A/N I'd like to try something a little different, so I will be engaging in the longest fanfic I have ever written. Each chapter will be a drabble based on a title from a song used in Glee (not the lyrics, just the title), and I will be using every song that has ever been used in Glee (provided that it is listed on iTunes).

Some will be long and some will be short. I won't be using the same characters every time, but Rachel does feature in most of them because she is one of my favourite characters. Pairings will vary from chapter to chapter and no chapter will be directly related to another. Not every chapter will have the same genre; some will be romance, some will be tragedy, some will be hurt/comfort, there's even one supernatural in there somewhere, anything really.

I'll give a short introduction for each drabble at the beginning of each chapter. They won't be in any particular order, so I guess you won't know what's coming next!

CHAPTER ONE: You Can't Always Get What You Want

Characters: Cherry!unrequited

Summary: Spending time around her does him in. he's really not that quiet…it's just that every time he sees her face, he momentarily forgets how to speak.

He remembers being a little kid with a crush on his second grade teacher. She was kind of short, compared to the other grown-ups, but she had the loveliest brown hair and even prettier brown eyes.

Maybe he's just always had a type.

Because now he finds himself staring at the only girl in Glee Club who has the same chocolate coloured hair and the same diminutive stature.

He remembers when he first started to fall for her, and look at her as more than that loud girl who, thankfully, never spoke to him. He had been in Glee for about a month when he first started to feel a little bit bouncier when he looked at her. About half a month after that was when he started to notice the butterflies. Then a mere week after that, he got a little giddy and light-headed when she smiled at him…or near him…or at all.

He wants nothing more than to be able to go up and talk to her, but every time he gets close enough to her, he's able to smell the vanilla shampoo she uses (It's always been his favourite smell), and it leaves him incapacitated and slightly resembling some slack-jawed yokel. So he keeps his distance. He can do that. Easy.

Except it's not quite as simple as that, because when she starts dating Finn (for real, not just behind Quinn's back), his heart breaks a little and he's dieing inside. He hates going to Glee practice when he has to see them together, and he's glad that he's sort of known for not talking, because at least he doesn't have to contribute anything. It's when he actually gets really mad at Finn (internally, of course) for breaking Rachel's heart that he realises just how far this has gone and that he's in too deep to keep distance. That's why he looks so happy, albeit shocked, that she points him out to help in her 'Fuck You' to Finn, and why he never takes his eyes off her. The boy is a damn fool for letting her go, and he's going to scoop her up before he comes to his senses.

But things don't always go to plan, so when he finally get up the courage to ask her on a date, he gets told by Santana and Brittany that Rachel is dating Jesse St James. Rachel never gets the mix-tape that he spent hours perfecting. He thought that it would be kind of perfect for her…but then he supposes that he's just not perfect for her.

He endures every minute of her happiness in silence, because whatever makes her happy makes him happy (or at least he tries to convince himself of that). He nearly punches Jesse St James' face right off when he has the gall to transfer to McKinley, but Rachel's dazzling smile keeps him seated. He does have to admit, though, that Jesse is kind of perfect for her. They have endless similarities and he is clearly talented enough to keep Rachel satisfied. So when Jesse defects back to Vocal Adrenalin, Rachel is that much more heartbroken, and it makes him feel a little sick.

When Puck calls on the guys to "go all Braveheart" on Vocal Adrenalin after they attacked Rachel with eggs in the parking lot, he immediately flashes into a white hot rage and doesn't hesitate to charge out of the room in the lead. If Mr Schue hadn't walked in at that exact second, they would have had to scrape St James off the floor with a spatula. No one treats Rachel like that and gets away with it. He doesn't know what he's going to do, because he doesn't want to risk getting expelled or anything, so he just funnels his energies into the Funk number that they are going to shove in Carmel's faces.

When they actually go to Regionals, he slips away from the group to go and tell Rachel how pretty she looks, but just as he's about to approach her, she walks towards Finn and he says, "I love you," to her, and his heart nearly implodes. But then suddenly he realises just how fine he is cutting it, and he runs backstage to join the rest of New Directions. Matt gives him a look, but says nothing. Something tells him that Matt knows about his feelings, but, like a dutiful bro, he hasn't said anything to her. Unfortunately he also hasn't helped in any way either.

The first thing to flash through his mind when Vocal Adrenalin wins first place is that he'll never see Rachel again. The second thing is that he's over-reacting.

But then…he's sort of not. Because if he can't see Rachel on a regular basis anymore, then he might just die. Inside.

He has never wanted anything more in his entire life. He doesn't think he'll ever want anything like this again. He's wrong of course, because he does go on to marry, but at that moment in his teenage life, he is sure that he will never forget the brown-haired girl from Glee who he loves so much that it hurts.