~ During the Storm ~

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Snow was caught completely off guard by the question. Sure, he had secretly had an attraction to the boy, although he rather hadn't accepted it, in a sense. But he did have feelings for the boy. Ever since Hope had told him he had forgiven him for the death of his mother, Snow had seen him in a new way. The boy's face was cute and child like, his eyes aching for love and attention, yet his voice was mature and man-like.

"S-sorry. I shouldn't have asked that." Hope mumbled to himself and tried to pull away from the man's strong grip. It was no use, it was way too strong.

"Hey Hope..." Snow started to say as he cupped the boy's chin in his large hand, "You give me hope." He moved his face closer to the boys and lightly brushed his soft lips.

A million feelings exploded from him all at once. He almost shook with excitement, his soft lips melding perfectly together with Snow's rougher ones. With his usual shyness gradually melting away, and courage slowly taking over him, he kissed back, the taste of Snow rushing into his mouth, making him crave his touch even more.

Snow's arms wrapped themselves around Hope's waist, bringing him closer, increasing the heat between them. The latter hooked his arms around his neck, tongue battling with Snow's, fighting for dominance. Knowing Hope, he let him dominate.

After some time, they broke the prolonged french kiss, and looked into each others eyes. Blue meeting sea-green, both clouded with locked away emotions.

"Hope, I want you." The blond huskily whispered into Hope's ear, making him moan at the feel of Snow's warm breath against his skin, and at his words, dripping with the upmost desire.

Hope nodded eagerly and grabbed the man's face with his tiny hands. "Take me, Snow." Snow smirked, and lifted the boy off the ground. He threw the boy onto his bed, roughly yet playfully. Hope blushed at the dominance of his crush; Snow could not have been anymore attractive than he was at that moment.

"Are you ready for me?" Snow teased before climbing on the bed on top of Hope. He roughly kissed Hope, his hand running down the boy's body. Snow then slipped his jacket off and threw it across the room causing Hope to admire the toned muscles of his body. Snow smirked as he tugged Hope's ascot off his neck to reveal the sensitive flesh. "Nooow... Where is that spot of yours..." He laughed to himself as he began to nibble on every open piece of skin on the boy's neck. It didn't take very long for him to find the boy's weak spot.

"SNOW!" Hope moaned as the lust eroded from his body. The feeling the nibble sent through Hope was enough to make his world end.

"Heh, found it." Snow laughed and bit harder down on the area. He sucked and nibbled the area until drips of blood left the sensitive area. "Now you and everyone else will know that you're mine."

"Will I get a present like Serah?" Hope teased.

"Pfft you got me, what other kinda present do you need?" Snow winked and ripped his shirt off to reveal even more muscle.

Hope's eyes couldn't help, but travel Snow's exposed chest, drinking in every feature, every nook, and cranny. He was beautiful, godly even, from his sunlight golden hair that framed his strong, yet warm face, down to his well-built body. Hope reached out his hands, resting them on Snow's abs.

Being a L'Cie had changed both of them; Hope had gained a boost of confidence, and a renewed sense of hope, and Snow's already perfect body seemed to increase in sex appeal.

Snow smirked at the blush slowly creeping the boy's cheeks. "Heh, like what you see, kid?" He kissed the small hand-quietly, but timidly-stroking his body.

"M-m'hm..." Hope looked away from Snow, silver bangs hooding his eyes from view, as well as the bright red that tinted his cheeks. "C-could I...Try being on top?"

Snow smirked at the boy's sudden new burst of confidence. It wasn't even a month ago that the boy was too shy to ask for a glass of water and now he's asking to top! He really had grown as a person and Snow liked it. "You think you're able to handle this?" He flirted and motioned at his body. Hope blushed and nodded. Feeling that the younger boy was capable of topping, Snow took him and pulled him on top as his own back hit the sheets. "I must say, I don't remember being under anyone." He laughed.

"Oh-ah that's a good thing, right?" Hope laughed uneasily to himself; Snow's god-like body was even more magnificent from this angle. The random bursts of light from the lightning radiated off his tan body like a body of water and, oh, how Hope wanted to dive into that water.

"Sure. And kid...Are you gonna stay dressed forever?" Snow laughed; the kid was still as awkward as ever. But it was cute.

"Ah! Right!" Hope shook his embarrassed face as he began to strip from his remaining clothes. Each piece of his outfit hit the floor with a flop, the only sound in the room that could be heard.

