I believe I owe you guys an apology for disappearing without a trace for a year.

Basically, the first thing that stopped me writing this story was a computer crash. That put this out of commission for a few weeks.

Then… I got into a whole bunch of other things.

Truth be told, I ended up abandoning this story for a while, and that while turned into a year.

One thing that has kept me busy for half of that is another fanfiction. It is not uploaded here, it is under a different username, and I will not be letting you guys know what or where it is.

But let's put it this way: This story has gotten me, what one or two thousand collective views over a year? Maybe?

This other one has been in progress for 5 months. And my pageviews for it? Try 65,000.

BUT the fact that I have a huge new fanbase somewhere else doesn't mean I should abandon the little one I have here.

Sometime in the next 2-ish months, I'll finally have time to get back to this. And once I put a new chapter up, I plan to finish it out. I promise. There's only 8 chapters or so to go anyway, and these chapters are so short compared to the ones in this other thing I'm writing, I could finish the story pretty quickly.

Again, I'm sorry. I know I've probably lost a lot of you permanently. But I am coming back. Eventually.