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This story takes place after the manga ends. Kagome has returned to the past after three years to be with Inuyasha. They are now married and she is training to be a miko. Miroku and Sango are married with three children, twin girls and a baby boy. Kohaku roams the countryside with Kirara as a youkai Taijiya. Rin lives with Kaede and Sesshomaru visits every now and then. Inuyasha and Miroku make a living by traveling to nearby villages and dealing with youkai threats.

I have seen a few fics where either Kagome or Inuyasha temporarily lose their memories but I have never seen one like this. I should be working on Difference but right now I am happy to have the muse to write anything so I am working on various one-shots and short stories at the moment. I hope you enjoy this. It practically wrote itself. Usually I have to plan things out in advance on several pages of notebook, but this story I just began typing. When I went back to edit it, there were very few places that needed anything added. Please let me know what you think.

The sun was shining brightly on the path as two men walked down it, laden with packages. A person who didn't know them would be surprised to see the two walking peacefully together, bantering back and forth, and would be further surprised to learn that the two were best friends as they couldn't be more different.

The man on the left wore the robes of a Buddhist monk or a houshi. His black hair was tied at the nape of his neck and earrings adorned each ear. In one hand he carried a Buddhist shakujo, a golden staff with several loose rings that jingled as he moved. In the other arm he held a single barrel containing rice. He regarded his companion with a friendly, yet satisfied look. "Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

His companion snorted. "I still say you cheated them. And why am I carrying three barrels, while you only have the one."

The second man was dressed entirely in red, with a little white peaking out from underneath. His appearance would have given many others pause. His long silver hair flowed freely down his back and his golden eyes were alert for any danger. A necklace of beads and fangs lay around his neck. As stated, he carried three large barrels to his companion's one. A sword was tucked into his obi, while his feet remained bare. Atop his head was his most attention-grabbing feature, a pair of dog ears that twitched, alerting him to every sound. A keen observer would also note his fangs and the fingers tipped with deadly claws.

"Now Inuyasha, it was a fair price and one they could easily afford. Besides we have others we must think of, more mouths to feed than just the two of us." A sly smile formed on the houshi's lips. "You should know that by now, my friend."

"Keh." Inuyasha allowed a slight smile to tug at his lips as he thought of who awaited him at home. Glancing around he realized that they were nearly back to the village and became eager to reach it. "Come on bouzu, I want to get home before sunset. Move your ass, Miroku."

The two bantered back and forth for a few moments as they hurried down the road. Suddenly Inuyasha paused, instantly on alert. His ears twitched this way and that and he took a few deep sniffs before growling. He placed his burden on the ground, one hand reaching for the hilt of his sword.

Miroku had also paused when his friend did and adjusted the grip on his staff as he looked around warily. "What is it?"

"Oni" was the terse reply as Inuyasha readied himself for a fight. He growled as he stared at the direction he could hear the crashing noises coming from. And so close to the village too, he could see the fields of the village in the distance. "Damn it. I don't need this right now" he muttered. He had been so eager to get back home. He swore the oni was going to pay for delaying him.

Miroku quickly set down his barrel as well, one hand reaching into his robes for some ofuda. He looked up as a towering figure came crashing out from between two trees.

"Hehehe" the large red figure leered at them, drool dripping from its gaping mouth. "I eat well tonight" it said as it lifted its large club.

"Keh! That's what you think" Inuyasha snarled as he launched himself at the youkai. "You miserable excuse for a youkai, how dare you come into MY forest?" One swift punch knocked the oni into a tree but it quickly recovered.

"Hanyou" he spat. "You pay for that. I make your death painful." It picked up its club and charged.

"Feh, I've heard that before." Inuyasha grasped the hilt of his sword and unsheathed it, allowing the sword to transform into the giant fang that was its true form. "But I'm in a hurry and don't have time to play with you now. So I'm gonna make this fast. Kaze no Kizu!" He swung the sword, releasing the energy wave on the unsuspecting oni. Inuyasha then re-sheathed Tessaiga, satisfied that the attack had done its job.

The oni ran right into the attack and disintegrated with a roar of pain. However, as the energy reached him he released his grip on his club, allowing it to fly off in the direction he had been swinging it.

As the oni disintegrated, Inuyasha turned back to Miroku. "Let's go bouzu." He was eager to be on his way.

Miroku glanced at his friend in bemusement that quickly turned to shocked horror as he saw the danger too late. "Look out!"