Snow watched as the boy's skin began to become more and more revealed. This made him blush himself. Although Hope was still physically small in body mass, he had light signs of muscle tone. This fascinated him, Snow hadn't remembered a time that he was that small.

Once Hope had stripped off all his clothes, he hid his red face with his long, angelic hair. "Wh-What're you staring at?"

"...Beautiful." Snow had never used the word before, but as it left his mouth, it felt right. Hope's eyes widened as his face darkened even more. Any shyness he may have had left as he began to kiss Snow's body.

Every moan that left Snow's mouth gave Hope the courage to go even further, try new things, just to see the reaction he got from the blond under him. He made his way lower down Snow's body, leaving a trail of petal-soft kisses as he went. The moans seem to increase in degree when Hope had reached the end of his journey: the rather large bulge in Snow's pants.

Hope blushed, curiously poking the area, awarding him a throaty grunt of approval from Snow. "D-did I do that?" He wondered outloud, peering down at Snow from underneath his silver bangs.

"Y-yeah." The latter panted, face soon replaced with a small smirk. "Want to take care of it for me?" He asked seductively, grinding up against the boy, clothed groin rubbing against Hope's exposed one, causing much friction between them. Hope moaned loudly, hands automatically going to Snow's shoulders to steady himself.

He shook, the excitement in his body seeming to increase as each second ticked by."But, I-I've never given anyone a..." Hope dared not to finish that sentence, Snow knew what he meant anyway.

"Don't worry, you'll do fine." Snow smiled, and the silverette nodded in reply, hands now nervously fumbling with his pant's buckle. Was this really going to happen? Removing both the belt, and pants, Hope got to marvel at Snow in all his naked glory. Hope already had a feeling with the stature, and size of Snow that his member would be just as impressively large, but still...Knowing that that'd soon be inside him...He couldn't help, but blush furiously.

"Are you just going to gawk at it, or do something?" Snow smirked once more. He loved riling up the kid; he just made it too easy. Hope swallowed the lump that was growing in his throat, as he slowly leaned his head down towards Snow's member, reluctantly licking the pre-cum that began to form on the slit. It tasted really salty, too salty, but Hope found the taste addictive nonetheless, knowing that he was tasting Snow. He took more of the head into his mouth, sucking harder this time. "Y-yeah, that's it." Snow moaned, running his hands through Hope's hair, encouraging him to keep going.

Hope blushed at the heated moan that escaped his elder's lips as he bobbed his head up and down. He really had no clue what he was exactly doing, but he figured if Snow was moaning, he was doing something right. Hope ran his tongue along the member gaining a grunt of pleasure.

"Hoooppee..." Snow moaned as he pushed his member further into the boy's throat. This made Hope want to gag as the tip of Snow poked the back of his throat. He could feel Snow's vein throbbing in his throat harder and harder the more Hope sucked. What would he do when Snow came in his throat? Hope knew for a fact that the sticky, salty substance would not only be hard to swallow, but also completely tear-jerking. Hope couldn't even eat yogurt without wanting to gag.

But his thoughts were answered soon enough as Snow let out a long, desirable moan and his liquid shot into Hope's mouth. Hope moved away from Snow's member and swallowed hard so that the liquid could be forced down his throat.

Snow continued to let out a few moans as his eyes fluttered open and a grin spread across his face. "Best...blowjob...ever..."

Hope wasn't sure how to answer, so he just panted, the semen burning his throat; some remainder of it running down his chin. He never looked so sexy. Snow pulled Hope back up, thumb sweeping over his lips, before leaving a soft kiss over them. "My turn." He whispered, mouth latching onto Hope's earlobe, as his hands lightly pinched his nipples.

Hope arched his back into the touch, strings of moans escaping his pale, pink lips. He could feel the heat build in his midsection, signaling that his time was coming fast.

"S-Snow!" He moaned, digging his nails into his shoulders. "M-more!~" Snow smirked, happily compiling, hand moving to pump his member, the other twisting one of his nipples a bit too roughly. Hope cried out with pleasure, white starting to blur his vision, as his hips subconciously bucked into Snow's hands.

Snow squeezed his throbbing member, as he pumped him even faster, Hope replying with a short gasp/moan. The man did it even faster, and faster; he must've sensed that Hope was close, because he wouldn't let up, didn't slow down. "N-noo, I'm gonna!-" With a loud moan of Snow's name, he came, ribbons of cum surging onto the blond's hand. Snow greedily licked it up, grinning at the boy.

"Mmh, you taste really good, Hope." The boy blushed, panting heavily, body collapsing onto Snow's. Hope had never felt so tired, and happy all at the same time.

