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I loved Quorra and Sam, although i was a little disappointed when they didn't kiss. I was wondering when they would for almost half the movie. Haha, anyways, I wanted to make a story of Quorra as she explores this new world with Sam.

And lastly before you read this, this chapter is sort of a filler chapter. I wanted to pick up from when they were on the motorcycle. So, i have a big part in here from Sam meeting Alan at ENCOM like he promised. I wanted to stay true to what was said in the movie. Writing it out was a little boring but i promise the next chapters will be better.


Warm, radiant, beautiful.

Sam was so right from when he had first explained the sun to me. I was in awe, if that was the right word for being amazed. The colors were amazing, a bright yellow and orange color that I had never witnessed before.

I could feel the slight heat on my face from the sun. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth on my face. There was never anything like this in my world. There were only few colors that had existed in my world.

Sam and I continued riding along the bridge, at least it looks like a bridge from the build and description that I know of, on a vehicle that reminded me of the light cycles in my old world but I knew it was something different and barely similar.

I rested my chin in between Sam's shoulder blades, blinking once slowly before looking ahead of me as I clutched closer to Sam, my hands tightening slightly.

The bridge ended and we started to pass by tall buildings. I noticed that there were other vehicles that we passed and more cars that were going the other way.

"Sam?" I asked. He hadn't said anything since we got on the bike and I was starting to wonder if I had done something wrong.

"Yes, Quorra?" he asked back as he glanced back at me after he had come to a stop in the middle of the street. There was this odd contraption above the street that was blaring red and I wondered if that had to do with why he had stopped driving.

"Where are we going?" I asked as I looked around me, my eyes continuing to run up and down the large buildings everywhere. My eyes paused on one building that had the sun on it as well. This building looked different than some of the others. It had glass on the outside and looked very shiny with the sun on it.

"Patience, Quorra, all of your questions will be answered soon," he replied and he laughed quietly as he turned to look at me for a moment. I turned my gaze from the tall building to meet his and smiled after seeing his familiar grin.

I nodded and turned my gaze back to my surroundings. The bike started to move again and the movement made me jump slightly. Everything felt different here.

Sam turned off of the street and into a strange place that was darkened, with other vehicles that were not moving. He stopped where a man stood in a tall box. The man handed Sam a piece of paper and then the man turned his gaze on me. I looked back at him, wondering what he had given Sam and if I was going to get one too.

Before I could think about it any more, Sam was driving off again, inside the limited space of this poorly lit place. Sam parked the bike in a post that had a yellow line on either side of it.

"Alright Quorra, hop off," Sam told me as he took a key out of a slot in this odd machine. The engine cut off then.

"Hop off? What is that?" I asked him in confusion.

He let out a short chuckle. "It seems as though I have a lot to teach you. It means that you can get off of the motorcycle now," he answered me as his foot moved to bring out a small rod that had been holding the bike up when I had first seen it.

I nodded and got off or hopped off the bike as he had called it. "So this contraption is called a motorcycle. I believe I have heard of that before. Maybe in some of the books that I have read," I said as I looked at the motorcycle.

"Yes, this is a motorcycle, not like the other cars around here," he said as he got off the bike and pointed to a vehicle next to the bike.

I nodded as I turned my head to the car next to Sam's motorcycle.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up at Sam. "Before I show you more about this world I need to take care of some business. I made a promise that would be in my best intentions to keep if I am going to go through with this," he told me.

"Of course, it is very important to keep promises that you make. That was one of the first few things that Flynn taught me," I said and then the strangest sensation came over me. My throat seemed to close and I felt this small heat burn my eyes. A wetness filled my eyes and when I blinked I felt something warm and wet move down my face.

"What is this?" I asked and I could feel my voice shake. I lifted my hand to my face to take away the wetness from my cheek.

