Summary: It's the start of the college year and Peter's spider half is beginning to mature. He's stronger, faster, more agile and his spider sense is three times as keen. It would all be great if it wasn't for one little problem...his spider half is unleashing pheromones which seem to attract not only his male enemies but also the dominant part of the school's male population, which includes the ever arrogant and hair-conscious Flash Thompson. And to top it all off Kraven is back and Peter's pheromones seem to affect him the most, because the man-beast is acting even more wild and intends to take the web-slinger as his queen. But Eddie isn't about to let Kraven take his spider without a fight. Can Peter deal with the constant stream of unwanted suitors, college life and find a good birthday gift for Aunt May within his twelve day time limit? Who's to say, but the web-head knows one thing: This was NOT how he wanted his college year to start out!

This idea was inspired by Ralyena Starrling, as a matter of fact, the summary and half of this is written by her. So please thank her for this story!

In this universe, Eddie Brock is venom but is a good guy who fights along Peter/Spiderman, and Kraven hasn't met Calypso yet, just a little note there so yall won't be confused.

I don't own the spectacular spiderman *sigh* Marvel does, but if I did I'd give it an awesome third season for Christ's sakes! Haha, oh, and Eddie and Peter would be together!

Anyway, onward!

A large hand wrapped around the cold, hard feel of the metal doorknob as its owner delicately opened it up as slowly as softly as possible. Through years of doing this process, he became quite professional at it. The door didn't make a single sound: no shuffling, squeaking, nothing. Just like he intended. Light blue eyes peered inside the ajar of the door to see the occupant inside the room. A boy with brown hair sat carelessly at the desk in front of the window that streaked with sunlight. The boy tiresomely tapped the eraser part of his pencil on the desk's wooden surface, as he appeared to be concentrating on a difficult calculus assignment. An almost sinister smile crept upon the features of the blue eye as he carefully pushed the rest of the door open, making sure it didn't hit against anything that would alert the boy. He gently made each foot step over towards the brunette soft, identifying all the spots in the floor that would creak if stepped on. Closer and closer, he felt a slimy, cold substance running up his back and cover the outer part of his arms and wrap around his neck. Black tendrils protruded from his broad shoulder blades, circling him and ending with a razor sharp point. He felt the symbiote crawl in little markings on the side of his face to his mouth, making his human teeth turn sharp and frightening as they dangled from his thin lips. He took more careful steps forward, happy the boy didn't once appear behind him, and felt his fingernails turn into deadly claws that were ready to grab the prey. Just when he was an inch away, about ready to roar and grab the boy, the brunette snapped his head up.

"Eddie, don't even think about it!" he said in an exhausting, yet demanding voice. Eddie was taken aback by the sudden surprise, instead of scaring Peter like he wanted, he was the one who got scared. He slumped his arms in saddened defeat and had the symbiote shrink down from his bone-chilling disguise and crawl back to his left shoulder to form a tattoo-like image of a large, black spider. Peter looked behind and smiled slyly at his lover.

"Nice try though." He snickered. Eddie grumbled.

"No fair! I thought that your spider sense didn't work on the symbiote!" he huffed, crossing his arms.

"It doesn't, but I could hear you come in big foot! Next time don't stomp so much!" Peter laughed. Eddie smiled and glared at him playfully.

"I wasn't stomping! Is that a heavy joke? Are you saying I'm getting fat?" Eddie teased picking up the brunette from the chair and embracing him gently. Peter giggled.

"No! Of course not! You're just freakin' built like an army tank!" he joked wrapping his arms around the much bigger male. The two laughed and hugged each other for a while before drawing back to share a kiss. After a few minutes of tongue brawling, they pulled back.

"Are you done with that calculus assignment yet? You've been going at it for like twenty minutes. Usually you finish in five minutes."Eddie said.

"I know, but this is advanced calculus. It'll take me longer to work on."Peter said and got back up to his desk.

"Okay, so after you're done with this assignment then we can go out?"Eddie asked hopefully.

"Go out to look for a birthday gift for Aunt May? Yes. Go out to the movies and make-out in the bleachers? No."Peter said as he continued to write.

"Aw come on, Pete. Ever since we started college and Aunt May's birthday started to come around the corner, it's like I'm nothing but the chopped liver in your life."Eddie commented with a sad face.

"Aw that's not true, love. You're the corn beef in my life. And I'm your cabbage."Said the web-head and he gave Eddie a peck on the nose making the blond smile.

