PokeSpe Percy Jackson

Chapter 5: Reality Check

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Ages: Green, Blue, and Red are 16 (yes, old, so they should be hunted, but the reasons will be explained)

Yellow is 15

Johto is 13

WARNINGS: Will have (if not now, in the future): swearing, teen pregnancy (no actually things, but you'll see. If you want, PM me), dark scenes. This'll take a darker turn than the two original series.

Green is the son of the love goddess, Blue the daughter of the thief/messenger god, Red the god of the sea, and Yellow the goddess of wisdom. Feel free to PM me for questions.


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"What?" sputtered Yellow, her mouth agape and eyes wide.

Chiron nodded, smiling. "We've found more demigods. In the Johto region! Satyrs have requested the newest get them, as they're having trouble." Flipping through a few neatly paper clipped files, he read names and held up pictures of the demigods.

"Crystal Elm. Daughter of Prof Elm, a friend of mine. Godly parent: Athena." He held a picture of a girl with blue hair in two pigtails. She had star earrings and was smiling while observing the cosmos with her father. She held the telescope in her fingers while standing next to Prof Elm. "She'll come willingly. Just not with the satyr we appointed-Eusine. She said he was hitting on her."

Blue listened, smirking slightly when she heard the predicament.

Flipping through a few pages, Chiron pursed his lips and sighed. "Next, Gold Hibiki. Unknown godly parent, however, presumed to be Apollo or Hermes. Troublemaker and gambler." Chiron shook his head and held the picture up. A boy with black hair and a spiky bang over his eye was mid-smile, almost like he was laughing but tried to stop when the satyr snapped the photo.

"And the last," Chiron said, "is a curious one indeed. Silent, dark-all the satyr knows is his name, Silver, and what he looks like, from the local newspaper. We have no guesses of his godly heritage, be it father or mother."

It was now Blue's turn to be surprised, and she immediately volunteered for the quest. Yellow looked at her skeptically, but did not question. She simply looked a Chiron.

Chiron was a bit surprised, but he nodded. "The Oracle will have to speak with you," he said, and a passing demigod gave the four pitying looks.

"The Oracle?" Yellow asked, surprised. She had heard tall tales about the Oracle; was she a beautiful Nereid (water nymph/spirit), a wise old grandma, or a time-traveling spirit?

Chiron nodded, his expression grim. "I'll show you to her," he said, his voice stiff. He galloped towards the main house and looked back, where the four friends were still looking at him strangely. "Come."

In truth, they all had various thoughts racing frantically through their heads. Green, for one, who was good at reading people (especially when it came to signs of affection), had heard a mix of bitterness, love, and hatred all in the words Chiron had spoken. However he did not possess a psychic ability, so he could not deduce why the centaur would feel that way.

Blue was trying to get Green's attention. Unfortunately for her, Green was too preoccupied on one pressing matter. He would have to learn to contemplate various things at once. For the girl, who had trusted her mother for years (but was betrayed), had only her previously-in her eyes-villian brother to rely on for a year (then watch helplessly as he was possibly killed), then had made friends with a two year old, did not trust easily. She felt compelled, though, to trust the spiky haired son of Aphrodite. Perhaps it was his perfume attack? (As lame as the attack sounded, it was also able to induce certain feelings in people, perhaps calming or provoking them.)

Red was attempting to ignore the brunette's flirty antics. He may have grown up on the streets, but he saw girls doing various actions to capture a male's eye. Blue may not have realized it, but she was doing exactly as he had seen with females walking to or from school with their love interests. By pressing both arms firmly against her chest, and leaning closely while making small talk with her target. She even went as far as to slightly push up against him. That usually got the boy's attention, but Red was almost sure Green was not the typical-


It got his attention.

Poor guy, his mother just poked him.

Yellow was trying to paint a mental picture of who the Oracle may be. He knew that the previous Oracle was a young girl named Bellezza, who had lived in Italy, a country (a name for huge towns in the Earth region. Of all of the regions, the Earth region was the biggest) in the Earth region*. She was a famous one, not for her important prophecies (the pokemon in the forest had snickered at that idea), but because of her scandalous behavior. She had become Oracle at the tender age of 12, and recited a few small prophecies concerning demigod missions (she had moved to Kanto), but besides that, her looks and headline capturing acts were what kept her name known 50 years after her death.

Everyone, including her family, always pampered her and showered her with compliments. Bellezza was a pretty girl; curly, sandy locks, bright blue eyes, fair skin, pink lips, a natural blush, slim, attractive body-but she let it all go to her head. Adding to that, she was an important mortal, thus her head began to swell. When she was 18, she met Hades in his mortal form. She had had plenty of boyfriends (but, in the end, she knew they could not have her. She merely enjoyed toying with their hearts), but seeing the god, she thought that she could betray the rule that every Oracle had to follow-no marriage and absolutely no children.

Try as she might, Hades knew she was the Oracle. She tried desperately to seduce him, but Hades knew of the terrors that would come. He glared at her icily before disappearing. That left her furious that the gods denied her someone as perfect as he. How dare they! She had served them, yet they did not let her marry? That was what ultimately sealed her fate. The three sisters that controlled her life were urged to snap the string, so they could find a new Oracle. The spirit of Delphi** surely would love to have a new host. The trio, though, had planned her life so that by the time she died, she would be made even more miserable in the Underworld.

