Hello, this is SS19! This struck me faster than Zeus's lightning! Thank you, Athena…you gave me this idea…a Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Pokemon Special crossover! This is just a character introduction and character background. Specialshipping…Hey, did you notice? Percabeth! Did you notice how Red and Percy are so oblivious? They might be a bit OOC, depending on who they are. I have also made up new powers for them to have that do not exist in the PJO world.

Disclaimer: Nope. If I owned PJO and PokeSpe, then lets just say I would have the Son of Neptune now and specialshipping would be canon.


Age: 12

Son of: Poseidon

Eyes: Blue-Green-Brown (Ocean+sand)


Age: 11

Daughter of: Athena

Eyes: Amber-grey


Age: 12

Daughter of: Hermes

Eyes: Blue


Age: 13

Son of: Aphrodite...

Eyes: Green/Blue/Brown

Yellow's 'biography'

When I was young, I lost my mom. Not that I really cared-I knew she was Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom and battle, so it wasn't like she died. To add to that, I was born in the Viridian Forest and I was gifted with the powers of the forest. So much for the battle part of Athena, though. I've always had grey-ish hazel eyes due to having Athena and the forest's blessing. GG Optometry, an optometry place for kids with unusual eyes because of their parentage, supplied my contacts. Now my eyes are just hazel. My dad, he was kind, but I always knew…he was afraid of me.

Blue's 'biography'

Always, being a kid of Hermes, I made a living stealing. Mother was taken away from me…and I was taken away by a huge bird. Now I'm afraid of birds. Bad, huh? Father is the God of Messengers, too, so…birds. All I know is that a son of Aphrodite is on my side. And he's pretty nice.

Green's 'biography'

…I can't believe my father, son of Samuel Oak, would marry Aphrodite. I am nothing like her. I love battle and don't care about dirty-ness. I have a sister, too, but she's like me, not a slut that Aphrodite must be. I've met a daughter of Hermes. She's pretty obnoxious, but other than that, she's fine.

Green's POV

"I guess no one will find us here," Daisy sighed, as we huddled in front of the fire we had hastily lit. We were hidden under the Vermilion's dock. (Bear with me, I have to have a dock somewhere!)

"With the smoke, I doubt we'll be found," I replied sarcastically, earning a glare from my sister.

"Green, try and be upbeat. With luck, we'll make it to Camp Half-Blood-"

"Daisy, Camp Half-Blood in the middle of the Viridian Forest."

"As I was saying before you rudely interrupted, we'll make it to Camp Half-Blood alive, and maybe bring some lost half-bloods with us!" She scowled.

"First things first, we need to get food," I stood up, ready to gather some pecha and sitrus berries.

"I've got that covered," Daisy brought out some canned sitrus berries.

I crinkled my nose up. "Those are horrible canned."

She shrugged, then proceeded to open them with a stick she had found under the dock. Finally we began to eat the small morsels one bye one, me more reluctant than she. After all, canned sitrus berries were juicier than regular ones, but had lost their flavor in the process. Who likes bitter/bland berries that has lots of bitter/bland juice?

"I'll take the first shift," I said, and she nodded tiredly. She curled up into a ball on the sand, drifting off immediately. I smirked at her sleepiness, while I was alert. I couldn't even think of sleep right now. 'Guess Aphrodite didn't pass down her 'beauty sleep' habits to me.

I sat down on a rock, ready for anybody-from policemen to my grandfather, even. I only knew that my grandfather was a 'seeing' mortal. I don't know why he wanted us to stay with him, but I was going to get to Camp Half-Blood, not stay around with him. I can't honestly say I miss my dad. I don't even remember him. But I guess I do hold a grudge against my dead-in-the-underworld father. He made me have this life, marrying Aphrodite. And why Aphrodite? Couldn't he have married a better Goddess, if he had to at all?

I heard foot steps in the sand, breaking my trail of thought. I turned to where the sound was coming from. I saw a girl around my age with long brown hair and blue eyes. She looked tired and bruised. I stayed silent, hoping she wouldn't notice me. She suddenly turned to my direction, seeing me. Drat, I had forgotten that the fire was still left. We didn't bother to put out the fire.

I knew that hiding wasn't the best idea, so I stood my ground. But she didn't look like she would call anyone. I asked quizzically, "Who are you?"

She answered in a somewhat high voice, "Why should I trust you, stranger?"

"Maybe because you're barging into my sister and my campsite?"

"Ha, really?"

"Yeah, and-LOOK OUT!" I yelled as a strange blur just narrowly got us.

"It's a empousa!" My sister said, suddenly out of her slumber. (Did I spell that right?)

"Grrr…I don't have any weapons!"

"KYAHH!" the girl screamed.

For a second, a flash-or maybe a vision-appeared in my eyes: A girl much like the girl here, except older, and me, older, too. We were standing on a hill with a big pine tree. That was it, and the vision disappeared as quickly as it appeared. But one thing was clear: I couldn't let this girl die.


