Chapter 2: The Second Hero

Ok. this deserves explanation. I got terribly mad at this story and just writing in general. But im back. and the rest of the story is in first person. Ill redo the first chapter eventually. Im very lazy. Btw. whoever can guess a pairing in this story ( basically the couples for all you newbs) will get their name in the final chapter.

Chapter 2: The Second Hero

Run! The blonde headed girl jumped through the door and continued down the corridor. She looked up at me and asked, ''where are we going to go? Agahinm has taken over the soldiers! You can't defeat all of them!''
I sighed. She was right, the situation was pretty hopeless, but I couldn't give up. I made an oath to protect the princess and I was going to keep it! We ran through the seemingly endless corridors until we reached what I had been looking for, the balcony. We walked to the edge and peered down. I could survive this fall but, I looked at the pale, scared princess, she couldn't. There had to be another way….Then I heard the doors behind us slam shut. I spun around and came face to face with the dark wizard himself. He smiled at us, His two pointed teeth looking sharper by the moment. ''So'', He said, his deep voice booming in the open air, ''you thought you could escape with your puny bodyguard princess? I'm afraid no one escapes tonight.'' I leapt forward; my knives out at an instant, and slashed at his head. To my horror the blades harmlessly bounced off. His hand hit my chest before I could move and I felt electricity go through my body. I heard Zelda scream as Agahinm through me off the balcony. Then it all went dark.

I jolted awake my hand flying to my side where my knives were, only to find them missing. I looked around. I was in a dimly lit room; a single candle on a table was all the light there was. I could tell this wasn't a prison, so where was I? I saw the handle of the door moving, I tensed. Ready to strike, it opened to reveal an old man, probably in his nineties, shuffle into the room. He looked at me and gasped, ''you can sit up! With the wounds you sustained you should have been stuck in bed for weeks!''
I grunted as I stood up, ''I'm a fast healer. Now if you would kindly give me my knives and point me in the direction of the mountains I'll be on my way.''
He chuckled, ''Boy, those knives are little more than scrap right now. Hey, I just happen to heading to the mountains myself. If you agree to help me I'll get you a sword. My name is Sahasrahla what's yours?''
I sighed; my options were pretty limited right now. ''Fine, I'll go with you, the names Zach by the way.''

We traveled along the dusty road. Not much grew in the mountains to the west. I looked up at the cloudless sky and sighed. No chance for rain. I looked at my traveling companion and wondered how an old man could keep going for so long. ''Want to take a break? I'm sure we could find a place to rest for a while.'' He looked at me and sighed,
"Stop your whining kid, were almost there.''
I grumbled to myself as we continued our trek along the dusty road. I was about to ask again when a high pitched whistle pierced the air. Twelve soldiers jumped straight from what looked like hatches in the ground. One pointed at Sahasrahla and spoke in a low gravelly voice, ''Your under arrest for crimes against the crown.''

I jumped forward pulling my new sword from its sheath and beheaded the first knight. I spat on the bleeding corpse then looked at the rest, ''Now, who wanted to arrest him?'' The soldiers rushed at us and I grinned. I flipped through the air and stabbed my sword threw one soldier then spun around and decapitated another. I jumped over another soldier who attempted to stab me and thrust my sword through his spine. Another soldier stabbed at my head and I flipped backwards then lunged forward with my sword putting him out of the fight. The last seven looked nervously at the five bodies I had created in seconds. I grinned, "Anyone else?'' The soldiers had been brainwashed for killing not smarts. Three of them rushed me. I stabbed the first, took of the seconds head, and broke the thirds neck in one swift motion. Not letting the last four prepare themselves I rushed forward and killed them in four swift strikes. I looked back at the gaping Sahasrahla ''are you alright?''
He nodded. "How did you do that? I've never seen someone move so fast!''
I chuckled, "I wouldn't be much of an elite guard of the princess if a dozen crazed soldiers could kill me would I?'' I continued walking down the road as the gaping old man followed.
We stood in front of a rickety house. The roof had several holes in it, one of its walls was collapsing, and it was an ugly shade of yellow. I looked at Sahasrahla and asked, "This? This is your safe house? I think you were safer with the soldiers than you are in this place!''
Sahasrahla smiled, "Zach, it may not look it but its safe here. But if you want to save the princess you are going to need to head there.'' He was pointing at a temple on the cliffs.
I sighed, "What will I find there?'' Sahasrahla pulled a book from his cloak and, after studying it, said, "You will find an amulet there. There are two more like it hidden around Hyrule. If you collect all three you can wield the Master sword and stop Agahinm once and for all.
I nodded. "Just dont go dying tragically while im away."
He smiled and nodded as I began heading up the path to the temple.

It was dark and dusty in the temple. I looked around and saw a door. Something shiny caught my eye. I looked down to see what it was and noticed that one panel of the floor was colored differently than the rest. I smiled and easily stepped over it. Suddenly a voice in my head caused me to jump, right on the panel, causing spikes to jut up in a square ceiling high around me. "Zach? Are you alright? Where are you?"
I sighed and looked at the trap around me. "I'm just peachy."

Sorry for the short chapter. I would appreciate someone to yell at me for how late this is.