He thinks we're done? Cute. Snow resituated him onto his lap, and tapped his fingers against Hope's lips; Hope getting the message, sucked on each one evenly, nibbling on one occasionally. Snow moaned, and pulled them out when he deemed them to be coated with enough saliva.

"This may hurt some, kiddo." Before Hope could even question what the man was about to do, a finger had been pushed inside his entrance, causing him to scream, and hiss out in pain.

"S-stop it, it hurts!" He cried, attempting to push the brute off him. Snow ignored him, inserting a second, third finger, and scissoring them into his tight heat. Tears dotted his sea-green eyes. It hurt, Snow was hurting him, and he didn't care!

"Shhh..." Snow whispered into Hope's ear as he twisted his fingers in him, allowing Hope to get used to the feeling. Hope whined and panted at first, the pain being something he had never felt before. However, as Snow plunged his fingers deeper inside Hope, he began to relax and steadied his breathing. "Does it still hurt?" he breathed into Hope's ear huskily.

"Mmm, yeaa..." Hope moaned back, the pain had turn into a feeling building in the pit of his stomach that he quite frankly liked. Snow could keep his fingers there as long as he wanted. Of course, Snow had other plans in mind.

"Then you're ready~!" Snow removed his fingers from Hope and smirked at him. He motioned towards his erect member and winked.

"Y-you want another blow job?" Hope cocked his eyebrow and head to the side.

"Ha, even better!" Snow laughed and grabbed Hope's hips, lifting him up and onto his erection. He moaned from the sudden heat surrounding the sensitive area and arched his back; he never had this feeling when connecting with Serah. What was this feeling?

Hope, on the other hand, did not have the same feeling of enjoyment. It hurt worse than the fingers. In fact, this was like being ripped in two. "S-snow it hurts..." he whimpered and placed his hands against the male's chest.

"You'll get used to it." Snow promised him, kissing his forehead, and waiting for the young virign to adjust to him being inside. "Let me know when you want me to move." A minute or so later, Hope pushed himself down more, wincing slightly. Snow helped him out, by setting his hands on the boy's hips, giving him full control.

He pushed himself farther, the farthest he could, and moaned loudly when Snow's member had brushed up against that bundle of nerves inside him. Hope bit his lip, thrusting down once again onto Snow, more moans ripping out of his throat. The pain had nearly melted away now, replaced with new, pleasurable sensations. Snow thrusted up to meet his; they slowly built up a rhythm, Hope's moans the music.

"Y-you're so tight!" Snow grunted, thrusting harder up against the boy, now aiming for his weak point. By the third thrust, he had found it. Hope screamed with pleasure, hooking his arms around Snow's neck, and gripping his blond locks.

"Ahh!~ Snow!" To increase the pleasure, the blond reached for Hope's member, pumping it in time with his thrusts. Hope's moans escalated in volume with every touch, every wave of ecstasy that crashed through him; his orgasm was approaching fast.

Snow could feel himself getting close to his end. With every thrust into Hope, he inched closer and closer to his orgasm. The sudden anxiousness caused him to break the rhythm he was following and speed up in both thrusting and pumping. He was rewarded with his name being moaned by his current mate.

"S-s...SNOW!" Hope moaned loudly as he wrapped his arms tighter around Snow's and released himself. The substance covered the two men but neither seemed to care the slightest.

"Fuh-few more..." Snow grunted as he brought Hope up and down faster, thrusting himself a few more times before letting loose. He fell onto his back. He felt high, his head was completely blank and his eyes were rolled to the back of his head.

Hope found himself laying on top of Snow as the liquid oozed out him. They were both out of breath, but completely at ease. "That was..."

"Great." Snow finished and rubbed the top of Hope's head.

Hope smiled up at him, and hugged his waist, burying his face in the crook of Snow's warm neck. "Thank you."

Snow blinked in confusion, then smiled back at him. "No need to thank me. I'd do it again." He stroked Hope's cheek with the back of his hand; an adorable blush rose up the boy's cheeks in response. Snow never ceased to amaze him.

The phone rang beside him, shattering the moment. Hope-seeing as how he was the closest-reached over, and picked it up, pressing it to his ear. "Hello?"

"HOPE! WHERE ARE YOU, I'VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR YOU-" Hope pulled the phone away from his ear, the angry, loud, but motherly voice on the other line nearly shattering his ear drums.

It was none other than Lightning, of course. He had forgotten all about her; who know's how long she had been looking for him. If she found out what he had been doing, both him, and Snow would get chewed out by her.