At the warning Inuyasha tensed and began to move but it was too late. The oni's club struck him full on, crashing down on his head. Pain exploded in his head, then everything went dark.

Miroku hurried to his friend's side, worried when he saw him unmoving on the ground. He shoved the club aside and winced as he saw the blood staining his friend's hair red. He quickly determined that the damage was too serious for him to handle on his own. He lifted his friend onto his shoulder and hurried in the direction of the village as fast as he could. Their packages lay forgotten on the side of the road as he prayed to Buddha for his friend.

Thankfully, the men in the fields noticed him and quickly came to help him with his burden. The hanyou was quickly transported to Kaede's hut while the miko were fetched. Once his friend was settled on a futon in Kaede's hut with the older miko fussing over him, the houshi remembered the barrels of rice and sent the village men to retrieve them. 'After all' he thought, 'Inuyasha will be hungry when he wakes up.' He couldn't allow himself to believe differently. His friend had been injured worse before.

A commotion near the doorway caught his attention and he turned in time to see Kagome entering the hut. He moved to intercept her. "Kagome-sama, you should be resting."

She turned tear filled eyes on him. "Miroku-sama, how is he?" She tried to peer around him but he blocked her.

"Kagome-sama, please. You don't need to see this, not in your condition."

She ignored him and tried to reach the hanyou again. "Please Miroku-sama, I need to help."

He sighed as the guilt of not being able to help his friend ate at him. "Only if you promise to take it easy" he acceded and allowed her to move to the futon.

Kagome quickly knelt beside the futon, grasping one of Inuyasha's hands in her own. She watched as Kaede quickly dealt with the bleeding which had mostly stopped and helped apply a compress to the large lump that had risen on his head. "What happened?" she asked.

Miroku quickly explained about the oni and how Inuyasha had defeated it, only for it to have succeeded with a final, lucky hit.

Kaede snorted as she sat back, her work completed. "Bah. The fool always rushes in without looking. Perhaps this will finally knock some sense into him." She turned to face Kagome. "Do not worry, he will be alright. He was not badly hurt, he's too hard-headed for that."

Kagome allowed a small laugh to escape her as relief filled her. "Baka" she said as she leaned over Inuyasha's still form. "What am I going to do with you?"

A groan escaped the hanyou, and the three in the hut leaned closer as he began to wake. "Inuyasha?" Kagome asked. Another groan answered her, then she saw his eyes begin to open.

Inuyasha winced at the pounding in his head. "Gah!" he uttered as he opened his eyes only to have the light send more pain through his head. He quickly shut them again.

"Take it easy Inuyasha. Allow your eyes to adjust. You took a big knock to the head from that oni's club." He listened to Kaede's advice and opened his eyes a sliver, letting them adjust to the available light before opening them wider.

"Oi, baba what happened?" he asked, automatically turning to the figure in red and white miko clothing beside him. He froze as he took in the long black hair and worried face. 'Kikyou?' he thought before blinking and realizing that he was staring into the worried blue eyes of Kagome, not Kikyou. He scowled at her. "Why are you wearing those clothes?"

Kagome blinked and shared a confused look with Miroku. But Kaede frowned and peered closer at Inuyasha's face. "What is the last thing you remember?" she asked.

He tried to think back but his head was hurting to much to make any sense. "I'm not sure, my head feels like Totosai decided to move his forge inside it."

"And what do you expect when you decide to stop an oni's club with your head!" Kagome glared at him. "When are you going to learn to be more careful? You should know better than to turn your back on an enemy before you see it completely defeated."

Inuyasha glared back at her. "Feh, don't tell me how to fight my battles wench." He pulled his hand away from her as he realized that she held it, then, with an effort began to rise from his prone position. He ignored the others' attempts to make him lie back down. "Let's go. We've got places to go." He glared at Kagome. "And change out of those clothes!" He ordered before taking a closer look at her as something about her appearance drew his attention. His eyebrows shot up as he asked in confusion "Oi, when did you get fat?"

Kagome had been exchanging a confused look with Miroku and Kaede when she heard this question. Her head snapped around to stare at Inuyasha as tears began to fill her eyes. "Y-you think I'm f-fat?" she managed before bursting into tears.

"O-oi! No crying!" Inuyasha ordered desperately before glancing at the others and seeing the glares he was receiving. "I didn't mean it like that. Just stop eating so much junk or whatever and I'm sure it'll go away in no time." His attempts to calm her only made her cry harder.

