs he wrote. She inherited his bravery and ability to sing. In Jayne's acting career she was in about ten movies, most of them too inappropriate for her age group. All three of her rock albums had the explicit warning label on them. She dressed in punk-rock attire and never wore a thread of pink. Some people were scared to death of her because she could have been a little hot headed. Other's thought she was just another bitchy teen idol.

That night after work, Jayne went to a local Cajun nightclub with her boyfriend Shane Peters. They met up with some friends there and sat down to have a few sodas.

"So Jayne, what's the status on the movie?" her best friend Ivory asked.

"I got sucked up in a funnel and tossed several feet in the air." Said Jayne as she sipped her Diet Pepsi. "Another scene, another stunt."

"So…" Shane began. "Can Dina act?"

Jayne laughed and shook her head. "I must have been high on something when I found out she would work alongside me and still agreed to do it."

"It's just your excuse for pulling stunts." Said Nolan, Ivory's boyfriend.

"It's fun." Jayne defended. "Either this movie will hit or miss. But the Oscar I got last year will help me recover."

"What's next?" Ivory asked.

"Getting another drink. But I will be back to tell you about a musical I'm thinking about auditioning for." Jayne pulled out of her chair and walked over to the bar. As she was waiting for the bartender, a tan blonde sat down in Jaynes seat with paper and a pen.

"Shane Peters." She gawked. Shane faked a smile as Ivory looked over at his uneasy expression. He still wasn't used to the fan girls who would cry whenever he sang. "Can ya sign this for me please?"

Shane shrugged. "I suppose." He said pushing the pen open. "What's your name?"

"Bella." Said the blonde. "Ah love your music." Shane chuckled as he scribbled his name.

"There you go." He assumed she would leave after but she lingered on Jayne's seat. Her tan arm reached out for his hand and when they made contact, she rubbed her thumb over the back of his hand.

"You are so hot." She purred. "I can't believe you're here in Louisiana!"

"Uh excuse me blondie," Ivory barged in. "Shane is dating Jayne Alvers in case if you didn't know."

"Oh Ah know." Bella hissed. "And ya'll blonde too."

"My hair is white! Solid white! I was born this way!" Ivory snapped.

"The supermodel pageant queen is pissed." Bella taunted. "Ah always knew models were bitches. So where is your girlfriend?"

"Ah hem." A cough shot through Bella's ear urging her to turn around. Jayne was standing there with a hand on her hip.

"Your fucked now." Said Nolan.

"Let's make this quick before the paparazzi get here." Jayne stated. "I have a cold drink on me and a fist that can smash through your skull. I will count to three. If your not gone by three, I'll make sure you never get another date."

"Ya'll don't scare me."

"A little advice," Ivory warned. "Run."

Bella laughed resulting in Jayne to pull off her earrings.

"Hold these!" she barked to Ivory.

"Jayne, no!" Ivory begged. "You'll get arrested!"

"I'm not going to kill her." Jayne snapped. "In fact, this is the cheapest move in the book." She flung her drink in Bella's face and shoved the ice down her bra. Bella overreacted to the humiliation tactic and called her many bad words before fleeing.

"I'm leaving," said Jayne in a pissed-off tone.

"Should I come with you?" Shane asked. Jayne kissed him long enough to catch people's attention.

"No." his girlfriend shook her head. "I need to be alone."

The teen idol walked into the parking lot of the bar. Half of the lot was full but there was no one outside. She stepped toward her old Jeep Wrangler that used to be her fathers. Jayne could afford a nicer car but the green Jeep was a symbol of pride.

"Miss Alvers." A Cajun accent called.

Jayne turned around spinning her key ring between her fingers.


"We need a favor from you."

A small village in Kenya was gathered around the newly built school they received. The designer of the building was a woman named Ariadne. She stood behind the red ribbon in a t-shirt and shorts with one of her many scarves on. Sitting beside her was Sam, the village lioness. The village people applauded as Ariadne cut the ribbon with the big scissors she held. Now the children there had a place to learn with real teachers and reliable resources.

Her cell phone started to ring. Ariadne thought the village had no reception but she walked off to answer it. Sam followed her to the side of the building.


"It's been a long time." His voice soothed.

"Arthur! It has been a long time!" She grew excited suddenly at the sound of his voice.

"I have an assignment and I was hoping—"

"Yes!" she interrupted. "Of course I'll be your architect!"

"Where are you?"

"I'm in Kenya." She said. "Not in Mombasa though."

"I'll have a jet pick you up and bring you to Paris."

"Is Eames coming?" Ariadne pet Sam's head and scratched the lion's ears.

"Yes, Eames is coming." She sensed irritation at the mention of the Forger.

"Since Cobb's retired… are we getting a new extractor?" The architect expected him to say no for some odd reason.

"Yes we are. His name is Duke Gorgan and he's meeting us in Paris."

"And Yusuf?"

"I called Yusuf. He's coming too."

"Awesome! I'll see you in Paris then."