Author's Note: My apologies concerning the very late arrival of this story! I didn't have time to work on it as quickly as I had originally thought. It's finally here though, the sequel to Sue: Which is the World for me? Enjoy!

Sue's POV

"Kanpachi!" I called up to the attic. "Time for breakfast!"

Kanpachi appeared at the top of the stairs. "One minute Sue," he responded sleepily. "I'll be right there."

I wandered in to the kitchen, where the smell of fresh eggs and bacon teased my sensitive nose. Kazuma was already seated at the table, utensils in hand, and mom stood by the stove, preparing a hearty breakfast for us all.

Breakfast was set out for us just as Kanpachi arrived from upstairs. The two of us, (being mimigas) sprinkled our meals with flower petals before digging in.

Oh, and if you're confused about details like where we are, who Kanpachi is, and why I'm a mimiga rather than a human, you obviously haven't read the first part of this little tale of mine. You may want to look at that first for a little insight about a few key details. (Check the author's note up top.) Otherwise, you're going to be terribly confused…

But enough about that. It's all water under the bridge. Let's focus on today.

I guess, in all fairness, I should bring you up to speed on everything that has happened since my last big adventure ended. As you probably remember, Kanpachi and I had fallen in love, and my mom had agreed to allow our family to remain on the island. Professor Booster stuck around as well, as he had begun to develop his own little romance with the kindly old witch, Jenka. Mom and Kazuma left briefly after these decisions were made, so that they could return home and pack all their research supplies, (a scientist's work is never done…) and then they returned here, and the three of us took to living in the big old building that had once been Arthur's house.

Kanpachi had also begun to live with us, and although he lived up in the 3rd story Attic, he joined us for meals, and, of course, spent a great deal of time with me out in the village.

Professor Booster came and went. Sometimes we didn't see him for a week at a time. He and Jenka had teamed up in a most unusual combination of study, exploring both the natural science of the island, and the magical secrets and effects it had, and how they were present in each of us. Hard science was new to Jenka, but of course magic was even more foreign to Professor Booster, yet the two had managed to balance two very different (and seemingly opposing) ideas very harmoniously.

This whole unusual viewpoint on things had a profound effect on the Professor's attitude as well. He had never been a particularly friendly or sociable person before, but now he greeted us with cheer and was eager to talk to us about… well anything. Perhaps he felt he had finally found his true purpose in life, only half of which he had known before, and as a result, his mood toward others greatly improved.

So anyway, three happy months passed in this fashion, leading up to this particular morning, which started out no different than any other. Standard conversation about mom's and Kazuma's recent research findings started around the breakfast table.

One thing Kazuma had been looking into was the mimiga lifestyle how it compared to that of humans. This had been going well, since Kanpachi, who unlike me was born a mimiga, was able to describe various complex aspects of mimiga behavior with ease.

But today, Kazuma expressed an opinion on some recent findings that surprised us all.

"So," he said, through a mouthful of half-chewed eggs. "I catalogued some further data, but I realized that, despite Sue and Kanpachi's significant help, I think my project is about to hit a barrier. I have a great deal of information already, but I'm not sure I can get any more through simple observation."

"So what do you intend to do?" Mom asked. "Wouldn't you just consider the project done at that point?"

"Oh, no," said Kazuma. "It's just time to take a more in depth approach. Mimigas are not like animals; they're a civilization. And usually the best way that humans have learned about other human civilizations is by temporarily living among them."

I think I was the first one who caught on.

"Kazuma… you aren't saying…"

Kazuma grinned before finishing his proposal. "I think the most effective way forward in this project is to get myself turned into a mimiga."

Mom froze, her fork suspended halfway between the plate and her mouth. "Kazuma," she said after a bit. "I'm not sure that would be the very best idea. I mean, what if, like Sue, you no longer want to be human afterwards?"

"I'll get the transformation done by Jenka, rather than Misery," he said simply. "Her spell would be both more thorough, and more easily reversible in full once my study is complete."

Mom looked awfully displeased, but we both knew Kazuma wouldn't be swayed when it came to research methods. She finally agreed.

Kanpachi and I glanced at each other. Kazuma, as a mimiga? We both wondered what that would be like.

As if on cue, Professor Booster and Jenka strode in, dropping by to say hello before disappearing on their next excursion.

"Hello!" Professor Booster said cheerfully as he shuffled up to the table. "How are you all today?"

"Great, Professor!" I said, and Kanpachi nodded in agreement. (His mouth was full of food.) "And what about you professor?"

"Just fine!" he answered. "Jenka and I have come across some fascinating things, I can't wait to tell your mom all about it."

"Sounds good," I said. "But first, Kazuma has a little request for Jenka."

"Oh?" asked Jenka, turning to Kazuma. Knowing Jenka, she probably already knew what he wanted, but she would make him say it anyway.

"Hello, Jenka." Said Kazuma. "I actually wanted to know if you could transform me into a mimiga to help with my mimiga research project."

Jenka smiled. "I assume that means you'd want it to be reversible, correct?"

"Yes, definitely!" Kazuma assured her. "I just want to live as a mimiga temporarily, not forever!"

"Very well, a simple transformation of the body is all you require then," the witch responded. "Much easier than the strong magic that has transformed Sue. She's a mimiga inside and out now."

Jenka stepped outside and motioned for us to follow. "I can't wait to see this," I said, climbing from my chair. "Wait for me," Kanpachi urged, as he swallowed the last forkful of breakfast and followed. Mom and Booster of course followed as well.

Jenka held out her hands expectantly. Kazuma hesitated for a brief moment, and then placed his palms on hers, and he was engulfed in a sphere of white light. We all shielded our eyes from the glare, eager to see what would come forth when the light finally dimmed.