Hey guys and gals, I know it's been roughly 87 years since I've written for this story. I won't bother you with explanations.

I've decided to rewrite this story, as I've changed a lot as a writer and as a person since I started it. There are some continuity issues, and some over-the-top issues as well. I plan on rectifying all that.

I'll be posting a new story with the rewritten chapters, which I'm calling "Extenuating Circumstances" (I know right? How crazy original is that?)

Just letting all of you people that still have me on their follow list. You can find the new story through my profile. The first revised chapter is already available as you are reading this.

Thanks for sticking with me!

EDIT: It might take a few hours for the new story to show up in my profile. If you don't see it, check back in a bit. Hell, I can't even see it in my public profile.