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Chapter 11

"Let's go Jets!" CJ and Parker cheered excitedly from behind the Jets' bench.

"Come on Max!" CJ shouted. Max and Christian had taken his and Parker's spots on the team for this season. He couldn't wait to see for himself how they worked together with the rest of the team. CJ and Parker had played on opposing teams from Christian and Max the majority of their childhood, so it was fun watching how great they were still without bothering to critique them to see how he and Parker could beat them in the next game.

Granted, he knew that he should probably be paying more attention to where the guy after them might be, but he was having more fun watching the game. Besides, Marcus and his parents were nearby behind him, the other squints were around the field and his godparents both had their guns and were willing to use them if it came down to it.

Parker whistled shrilly beside him (a skill he'd always wanted to learn but never succeeded in) as the Jets scored the first goal of the game just before time was called for half time.

"Hey Hodgins! Booth!" one of the guys from the other team called, jogging toward them as the teams head back on the field after the half.

"What's up, Sex?" Parker said with a grin as he bumped knuckles with the tall black kid that came over to say hi. They'd played on various teams together and Parker had gone to school with him for a considerable portion of his schooling.

"Not much. Sucks that coach won't let you play," he nodded to the Jet's coach.

"I know, man, right? Oh well, you should be happy. Means you actually stand a chance of winning."

He laughed and looked at CJ with an nod. "How you doing at your fancy new school?"

"It's...really dull. There is nobody there quite like you around, Sexton James," he joked. They'd had a running joke for years that Sexton was the most perfect individual in their schools (they had compared both CJ's school and Parker's school for the joke) and CJ and Sexton constantly tried to oneup each other in nearly everything. Though he was in Parker's school, he was in the same grade as CJ and they took many of the same classes. Parker had introduced them at a school soccer game one time and they had been fast friends ever since.

Parker nodded back toward the opposing team's bench. "You probably oughta head back. Your coach looks like he's about to have a conniption."

He made a face. "He's an ass, but he knows what he's doing. Anyway, I was just asked to give this to you," he held out a folded up piece of paper.

"What is it?" CJ asked, stopping Parker from taking it.

He shrugged. "Cory just asked me to give it to you when I noticed you guys were here." Cory was another guy that they had spent plenty of time running in the same circles as, though he actually went to a different school than both CJ and Parker. CJ glanced across the field and saw the lanky, chocolate haired boy nod to him with a smile. He returned the gesture and he and Parker both reached for the note.

As soon as Sexton had let go of the note, there was a semi-familiar tug behind his navel and everything went dark. After a quick, nauseating spin through space later, he landed hard on his knees before falling over as Parker crashed into his side.

"What the hell was that?" the Booth boy asked grumpily as he got shakily and carefully to his feet in the dark area that they landed.

"Portkey. But I have no idea where to." He couldn't sense any other magical items in the area. In fact, he couldn't sense anything. "There seems to be some sort of shield around this place. I've got nothing else."

Parker took a deep breath. "Great, okay. What do we know?"

"Besides the fact we are stuck somewhere probably with someone nearby who wants to kill us?"

He felt an elbow to his kidney, probably aiming for his ribs and missing in the dark. "Shut up, and start talking."

"I can't do both, but I'll choose the second order, thank you." Again the elbow hit him, this time in the arm. "It's dark, completely so. Indicating an interior room or a basement or cellar."

"It's cool, but not cold, which would suggest somewhere inside and insulated."

CJ stomped his feet a little before reaching down and feeling the ground with his hands. "Not completely insulated. The floor is dirt of some kind. Not quite sand, definitely not potting soil, but not clay either." He swore softly under his breath. "Dad would be able to tell us probably from feel alone, but I'm not that good."

Parker grinned into the dark. "You had too much fun with Bones," there was laughter in his voice, despite the seriousness of the situation.

"Human bones are more interesting than insect carcases, they just are."

"So bugs aren't interesting?"

"Okay, I'd never say that. I am the son of the bug and slime guy after all. Bugs are awesome, just not as awesome as the human skeleton."

The younger boy grinned. "Weapons are still the best."

CJ found his best friend's hand in the dark and gave it a quick squeeze. Parker sighed and sat on the ground, understanding that CJ couldn't figure out a way to get out of here at the moment but didn't want to say anything out loud. The wizard sat down next to him on the right and leaned heavily against his side. "Weapons are the most fun to test, but they are definitely not the best," he continued the conversation as if nothing had changed in their knowledge, which, in a way, it hadn't.

"You alright?" Parker asked nearly silently, leaning back on his hands so CJ could lean against his side easier to fix the brace that had become skewed in the fall.

"Landed wrong," CJ breathed before hissing at the slight movement. "I hate Portkeys."

"Yeah, I can't see why anyone would like them." He sighed and, even more quietly, asked, "Do you think they are going to find us?"

"Oh yeah, they at least have a suspect now which means they have more possible locations. If there is only the one guy, which I am 99% sure that there is, then he won't try and take us both together."

"Unless he makes us do stuff to each other."

"Possible, but if anything opens, it will throw off the wards around the room and I might be able to do something. Victims were being taken every 3 days, we have at least 2 until he decides to do anything with us, assuming he keeps to his pattern."

"But he might not because we are who he was looking for the whole time."

"Yes, but we don't know if he was going against us because of us or because of our parents."


"Where the hell did they go!" Seeley asked furiously as he glanced over to where the boys had been sitting.

Before anyone could speak, Marcus came running over. "The black kid handed them a Portkey. I doubt he knew what it was because he looked shocked when they disappeared. It was keyed to take only them, I couldn't have stopped anything."

"Can you trace a portkey?"

"Only a legal one, which I highly doubt this is," Marcus said with a negative shake of his head. "I can't think of any government in the world who would give a Portkey to a non-magical being and there aren't any who won't ask for what purpose the Portkey is needed. Truth serums are required when answering. That is why there are so many illegal Portkeys out there."

Seeley flipped open his phone and dialed the office. "Send uniforms to all locations where George Wilson may be keeping my boys."

"George Wilson?" another parent next to them asked.

Hodgins recognized him from the many years of their son's playing together. "Hey, Brian. You haven't happened to see Wilson anywhere recently have you?"

"No, not since he coached the boys' team for those three weeks when they were little, but I don't make it out to the games much anymore. Corbin has mentioned seeing him a few times though, but he made it seem like it was very brief, in passing kind of things." Corbin had hung around the same circles as Parker and CJ for years and, though he was similar in build to both boys, as well as to all of the victims, he had probably been safe from the perpetrator because of his Asian looks from his mother. Without serious plastic surgery there is no way that he would have easily been able to be transformed to look similar to Parker or CJ.

"Did he say where?" Seeley asked anxiously. If he had been seen anywhere where there were children under 18, it was a violation of his parole and he could be arrested on that alone.

"Um...it was usually after soccer practice, I think. As I said, it was mostly in passing and I don't remember everything he said."

Seeley pulled out his phone and called the officer in charge of the arrest currently. "We've got him on violation of parole. No need to wait for visual of the boys." He started off the bleachers as he talked.

"Thanks Brian!" Jack called as he dashed after Seeley, both of them running full sprint toward the car.

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