"Really Inuyasha! Have you no consideration?" Miroku moved to whack the hanyou over the head with his staff then thought better of it. Perhaps after his head had healed some. "How could you say something like that to Kagome-sama when she is carrying your child?"

Inuyasha had cringed when he saw the aborted movement of Miroku's staff but now he froze, staring at the monk in confusion. Something about the monk tugged at his mind but he ignored it in favor of the monk's words. "W-what the hell are you talking about bouzu?" he yelled. "Just because she put on some weight don't mean she's c-carrying my ch-child!" He turned to Kagome in desperation. "Tell him wench!"

Kagome's head snapped up at his words and more tears began to fall. "Y-you don't want me anymore because I'm fat!" she wailed. "Y-you don't w-want our b-baby!"

Inuyasha stared at her in shock. "W-what the fuck?" He glanced wildly around but didn't receive any help. "This is a joke right?" he asked as the thought occurred to him. He glared, immediately latching on to the idea as the only thing that made sense. "Well ha-ha. You've had your fun, now let's go. We've got shards to find." He moved closer to the door and glared at all of them.

His words got all of their attention. Kagome stopped crying from shock and the other two stopped their efforts to calm her down as the words reached them. "Sh-shards?" Kagome asked with a sinking feeling. "Shards of what?"

Inuyasha peered at her suspiciously. "Are you sure you didn't hit your head as well wench?" he asked. "Shards of the Shikon no Tama. We've got to find them before Naraku does!"

Kagome felt her legs give out at his words and it was only the quick actions of Miroku and Kaede that kept her from collapsing to the ground. They quickly lowered her to the ground and tried to settle her comfortably while asking if she was alright.

Their actions alarmed Inuyasha and he immediately moved closer. "Oi, wench, you weren't hurt in the oni attack, were you?" He hadn't smelled any blood but he also hadn't been trying to. As the thought occurred to him, he realized it would also explain why she was in miko clothing, if her normal clothes had been torn or stained in a fight. He quickly moved so that he was directly in front of her and began sniffing for blood while he reached to check for injuries. But he froze, a shocked look coming over his face at what his nose was telling him. He didn't smell blood, instead he smelled- "Y-you're breeding?"

Kagome looked up at his words and froze as he began to back away, a dark look coming over his face. "Whose it?" he asked in a dangerous tone of voice. He turned to glare at Miroku who was still kneeling next her. "Finally found someone to bear that child for you huh bouzu?"

At the monk's stunned look of confusion and immediate protests of innocence, the hanyou snorted and turned back to the stunned miko from the future. "No? Then was it that fool, Hobo, from your time?" The look on his face darkened further. "Or was it that damn wolf?" He took in the stricken and shocked look covering her face, and misunderstood the reason for it. "It is, isn't it?" He snarled and made to leave the hut only to find his way blocked. "Out of my way baba."

"No Inuyasha" the older miko refused to move. "I can not allow you to leave in your condition."

"I'm only gonna ask one time baba, move."

The miko looked past him. "Kagome" she said as the hanyou began to reach for her.


"Gah!" The beads around his neck activated, pulling him face down into the floor. He struggled to pull himself up against them.

"Inuyasha, you must listen to reason. That hit you took to the head has damaged your memory." Kaede cautioned him.

He ceased his efforts to release himself. "What the hell are you talking about baba?" The beads finally released their hold on him and he raised his head to look at her face, ignoring Miroku as he tried to keep a frantic Kagome from rushing to his side.

"You believe that you are still searching for the shards of the Shikon no Tama, do you not?" She asked him, her one eye narrowed at him in a look of grave concern.

"Feh, I know we are. And a fat lot of good our shard detector's gonna do in the condition she is now." He ignored Kagome's gasp as he rose to his feet. "Now will you move? I've got a lot of work ahead of me in beating Naraku to the shards now that my shard detector is useless." Behind him he heard Kagome finally break free of Miroku. She rushed to his side and placed a hand on his arm.

"Inuyasha" she started only to stop as he ignored her, shaking her hand away like it burned.

He ignored the new tears that had gathered in her eyes. "Well baba?"

Kaede shook her head slowly. "That is just it, Inuyasha. Naraku was defeated and the Shikon no Tama purified four years ago. There are no shards to find."