Arms wrapped around me a few seconds later. "Those are tears, Quorra. It means that you are upset and sad," he answered in a softer voice as he lifted a hand to wipe away the other tear. His hand moved over my back in a rhythm and he continued. "Don't be sad, Quorra. Everything will be ok, I promise," he told me as he looked down at me.

I nodded at him and briefly smiled up at him. "Now, let's go," he said as he took my hand and pulled me to an elevator, I think. He pressed a button that had an up arrow and I nodded to myself, thinking it had to be an elevator.

There was a beep noise and then the door opened. Sam ushered me inside and pressed a button that had a star on it. The doors shut and I gasped as I felt something inside me. I pressed my hand to the spot that felt weird, my abdomen, it felt lighter, I think.

Sam's chuckle made me move my head to look at him. "I don't know how to explain that to you but that feeling, it is like you lost your stomach. Elevators here on earth will do that unlike the ones that were on the Grid. You get used to it after a while," Sam said and once he finished the doors opened, showing what looked like a lobby that was very large.

"Come on," Sam said he tugged me out of the elevator and through the large room to what looked like another elevator across the room. He pressed the up button again and once the door opened we stepped in again.

Two other people walked in as well before the doors shut. They both smiled at us and pressed a button the soon lit up on the key pad. The elevator moved upwards and once again I felt the weird sensation in my stomach. The elevator stopped suddenly and the two people stepped out. I started to walk but Sam stopped me, pulling me back through the doors. "That isn't the floor we want, Quorra," Sam said as the doors shut again.

The elevator moved upwards some more and then came to a halt once again. The doors opened and Sam gestured for me to follow him.

My eyes widened as I took everything in. "Quorra, this is ENCOM headquarters," he explained to me as we walked along.

My eyes moved over everything, looking over this amazing place. "Wow," I whispered. Everything was made out of glass, or almost everything. There were users everywhere, some holding a stack of some white flat stuff in their hands while others were holding something to their ears, talking to it.

Sam led me down a hall and then opened a door to room that a man was standing in, looking at something around his wrist as he tapped his foot.

"I wasn't going to back out last minute, hear I am," Sam told the man. The man looked up and smiled. He had hair like Flynn's, that almost gray color but he wore something over his eyes.

I focused on him for a moment and then my eyes caught something bright again. My eyes widened as I looked out the glass. I walked over to the large glass thing and pressed my hands to the cold and smooth glass. "Oh, Sam, look! It is the sun again! Although, it is much higher in the sky now than it was earlier, it looks even brighter too" I said in amazement.

"Quorra," Sam said and by the way he said my name made me turn around. The man with glasses was looking at me with a strange look on his face.

The man spoke up then. "Sam, who is this?" he asked as he looked from me to Sam and back again. Then he made another facial expression that I couldn't place. "Is she the girl that I saw on the back of your motorcycle when you were leaving the arcade this morning?" he asked as he turned his head to look at Sam.

I took small and cautious steps over towards the two of them, letting my mind wonder away from the sun again. "Alan, this is Quorra. Quorra, this is Alan," Sam said, introducing us. Alan smiled curiously at me, sticking his hand out towards me. I shook his hand and smiled shyly at him.

"It is nice to meet you, Quorra," he said sincerely. After he pulled away, he turned abruptly and went to shut the door that Sam had left ajar. He turned to look at us and I unconsciously moved closer to where Sam was, suddenly unsure about this user. "You went there," he said in an awed voice, looking directly at Sam. "How did you manage to bring back a program?" he asked as his gaze turned to look at me.

"Alan, she isn't just a program," Sam said, pausing to glance at me for a moment. "She is an ISO, Alan," he informed him.

The man, or Alan, looked at me again. "Wow, I have heard so many…so many things about your kind," he whispered ,looking amazed as he stared at me. He took a few steps closer until he was about two feet away from Sam and I. "And you are human…even more amazing, how did that happen?" he asked me. "Are there others here, I do recall Kevin speaking of these Isomorphic Algorithms very highly. He said that it would be his gift to the world," he murmured as he looked out the glass frame to this room, his eyes looking distant.

