Chapter 3

Lorelai calls Luke and he meets them out front at baggage claim and parks and gets out of the jeep "hey Lena!" he says happily and hugs her

"hey Luke and daddy!" she says hugging him tight

Luke pulls away "lets get ya home shall we?" he asks her

"sounds good." Lena says climbing in the backseat

Lorelai kisses Luke and Luke gets Lena's luggage in and gets in the drivers seat and pulls out of the airport.

"soo what's your news come on I'm dying here!" Lena says

"well I know you wanted to wait and be surprised but I couldn't and can't wait anymore!" Lorelai tells her

"tell me tell me!" Lena says excitedly

"okay well we're having babies more than 1!" Lorelai tells her

"what?" Lena says excitedly

"well were having twins babe thier boys hon we're having twins boys!" Lorelai tells her excitedly

"awe Mom Luke that is so exciting!" Lena says happily

"congradulations guys!" Lena says

"thank you hon." Lorelai says

"thank you Lena." Luke says

"you are going to be a really great big sister hon!" Lorelai says

"you bet!" Lena smiles and relaxes

"so you tired hon?' Lorelai wonders

"just a little but I'll sleep tonight." Lena tells her

Lena sits up a little and puts her hand on Luke;s shoulder "you did good dad." she tells him

Luke just laughs and smiles.