"Yeah, I know. But still though, it's like we never have time to be with each other. Especially since those nutball villains have been breaking out more and more each day. I mean like just last week we put three super villains in jail and the next day all three came back. It's almost as if they want us to kick their hides."Eddie said and Peter chuckled.

"Yeah, it certainly seems like that. But you have to admit it's pretty strange that they've been doing that. I mean sure they've done weirder stuff before but still-"

However Peter stopped in his sentence when he heard sirens wailing and thunder crackling outside his window. Both web-slingers looked outside and saw police chasing Electro as the villain rode swiftly on a wave of thunder. Peter sighed tiredly.

"Not again. I just put him in prison this morning."Peter said

"See? It's like it never ends. I think they do it on purpose."The older teen said in a sure tone.

"Well whether they do it on purpose or not, we have to stop that freak on thunder. Come on!"The brunette said and went off to dress in his spider costume, while Eddie let the symbiote crawl all over his body and cover him completely, forming the creature known as venom.

"Ready?" Peter asked as he dawned his mask. Eddie nodded while the last part of the symbiote covered the rest of his face.

"Let's go kick some serious bad guy ass!" he said enthusiastically as they both leaped out of college dorm window.

One thing Eddie learned, because Peter was smaller and more flexible, he was able to swing and move faster than he could. He watched Peter swing faster, passing the police cars and towards the dangerous bolting villain. Eddie knew that Peter had been doing this for a long time, longer than he has, but he couldn't help but to feel worried whenever Peter got too close to those villains. But luckily he was there, to kick their asses if they ever dared to hurt Peter badly.

"Ah well Electro!" Spiderman said in a taunting voice. "Didn't I take care of you this morning? When will you learn your lesson Maxxie?" he teased. The villain stopped and lowered his high voltaging wave and stopped to aim a deadly bolt at the red and blue clad superhero.

"Don't call me that! My name's not Max! It's electro!" he hissed. Eddie finally caught up and aimed his black webbing at Electro's hand. It was sad really, before Max became Electro, he was a good friend of him and Dr. Conners. He understood that Max only became this insanely unstable and nefarious was because the poor guy only wanted to become normal again after the 'accident'. Eddie did whatever he could to console him, but in the end, Max just didn't want to listen. He was right in a way, he wasn't Max, he was now a cold hearted villain who forgot the man he once was, and nothing could change his mind about that. He's a threat, and Eddie swore no matter who they once were, he wasn't going to stand by and watch him make other people suffer.

"You're not max huh? Just Electro? I wonder what your mother was on when she named you!" Eddie taunted back in his venom voice. One thing that he noticed, the more he fought crime and spent time with Peter, the more quips he was starting to come up with. It was kinda fun, but their smart asses would eventually get beaten for it.

"Shut up alien freak!" Electro roared having electric streams flow out of his mouth. Now would be the time when Eddie should've made Dr. Conners make that cure, that way he wouldn't be dealing with this now. He quickly dodged them and added more black web to cocoon the sparkling villain.

"Me? Freak? Pal, have you looked in the mirror lately? You've got streams of lightning coming out of every angle! As a matter of fact, I could get good reception with you on my satellite!" he quipped.

Electro made a burst of electricity and destroyed the black webbing entrapping him. He began to shoot volts of lightning at Venom but he managed to dodge them all. Then Spiderman kicked the electricity embodied man in the back, making Electro fall face first into the pavement. Peter flipped over him and landed gracefully on his feet.

"Come on now Electro, we were dancing first. Don't you want to finish our tango?"Peter asked teasingly.

"Oh, yeah. I'd be happy to dance with you, Web-Head. But instead of a tango, how about a fox trot? So start hopping!"Electro said and sent out shockwaves through the ground in an attempt to electrocute Peter but he simply flipped to over the shockwave and in fast motion, leaped towards Electro and punched him. He pinned the villain to the ground and glared at him.

"Alright, light bulb, give up and just head back to Rikers Island quietly. If you're lucky you might make it in time to play bingo with the other nut jobs in there."Peter said.

But Electro isn't one to give up that easily, and he made an electric snake that slowly began to creep up behind the younger web slinger and move towards his neck.