The empousa was the most vicious one you probably have ever seen. If you have ever seen one. Her twin Seviper tails glistened with poison, and her long, black hair was unruly. She held a spear and a shield that reflected the fire's flames.

Green's eyes glowed a kaleidoscope color, and this sickening smell-well, to the empousa-filled the air. To Daisy, it smelt like her favorite scent, pine. To the girl, the scent of sweets and cookies filled nostrils.

The empousa collapsed due to lack of air-as it simply could not stand this sickening stench-and Green collapsed as well.

"Green!" Daisy shook him and he groaned, muttering, "Grampa, just a minute!"

"He's fine," Daisy told the girl, though she didn't ask. "So what are you doing out here-"

"Are you two demigods?" the girl asked.

Daisy was shocked for a second, then regained her cool. "Well, your name first, Missy!"


"Well, we are demigods, Blue. How about you?"

"Same. Parentage? Probably Aphrodite, huh?"

"Yep. How could you tell?"

"Your eyes."

"Okay, but yours?"

"Hermes. Do you want to travel to Camp Half-Blood with me?"

"I want to," Daisy answered as Green woke up, "But I need to go back to Grampa's lab."

"WHAT?" Green spluttered, bolting upright.

"You guys will be going to Camp by yourself. As much as I hate to say it, but without my help, you'll survive in Camp more-I think." Daisy promptly collected her things and headed towards the lab.

"So…should we head to Viridian?" Blue played with a stick, poking the embers of the fire. Within minutes, the fire burst to life, causing Blue to jump back.

"Sure," Green chuckled, earning a glare from Blue.

They sat by the fire, ready for anything-I think.

Well, certainly, they weren't ready for anything, for the sun rose just as Blue was drifting off into dreamland.

"Blue, we need to head to Camp."

"Hnn…just…little rest…"

"They're going to find us here."

Blue woke up without a problem after Green said that. They knew their destination: Viridian Forest.

And with their supposed 'legal adult' gone, they just had to rely on wit, brain, and each other.

Especially each other.

But, we don't want to end the chapter on that sappy phrase, do we? So I shall continue this and end it on a very-not-suspense-filled cliffhanger. Just kidding.

But seriously! The chapter is still going on here. See?

They were slowly walking towards the Viridian Forest. Right now, they were in the middle of a heated argument.

"How're we supposed to find the Camp? DO you know your way around the Viridian?" Blue shot at Green with her shotgun.

"Well," Green loaded his pistol. (Not literally.) "I may not, but we should find our way. We are demigods."


"Maybe, but I was meaning to ask you. How did I pass out?"

"Er…your eyes…glowed…and this really nice fragrance could be smelt. Seemed like the empousa didn't like it."

"Uh…so…like a favorite-smells-perfume thing?"

"Yeah. 'Guess that's what the kids of Aphrodite do, huh?"

Green stayed silent. Sure, he had assumed that Aphrodite spent all her time prettying herself, but that strange perfume thing was actually a good weapon-at least until he got a real one.

That brought another discussion-not an argument-up between the two demigods. They were bonding! Well, they were asking questions about each other anyway.

"How old are you?" Green asked. "I'm 13."


An awkward silence formed between the two. Their age differences, for some reason, made things more tense for the two, while before this they were more…relaxed.

"What weapon do you want once you can choose?" Green spoke up again, tugging at his sleeve.

"Probably…arrows. You?" Blue replied, playing with a strand of hair.

"Uh, maybe knife? Dagger? Wait…how come arrows?"

"I…" Blue explained how she had been kidnapped by the Mask of Ice when she had been really young. The Mask of Ice was known to kidnap kids that had potential. "I'm afraid of birds because of that."

"Oh. So arrows to aim up high just in case?"


"So…where are we?" asked Green, leaning against a tree.

"Er…I don't know…"

"IIIEEE!" echoed through the trees. This caught their attention.

"Who screamed?" Green was immediately on the guard.

"Who knows? C'mon!" Blue started running towards the sound.

Running through a forest you don't know the way through was hard. But eventually, they made their way through the trees and bushes.

As they both came into the clearing where they were positive the scream had been from, they bumped into each other and fell down. Green was the first up, and Blue stood up as well. They saw a small blonde girl cowering, her eyes full of fear.

Cowering from what? Oh, it was only a Minotaur.

Wait, a Minotaur?

This wasn't good.

Sorry if the monsters were not original. I think this story will have long chapters, considering the length of this one. I mean, it was pretty long in my writing. I changed my font size to 14 and it's about 7 pages long! 8D You can probably guess who the girl was, right?

On a side-note, the current dude, not MATO, that illustrates Pokespe, makes the dex-holder dudes look like those manga guys fangirls shriek at! Seriously. I was rereading the Emerald saga, and when I saw Gold, I was like, "WTH? He looks like the kawaii manga dudes!" I was so creeped out. BIG TIME.