Sam spoke for me as I continued to look at the man in front of me. "She is the last one, Alan. My father made sure that she was able to get here," Sam said and I felt myself sadden once more as I remembered.

"Ah, you must tell me everything, Sam. And Quorra, how did you…" he trailed off as he looked at my face and then he smiled kindly at me. "I am sorry, I am probably overwhelming you, I didn't mean to," he murmured as he smiled apologetically at me. "And I have almost forgot that we have other things to accomplish, Sam. Maybe you two could tell me the story later?" he asked as he eyed Sam and I.

"Yes, later. I have so many things to do. Plus, I need to get her squared away," Sam said as he looked down at me fondly. "Actually, I have no idea where to start with you," he sighed.

"Actually, I could assist you with some of it. She will need paperwork to show that she actually lives here legally. I could probably pull a few strings….contact a few people," he started to mumble, one thing that I had learned from Flynn. He did this too. "But, about taking your spot here, I have part of it squared away, you just need to make an appearance, I suppose," Alan continued. "Oh, and this will be your office. A few people dropped by earlier to bring some magazines and what not so you can remodel everything to how you would like it," he said as he turned to Sam.

He nodded and walked towards the door but then turned back to face me. "Do you mind if you stay here with Alan for a minute or two?" he asked and I shook my head. "Try not to wonder off either, ok? Stay here in this office. I promised that I would keep you safe and I intend on keeping that promise," he informed me with a grin.

"Stop worrying, Sam Flynn. I know how to take care of myself," I noted and he just shook his head, turned and left the room.

My eyes floated around the room once again. Everything was so different here. I walked slowly around the room, taking it all in. Stopping at a desk to run my fingers along its surface.

"He is very protective of you," the familiar voice of Alan brought me out of my starting to wonder thoughts. I turned to look at Alan, my eyes taking him in.

"Yes, I suppose. His father was the same way. Flynn has always been there for me. Even though I haven't known Sam for nearly as long, it's still the same," I murmured. Alan took a seat in a white chair that had a soft look to it.

"How do you like it here so far, Quorra?" Alan asked.

"I love it, there are so many…different colors here. And the sun, Both Sam and Flynn told me about it but I never imagined it like this. It is so…" I stopped because I didn't know how to exactly explain it.

Alan smiled at me and sat in silence for a moment and I turned back to looking around the room. My eyes moved to an object that sent out light from some sort of circle. I reached my hand out to touch the small light that was on a silver rod. Before my hand touched the light I heard Alan speak up again.

"Quorra don't touch that, the light bulb in the lamp is hot and will burn you," he told me and I pulled away from it. So the light was a light bulb and the thing surrounding it and holding it up was called a lamp.

A ringing noise filled the room then and I jumped at the sound. "Oh, it is just my phone, excuse me, "he apologized as he pulled out an object that I had seen earlier. I had seen people put them to their ears and talk, which was exactly what Alan did.

"A phone," I whispered as I looked at the silver object that Alan held to his ear. I moved my eyes back to the desk and noticed the chair there. I copied Alan's actions and decided to take a seat. This chair was different though. It moved, letting me spin around and around as many times as I wanted too. I gasped happily. "Oh! So spectacular!" I said as I started to spin the chair with my feet.

I had never seen a chair like this before. It was absolutely amazing. I laughed once but then stopped. Was that supposed to be funny? I didn't force it, I just laughed. Then, I felt this weird sensation come over me. My head felt sort of heavier than it usually was, it didn't make me feel to great.

I continued to spin in the chair as I tried to figure out what was making my head feel like that. I saw the door that Sam had left from start to open and when then next spin came around to the door I saw Sam. "Sam, look at this! The chair spins! I have never been in a chair that spins before. Oh, and what is that weird feeling in my head? It is starting to bother me," I added as I tapped my head as I continued to spin in the chair.

"Well, the more you spin around the more your head will bother you. It is dizziness, have you heard of that?" he asked me.