Concidently, a crack of lightning lit up the sky at that moment. Hope took it as a silent sign that she was slowly approaching them. He put the phone back to his ear.

"I uh- had to go to the store...and...it started to rain so I stopped...at Snow's house...since...it was the closest..." He lied, not the slightest bit convincing. Snow cocked his eyebrow at him and mouthed 'who is it' to Hope, who returned the question with 'Light'.

"WHA-WHY ARE YOU AT SNOW'S HOUSE? HOPE, HE JUST HURT SERAH! YUJ LIVES NEAR THERE, WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST GO THERE...Ahhh, sit still, I'll come pick you up." Hope heard her sigh.

"Ah, no it's ok! I can walk home in the morning..."

"No Hope! I'm coming now so don't you fall asleep!" She hung up now, leaving the beeping sound to echo is little Hope's ear. He lowered the phone and sighed, sitting up in the bed with his head hanging.

"What's up?" Snow sat up next to Hope and nudged the shooken boy who just sighed.

"Lightning...She's coming to get me..." He looked down, realizing the mess on his chest. "AH! What am I going to do?" His head fell into his hands knowing that when Lightning came home and found this situation, she'd kill them both.

Snow contemplated their dilema for a moment before devising a plan. "Hope, go take a shower." He scanned the floor for Hope's clothes, seeming to blend in with the rest that littered the ground. He finally found them, then tossed them over to him. "I'll take care of Light, alright?"

Hope was about to answer, but was ushered out the door in seconds. Sighing again, he walked into the bathroom, and turned the shower on to the maximum hotness; he always loved taking hot showers. Stepping inside, he let the warm water wash away any evidence of the past 2 hours he spent with Snow.

Meanwhile, Lightning had arrived at Snow's house moments later, and was standing at his doorstep, black umbrella in hand. "If he even so much as touched Hope, he's dead..." She knocked on the door with her free hand, and waited for someone to open the door.

Snow quickly fumbled into his closet and pulled his long white coat over him and slid on a pair of pants. Lightning was impatiently knocking on the door, each pound getting louder.

"SNOW, OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!" She yelled and tried to open the door, the sound of the locked knob echoing throughout the house.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Snow yelled before knocking on the bathroom door. "Hope hurry up, your favorite lady is here." He laughed and made his way to the front door where he was met with a very stern looking Lightning.

"Where's Hope? And don't give me any stupid excuses." She growled and waved her fist in the man's face.

"Wouldn't you like some coffee or tea first?"

"NO! HOPE?" She brushed by the large man and looked around the house. "SO help me spira if I found out you did ANYTHING to that boy-"

"I'm ok, Lightning! Just in the bathroom." Hope yelled from in the bathroom. He knew he couldn't face the woman with a soaked head. Unfortunately, Snow didn't give him a towel to dry off with. He was stranded, in the bathroom, with Lightning waiting out front.

He could hear Lightning's steps slowly approaching where he was now, the almost thunderous noise even heavier against the quiet in the house, louder than his erratic heartbeats. What could he do; he was trapped, physically, and emotionally. The way he looked at it, he had a choice to make.

"Hope you better come out right this instant." Lightning banged on the bathroom door, her voice getting louder and louder.

"..." Hope froze for a second and thought about the situation. Would he rather leave here, get in trouble with Lightning, and have to see the ugly creature named Serah or somehow hint that he'd want to stay here. Snow did say he'd want to be with Hope again. So maybe, just maybe, there was a shot that Hope could stay here.


"NO!...No...I won't open the door! Lightning...I...I LOVE SNOW. AND IM STAYING HERE!" He errupted, his usually quiet voice echoed loudly like a lions roar for dominance.

"W-what?" Lightning's voice cracked from the other side.

"That-thats right. I'm not leaving. So...You can leave. But I'm staying!"

"WHAT'D SNOW DO TO YOU?" Hope could tell that Lightning had found her way to Snow at this point. He couldn't let her hurt him...He just couldn't. He ran out of the bathroom, soaked to the bone in water, and threw himself in between the two adults.

"NO! DON'T HURT HIM!" He threw his arms out protectively and shook his head. "Pl-please leave." Lightning stared at the two and sucked her teeth.

"Fine, Hope. Live here, see if that bothers me any." And with that, the strawberry blonde had found herself outside once again.

"I...I can stay here right? I didn't even ask." Hope laughed uneasily to himself, the sudden burst of confidence was like no other. Snow smiled and hugged him around his tiny waist.

"Forever and always."

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