"Spiderman, look out!"Eddie shouted, but just as the electric snake was about to strangle Peter, he grabbed the snake and made it's fangs latch onto the villain's right arm. It didn't hurt Electro but it caused enough to distract him so Spiderman could jump away to create a big distance between them.

"The old electric snake trick, Maxxie? Come on, you can do better than that."Peter said tauntingly. Electro growled as the lightning snake faded away from his arm and stood up.

"Shut up!" he shouted angrily as he released dangerous bolts of lightning from all over his body: his face, eyes, everywhere. One of them was aiming towards Spiderman. Venom felt panicked and quickly swung over to Spiderman and embraced him. A large lightning strike hit his back. The symbiote yelled out painfully as its slimy, black tendrils circled Venom's body from the great impact.

"Arrrgh!" Eddie cried out inside the venom suit. The symbiote was able to take most of the electricity, but none of the less, Electro's power was still enough to affect the host inside. He felt his hair stand up on ends as a painful jerks pounded throughout his body. Spiderman sensed his lover in pain and furrowed his black and white slits in worry.

"Eddie!" he whispered only audible for the host to hear.

Venom collapsed on his knees, panting as the symbiote tried to pull itself together. Spiderman quickly lashed out his web towards Electro's eyes and hands to buy them time for Eddie to recover, hoping it'll be quick.

"Eddie!" he whispered again as he put his hands on the overgrown shoulders. Venom looked up into the loving eyes and smiled reassuringly.

"I'll live. Not the first time I've been electrocuted by him." He said, bringing up the painful memory when Eddie tried to tackle Max to give Peter, Gwen, and Liz a way out from getting hurt.

Electro quickly burned off the webbing and aimed another bolt at them. Both web heads quickly jumped and aimed both of their webs at the villain.

"He's starting to get on my nerves!" Venom growled as he spun as much web as possible, grinding his sharp teeth together in frustration. He and Spiderman landed on a building nearby.

"You and me both." Spiderman said, looking at the white and black webbed villain. The web was quickly burned off by bright sparks emanating from the green suited man. Blue glowing orbs glared at them.

"That won't work on me web freaks!" he said blasting a wave of light towards them. They quickly dodged. Electro aimed shots of bolts like speeding bullets at each of them, hoping it would hit.

"Great, it had to come down to this." Spiderman said running and leaping from each shot coming at him. Suddenly, he spider senses went off. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he looked around him. Why were they going off? He was fine right now. Where was that coming from? Was something wrong with his sense?

Then he looked over at Venom, his senses growing stronger…wait. They weren't going off for him, they were going off for Venom! Venom was the one in danger!

"Venom! Look out!" he said as he jumped and pushed Venom out of the way as one of the bolts suddenly hit him. He cried out in pain as the electricity flowed through him.

"Spiderman!" Venom cried watching his lover jerk and writhe in pain as he landed on the ground. Since Spiderman didn't have a symbiote to protect him, the impact was much worse than it was for him. He ran over to him as soon as he heard the sickening thump the blue and red clad hero hit the ground. The spider's eyes were closed, he was completely limp in his arms. He leaned his head down to hear for a heartbeat, and much to his relief, there was one.

"Thank god!" he thought. Electro grinned sinisterly as he walked over at the superheroes.

"One down, one to go." He said. Eddie felt his anger burn up in the depths of his stomach. He had to be careful though, if he got too angry, the symbiote will take over and turn him evil once more. He couldn't let that happen, even though he was furious at the electrified villain for hurting his lover. He narrowed his eyes dangerously and got up, hunching over with anger. He looked over to find an old, busted up car parked near a fire hydrant. An idea popped in his head. He shot a thick, black web to the car, not taking his eyes off Electro.

"Nobody hurts Spiderman!" he said as he jerked the vehicle forward. Electro didn't have time to react as he saw nothing but metal in his vision before the large pile of hard metal swung into him painfully. He skidded on the pavement a bit, with the car on top of him. He was about to blast it off, but he suddenly felt cold water rush over him, completely illuminating his power.

Venom growled as he turned off the fire hydrant. The cops rushed in and grabbed Electro while he was unconscious. He looked over at his lover worriedly, still knocked out. He gently picked up the smaller hero and spun a web, heading back for the dorm.

As Eddie web-slinged back to the dorm, golden eyes glittered in the shadows of the alley and narrowed to focus on the younger hero in Venom's arms. Then as more police cars began to pass by the alley, the eyes close and the figure who the eyes belonged to darted off, leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

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