"Yes, yes I have. Flynn always taught me human feelings and emotions," I quipped as I stopped spinning in the chair, understanding what he meant.

Sam chuckled quietly before turning his head so he was facing Alan. "There will be a meeting in fifteen minutes. They are spreading the word now. We should be heading down soon," Sam informed him.

Alan's eyes widened as he looked at Sam, stunned. "How did you manage that so quickly? I was thinking that security would have been called before you were even close," he commented and I frowned slightly.

"I had a lot of time to think of how I was going to handle it, but I must have done it right. Anyways, as the heir of the company, I am technically allowed to fire people," he said with a grin.

The two of them laughed and I just stared between the two of them. "Sam, can I come?" I interjected quietly as I stood from the chair, wobbling slightly as my head finally steadied itself. I walked over to the two of them as Sam nodded towards me.

"Yes, I told someone to make sure there was room for one more. You can come," he said as he smiled down at me.

I felt really excited then and I wrapped my arms around Sam in a hug. "Yay!" I squealed. "Thank you, Sam," I told him as I felt his arms wind softly around me.

"Your welcome, but it's not going to be exciting, the opposite of exciting really," he told me as I pulled away from him.

"You mean boring? Why?" I asked him.

Alan cleared his throat. ""Sam, we should be going," he told him as he started to head out of the large office.

"You are right, you will find out, Quorra, now come on," he told me as he gestured for me to go ahead.

We all walked out of the office and down the hall again, towards the elevator. The elevator opened and the three of us stepped in along with a handful of other people. Other than Sam and I, they were dressed almost alike, having a tidy and business-like look to them.

Two buttons lit up that Alan and one other person had pressed as the elevator doors. Sam's gaze was on mine as the elevator started to move.

I gasped as I suddenly felt like I was falling. I opened my mouth to ask Sam what was going on but he placed a finger to his lips and shook his head at me. I closed my eyes and he smiled ,nodding at me.

The doors opened sooner than they had the last two times and about half of the people got off with us. We walked down a brightly lit hallway until my eyes widened, looking at this large glass tank with water in it and these things that moved around. "Sam?" I asked but he didn't answer me. Maybe he didn't hear me. Flynn had said that human hearing was not like mine, it was imperfect I think he had said.

I saw Sam glance at Alan before he started to lead me away from where everyone was headed, down another hallway but it was much dimmer that the one I was in. We had taken two steps away from the small crowd when I asked Sam again. "Sam? What is-?"

The rest of my sentence was cut off as his hand covered my mouth, pulling me down the shady hallway quickly. "Shh, Quorra," he whispered as he turned a corner and stopped, turning to look at me.

"What is it, Sam? Did I say something wrong?" I asked as I looked at him, instantly feeling guilty.

"No, you did nothing wrong. You just have to be quiet, ok? For the time that we are in the meeting, or in that room with all of those people. I know you have questions, I know, I would to but try to hold them in and remember them and when we are away from them, I will gladly answer your questions. Do you understand?" he asked me. He sounded angry, was he angry with me?

We were staring at each other now and I nodded softly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad at me," I whispered guiltily.

"Quorra, I am not mad at you," he promised me. "I just don't want you attracting attention to yourself. The last thing we need are questions about you. They don't need to know where you are from," he said.

"But you told Alan," I put in, starting to become confused.

"You can trust Alan, and anyways, he already knew about your kind and where you came from. He pretty much guessed all of that on his own," Sam stated.

"I don't have to go, you know, I can stay back," I said .

He laughed and then snorted softly. "Come on, Quorra," he told me as he took my hand and led me back down the hall and then towards a room that I could see through.

Many people were seated and silent as we walked in. Sam pulled me along as a few gazes moved to look at Sam and then linger on me. More heads popped up as we walked across the room and I started to feel unsure and unsettled by their lingering eyes.

