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Absurd Distractions

Part Eighteen: Quick Lullaby

Kagome knew she couldn't cry and worry for Inuyasha forever. She had to think of something to get out of this situation and rescue him, even if Sesshoumaru silently kept his plans to himself - as expected, and only wanted to involve her in his schemes unless it suited him.

Sniffling slightly, she narrowed her eyes at the imp who seemed to enjoy making her cry. He leered at her with mangled brown teeth, and she had to suppress a shudder.

Upon closer inspection, she realized something about this particular imp youkai. While she was learning about all the youkai in her priestess training with Kaede, she remembered this kind specifically.

"A priestess' voice, no matter how terrible, can affect this imp in an advantageous way," Kaede had said.

Of course, she thought. Without hesitating, Kagome could only try her theory, and she did. She started slowly, humming a pop tune from her time, Utada Hikaru to be exact, and she watched closely as the imp's eyes widened and ears perked up. When she opened her mouth and the lyrics of the song poured from her lips, the imp's eyes became glazed over and soon, heavy.

Satisfied by the imp's quick snoring, Kagome continued to hum lightly to keep the spell going. She turned to Sesshoumaru, whom was intrigued (in which Kagome translated as mildly impressed) and she sung to him very melodiously without interference from the sleeping imp.

"So what do you have planned against this demon collector boss?"