Drink Yer Tea

Author's note: This is old. But I've wanted to post it for a while. I'm still kind of a noob when it comes to writing Cid.

This takes place post-meteor.

Shera sat beside Cid with a teacup resting between her hands as he lied down on the red and white checkered blanket, fingers intertwined behind his head and his eyes closed. She was looking upwards at the clouds, smiling softly and letting the smell of the grass and tea drift into her nose.

"I'm glad you're home," she said, serenely.

Cid grunted but when she looked, she saw his face tinge a light hue of red. She decided to keep that observation to herself.

"I'm surprised the grass is so soft from where the rocket was sitting," she noticed.

"No one's walked on it," he answered.

"I like this is a nice spot," she continued. "Maybe we should sit out here more often, Captain."

"Woman, I have a name, it wouldn't kill ya to use it," he said, stiffly.

"My apologies, Cap – I mean, Cid," she giggled. He rolled his eyes beneath his eyelids and he let out a sigh.

"What am I gonna do with you...?" he murmured.

"You could marry me," she joked.

That got him to open his eyes. And she ended up laughing, using one hand to enclose over her mouth to not let her laughter echo off the hills. The expression he gave her was just so funny!

"That's a scary thought," he admitted.

"I know, I was only joking." She stifled her giggling and was able to calm down after a moment. "I didn't mean anything serious by it, Cap... Cid."


"Yes, Cid?"

"Drink yer goddamn tea."

She bit her lip to hide more laughter. And she did as she was told.