Sam motioned for me to sit in an empty seat and I did so quietly. He sat beside me, at the head of the table with Alan on his other side.

I watched as each seat filled and then my attention turned to Sam as he cleared his throat. Everyone's heads turn in our direction and I instantly felt out of place, like I didn't belong. I suddenly felt like I didn't want to be in this room, I wanted to vanish, unnoticed by the many sets of on looking eyes.

"I am sorry to inconvenience all of you with this but it is necessary. I further apologize for not taking the company sooner like I should have," he said slowly, probably thinking his words out before he said them aloud. "But now I realize the mistake that I have made and I am hear to take my position as CEO," he continued.

I placed my hands in my lap, clasping them together as I sighed softly. A man on the other side of the table stood, something about his face made me thing that he was mad. "What makes you think that you can come in hear and just take everything back like this? You declined the numerous offers that we made to you," he said in an even and emotionless tone.

"I understand that, but that has changed. I now understand how much this company meant to my father and I want to make things right," Sam told the man. "I am not backing down from this."

The man sat back down in his chair and I glanced at Sam again. His eyes met mine and I could see the small glint in his eyes. He must have thought that the man would be a threat to what Sam wanted to do.

His eyes left mine and I watched as he scanned the room. Silence loomed over everyone for a good amount of time before Alan cleared his throat. He waited a moment before he spoke. "Alright then, since that is settled we need to go over out charts, latest programs, and flow so he knows where we stand at this time. James," Alan instructed and a man in black stood and walked behind us, turning on a large panel on the wall. I watched as someone else touched the table top and started to type on it.

"Unauthorized persons are prohibited to be here when we open our marketing documents," my head turned up as I locked eyes with a man in gray. "I am going to have to ask her to-"

"She is authorized," Sam put in, resting a hand on my shoulder.

"By who? She doesn't work here and if she does, not in this field. I have never seen her here before," the man challenged.

"By me, And she is not the topic of the meeting so if you wish to meet her, we can talk afterwards," Sam said.

The man stopped and I turned to look at Sam with a frown. "That wasn't very nice, Sam," I chided and he just chuckled softly.

"Sometimes you have to be a little harder with people that tend to be difficult, Quorra," he informed me in a whisper.

Sam turned around in his chair and I did the same, making sure not to spin the chair in circles like I had earlier. The man in black turned to face Sam then. "My name is Vic Harlor and one of my specialties here is to produce the flow charts, program graphs, and etcetera," the man, or Vic introduced himself formally to Sam.

I let my eyes float around the room, I knew about what they were discussing. Flynn had explained this to me many cycles ago. He said that it was very important in the human world. He even had books that had these graphs and tables in them.

The room that we were currently in was mainly glass, something that I was very familiar with. The lighting here though was different. It wasn't just white or orange like the grid, there were many different colors. The room was lit with bright white lights but the lighting was not as fluid as it was in the grid. Occasionally, I would see a flicker from the fluorescent lights. On one side of the room, there was a touch screen I think. There were many colors on this large flat surface, but the colors were mainly blue, green, red, and yellow. I didn't know what that meant thought so I moved on.

I rested my gaze on the large screen like everyone while I rubbed my hands together. My eyes shot up in surprise, how had I not noticed this earlier?

My skin was soft, still smooth like it always was but now not as hard as it used to be. I had skin like Flynn and Sam's…I had…human skin. That must have been what Alan meant when he said that I was human earlier.

I smiled and looked down at my hands. This was amazing. My skin was warm and I could feel a faint thumping noise. I gasped at my realization. I had a heartbeat too!

I had to tell Sam, he would be really happy too! I had to…be quiet. I could see Sam looking at me from the corner of his eye with an amused look on his face. "Sorry," I said, barely audibly so only he could hear me.

"It's ok, you are a little more amusing than this is," he mouthed back with a grin.

"Mr. Flynn, are you listening to what I am saying?" Vic asked and our heads turned to look at the unhappy man. "Look, I know this may not be enjoyable to you but you need to be informed," he said.