In the years that passed, most celebrity newspapers had blazing titles that contained her name. 'BELLEZZA, THE BEAUTY OF KANTO, CAUGHT CHEATING ON A MAN IN AN ALLEY!' was one of them. She had intercourse with many men and made her living so. She even went as far as to become pregnant with a random client. The Oracle decided that her host had gone downhill far enough. In the middle of an interview, Bellezza collapsed from abusing various drugs. Medical specialists rushed her to rehab, and then, the Fates snapped her string of life. Fortunately, the gods felt pity for her child (mostly Athena, who felt that by saving the kid they could keep future Oracles from going down the same fate), thus they asked at the court in the Underworld what Bellezza felt of them saving her fetus.

They probably shouldn't have expected better, but she screamed at them. "HOW DARE YOU SAVE IT! YOU SHOULD SAVE ME FIRST!"

That earned heavy punishment for eternity. Her punishment was for her to live the life of an ugly woman, who was scorned for her unsightly features, and by married to an abusive man. Her children all were beautiful, but they scorned her as well. The woman's soul was sent to the fields of the Underworld, where she was happier.

This tale was told to Yellow repeatedly by various pokemon. She loved hearing stories, but this one she disliked.

"Yellow?" Red asked, lightly tapping her shoulder. She blinked and was met by the door of the big house. She thought for that long?


"You know," a nurse murmured, "you shouldn't be up and walking yet. You just woke from a 9 year comatose a few months ago."

"Yes, I know," a brown haired boy-no, man-replied. "I…just…I need to rescue my sister."

"Be thankful you're alive!" the nurse shook her head. "If someone hadn't heard the screaming and seen the huge bird pokemon, you would be dead."

The man turned his brown eyes towards the nurse. "How do I even pay for a 9 year comatose, anyway?"

"Your mother died later that year," the woman told him. "We recognized you to be the son of Dominic H. Yamamoto and Yosuke Yamamoto. Both your parents are now dead; but, as you know, your father's stock company is still quite profitable. You were left with quite a fortune."

"…so, what year is it again?"

"You're 29, Tommie."

Tommie nodded. His back still hurt insanely from time to time, and his left leg was broken. He had suffered severe memory loss, but he still remembered some of his fonder memories, while he was on the run with his step-sister…Blue? Yes, that was her name. He didn't exactly know what caused him to go into comatose, but when he awoke, Blue was nowhere and the hospital staff informed him of her disappearance.

The arranged marriage between his parents saved his life, though. The king of stocks and the queen of cosmetic companies? They were the ultimate money duo. If Blue had thought that her mother deserved riches but did not want them, she was wrong.

For she had been filthy rich, but decided to drink to chip away the money she had taken for granted.


"Here is the oracle," Chiron said, his tone defeated. Green mentally took note of all this as he looked at the woman sitting on the rocking chair.

She looked to be about eighty-four. Her hair was greyed, but her face still held some of her youthful beauty. Her eyes were a warm green and her smile was big.

"Ahh, Daniel, you've brought guests," the woman said warmly, her hand reaching towards their faces.

Chiron looked at her face sadly. "It's not Daniel, Linda. It's Chiron."

The senile woman waved her wizened hand dismissively. "Okay, Daniel. What have they young ones come her for?"

The centaur made no attempt to correct her, his fiery tail swishing sadly. He cleared his throat and said, "They've come to visit."

Her wrinkled face broke into a huge grin. "Ohh, how nice, Daniel!" she cried, "I'll get the tea and cookies!"

Red, who was not good with people, bluntly asked, " Why?"

The old centaur merely sighed tiredly. "A story for another time."

The ancient woman did not hear anything of the exchange. She was busily gathering the cookies and tea onto a platter. Her hands were firmly holding onto a platter of almond sugar cookies when her grip slackened and the plate shattered to the floor. Startled, the demigods looked up to see the woman's eyes bloodshot as she gripped Chiron's arms.

"Daniel!" she cried, her voice cracking at the high, desperate pitch it had changed to, "Save me! It's coming again!"

He only looked at her sadly before the green mist of the Oracle consumed the slightly insane old lady. "I cannot," he said finally.

Green mist spewed from her slightly ajar mouth.

Yellow's skin crawled. This presence felt ancient, snakelike…almost as if she was a cunning old woman that could charm you into doing anything. As if her words held such power, you had no choice but to follow. She supposed this was true; after all, the Oracle told fate.

"There is a reason why intelligence is called bright,

And why the sea may quench anger's flame.

Cunning beauty is a valuable might.

The son of magic has but one true name.

Quicker than the eye can see,

An unknown foe shall strike.

The theif's weakness has been shown,

While the bitter truths for nature shall be shown."***

Her glowing green eyes fell shut, and the mist retreated.

*Earth Region: Well, I can't use Gaea; Gaea is Mother Earth in Greek, but is evil…

**The Spirit of Delphi: Back in the Greek days, the spirit of Delphi was a priestess that meditated in mystic green fog in the city of Delphi. A giant snake protected her until Apollo (god of the sun chariot and prophecy) killed it.

***Prophecy: They often don't make too much sense, and sorry for lame rhyming…

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