Alan cleared his throat then. "Maybe another day. Sam has some other matters to attend to and I suggest we don't crowd his mind before he can get that done. We will have plenty more opportunities to fill him in on everything. Cut him some slack, it is his first day," Alan said calmly.

"Ah, you are right, my apologies, Mr. Flynn."

"Please, call me, Sam, and that goes for all of you all right? And thank you for taking the time to come on such a short notice," Sam told them as he turned his chair to face the table again. "If there aren't any questions we are done here."

I turned my chair around as well and noticed some people starting to stand, pulling out those phones again but at the same time waiting. Sam nodded once and then stood from his chair. As he did this, people started to leave, gradually at first but then more and more people. Only a few people lingered.

"Sam?" I asked softly but before he had a chance to glance down at me, a man had walked up to him.

I watched as they shook hands and talked briefly of some program that was leaked on the internet a day ago. I wondered briefly what they were talking about before I turned my head to look out the window.

The sun had risen even more than from the last time I had seen it. I remember Flynn telling me that the sun moved across the sky, reaching its highest point normally around noon, which he had explained was a time of day. He had also mentioned that the sun would leave the sky at the end of the day and the moon would rise and move across the sky like the sun had, except it would be darker, like the grid.

I smiled to myself. This world was so amazing, so beautiful. I can't believe that I was actually here. It felt like I couldn't absorb enough about this new world at a time and then also be on my best behavior to seem normal like Sam said.

I jumped slightly as I heard my name being called. "This is Quorra," Sam said with a smile and I stood, showing the manners that Flynn had taught me. "Quorra, this is Riley Mason," he explained. I stuck my hand out to shake his and smiled kindly at him.

"It is very nice to meet you, Quorra," he said sincerely as his eyes swept over me in one swift motion. He turned back to Sam then. "I hope to be seeing you later on, I must be getting back," he said as he nodded at the two of us, leaving the room then.

Everyone was gone after that except for me, Sam, and Alan. We walked out of the room and down the hall, as we did Sam explained to me what the water filled container was. It was a fish tank or mini aquarium and the little things moving around inside of it were fish.

After we made it in and then back out of the elevator and back to the large office, Alan closed the door behind us. "I have no idea how you managed to pull that off, kid," he said with a short laugh.

Sam shrugged. "Well, I was lucky."

Sam walked over to the desk and sat down in the rolling chair that I sat in earlier. He picked up these flimsy small books that had a lot of pictures in them. I moved closer to the desk, looking at the new books. Sam noticed and looked up at me. "What do you think, Quorra? This one or this one?" he asked.

I looked at the pictures of furniture that Sam was pointing at. "What do you mean?" I asked.

He shook his head and tossed the thin pages aside. He breathed out a sigh. "I have more important things to do than this," he muttered as he looked to the side. "Alan, could you just have someone just put some stuff in here? Maybe a couch and a few chairs over there with a table or something?"

"That would probably be easier," Alan said with a smile.

"Am I allowed to leave? I need to get some things for her squared away…" Sam trailed off as he looked at me.

"I have someone for the paper work, I made an appointment for tomorrow. The sooner the better I thought, rather be safe than sorry," he said.

Sam nodded and turned to me. "Quorra, what do you think about exploring some more?" he asked with a smirk on his face. He knew the answer.

"Yes! Come on, Sam, let's go then," I said with excitement. He stood from the choir as Alan spoke up.

"Take one of the company cars, Sam. You probably have a lot of shopping to get done," he informed him and Sam nodded.

Sam started to lead me to the door but then stopped, turning to look at Alan. "Thank you, you have no idea how much I appreciate your help," he said sincerely.

Alan nodded, a bright smile on his face. "I am always here for you Sam, you know that," he told him. "Now get out of here before someone comes in here looking for the CEO," he ordered but I could tell that he was joking around.

Sam laughed and then nodded, pulling me out the door to explore some more.

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